How to organize your garage

Cleaning out the garage is such a boring and tedious task. Still, the task that needs to be done.  Especially if you just bought a new car. If you already have a garage, that is the perfect place that will keep it from the elements. The problem is – the garage is already full. Don’t worry, there are many useful tips and tricks to declutter and organize your garage.

The first step – Get ready to organize your garage

Did you know that only 30% of people in America store their car in the garage? The reason is to much stuff. So don’t let your garage to become a hoarder’s paradise and organize it in the most efficient way.

  • Make time – Depending on the size of the garage and the clutter, you will need to set aside quite some time to organize your garage. It will take at least a full day, or even a full weekend or two, to get the job done.
  • Ask for help – The whole process will be much easier if you ask family members or friends to help you organize your garage.
  • Inspect everything – When you are decluttering your garage, do it the right way. That means to look in every corner and every box. Even the ones that you didn’t unpack when you moved in. Looking at every place and every box is crucial for determining is there pests infestations.
  • Prepare cleaning supplies and dry boxes/plastic containers for replacing the moldy old ones.
Before you start to organize your garage prepare all the cleaning supplies.
Preparing cleaning supplies in advance will save you some time.

Step 2: Get to work

Once you prepared the ground for the decluttering, it is time to start organizing your garage. It will be messy, hard, dusty and even gross. The most important thing is to stay focused and concentrated. You’ll probably want to quit this task many times but stick to it. The harder the process is, the better chance is that you want to let your garage to get in this state again.
So arm yourself with patience, and dive in.

Empty your garage

Pull out all of the items from the garage into the driveway.
Sort all items into three piles:

  • toss,
  • keep,
  • donate/sell.

As you pull the items from the garage, decide on which pile it should go. It can be very hard to separate from the things that have sentimental value. Ask yourself – does the item has great value if you shove it in the dark and moldy garage corner?
You shouldn’t keep anything you haven’t used in two years or more. Once you get rid of all the clutter, you can start thinking about ideas for decorating your garage and making it a much nicer space.

Sort out the keepers

Once you decided which items you wish to keep, sort them out into categories based on their purpose. For example, sports equipment or hand tools.
Decide which part of the garage will you put certain categories. Once you sort the keepers, put them into safe and sturdy boxes or containers. Be sure to label them properly.

Sorting out the garage stuff in categori is a great way to organize your garage.
When you organize the items in your garage by purpose, it will make the whole space tidier.

Clean your garage

You are probably familiar with the concept of spring cleaning of the home. That task should always include the garage cleaning also.
Give your garage a total cleaning, from floor to the ceiling
. Take out any moveable shelves, closets, and vehicles and scrub the whole place down. Once your garage is sparkling clean, you can start organizing your garage keepers.

Quickly get rid of unwanted items

Getting rid of the things that you no longer need will make room for better organization of the things you keep. Also, if those things are out of your sight, your want be tempted to keep any of them. To donate or arrange the garage sale as soon as possible.

Step 3: Organize your garage

Place shelves

When you are doing the total reorganization of your garage, you need to think about a lot of stuff. This is your chance to change anything that you don’t like in your garage. Like the shelves and closets placing. This is the great opportunity to put them in the way that is most convenient for you.
By the way, shelves are a much better option than cabinets. Cabinets with doors can quickly become messy, while the shelves give you a clear view of their content. They are much cheaper and it will help you to stay organized.

Organize your garage by using shelves.
Shelves are a great way of organizing any space.

Use your ceiling space wisely

Long, flat stuff that you don’t use every day, such as ladders and seasonal sports gear, you can hang on the garage ceiling. You can hang shelves too, but be sure that they don’t interfere with your garage door’s operation. Pay attention that there is enough clearance to avoid scraping the roof of your car. Of course, any hanging items should be secured properly.

Fill air leaks between the garage and house

When you decide to organize your garage, it is a good opportunity to check for gaps in the wall that your garage shares with your house. If there are gaps, these are the spots where hot and cold air can get in. You can seal small gaps with caulk, and for the larger ones use expandable spray foam. Once your walls are fixed, you may get some ideas about using your walls as the storage spaces.

Things you shouldn’t keep in your garage

While there are some things that you absolutely need in your garage, there are also things that you should never store in them. If you have such items, when you organize your garage, it will be a great opportunity to get rid of them.
These items you shouldn’t keep in your garage:

  • Paint – Cans with paint require a temperate area. Extreme heat or cold can ruin the paint.
  • Propane – As very flammable, propane tanks should always be kept outdoors. One spark is enough to ignite the fumes and ruin your whole garage and the big part of your house.
  • Paper goods – Keep your paper goods in the pantry, because they are a magnet to bugs. If you store them in your garage, you can have a pests infestation in no time.
  • Pet food -. The only proper way to store pet food in your garage is in the sealed container. Critters and rodents will sniff the open bag from a mile away, and they have a crafty way to get into your garage.

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