Best NYC neighborhoods for millennials

When you are young and searching for an ideal place to live and work, NYC is the town that fist pops up to everybody’s mind. It is the city of opportunities where everything is possible. As a new force on the real estate market, millennials are hurling to New York like moss to a flame.  There’s no reason why shouldn’t they because this city is perfect for every generation. Of course, the key is to find the best neighborhood that suits your every need. If you are millennial looking to move to Big Apple, these are the best NYC neighborhoods that you should focus on.

Why millennials are moving to New York?

Millennials are very devoted to technology, but that doesn’t mean that great wi-fi connection is the only thing that they are after. The main difference between the millennials and the generations before them is the quality of life. While the main goal for the baby boomers was to purchase their own house with white picket fence, the millennials have other preferences.
They will rather rent a studio apartment in the heart of the city happenings and spend their hard earned money on travel and leisure. Sure, they work hard, but they also want to make the most of their free time as well as to make their NYC home feel comfortable.

That is why New York is a great choice for millennials. This city really has it all: diversity, great job opportunities, tech-conscious environment, amazing entertainment, art and cultural options, plenty of activities and happenings at every corner. So it is no surprise why it is the number one choice for relocation of the younger population.
If you’ve already decided that moving to this amazing city is your next step, that can be the best decision that you’ll ever make. Still, keep in mind when will you relocate – moving to New York in Christmas season is a very bad idea, so try to avoid it.

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All the things that one millennial need for a happy life, New York has

Things to consider when choosing the perfect NYC neighborhoods for millennials

Before you fall in love in one of these NYC neighborhoods and hire the most reliable movers, like JP Urban Moving Brooklyn, who will make your relocation go smooth and not at all stressful, there are some things that you have to consider. Dreaming to live in the certain part of town and possibility to achieve that are totally different things.

What to count on when you are making your decision

  • Affordability

    Maybe you can easily afford Las Vegas living costs, don’t think that it will be the same story with NYC. Monthly living expenses are the big thing to consider when you are moving anywhere. New York is a very expensive town, but the rent prices and living costs are different from neighborhood to neighborhood. Add moving costs to it as well. That’s why you have to explore the costs of living in the area that you like before you move here. Don’t take this lightly. The neighborhood can have all the features that you are looking for, but if you can’t afford its living costs, it is not the realistic choice for your new home.

  • Commute

    Most of the millennials are moving to New York in order to advance their careers.
    The time that you spend on the commute to work is also very important. Luckily, NYC has great public transportation that makes commute very easy and fast. You just have to figure out does the neighborhood that you interest you the most have that feature too.

  • Nightlife options

    Let’s be honest: millennials like to party and have fun. As all the generation, for the matter in fact. That’s why entertainment that neighborhood provides is also an important thing. Boring amenities with lack of activities just won’t cut it for millennials.

  • girls at a party
    They need vibrant neighborhoods with plenty of dining and clubbing options

    Brooklyn is the heart of NYC neighborhoods for millennials

    Manhattan is the heart of New York, but just a lucky few can afford its ridiculous living expenses. That’s why millennials and other newcomers are choosing the other boroughs.
    Hence, the two Brooklyn neighborhoods are at the very top of the list of the best NYC neighborhoods for millennials.
    Many millennials are moving from Las Vegas to Brooklyn, without even considering other boroughs of New York.


    Williamsburg is home to home of the trendiest bars and shops of NYC which makes it the hipster mecca of New York. The artists, writers and all the creative thinkers are finding their inspiration from living in this great neighborhood.
    Many galleries, amazing nightlife, and the great music scene makes it one of the best NYC neighborhoods for millennials.
    Williamsburg is greatly connected to all NYC boroughs and it has become one of the safest parts of the city.
    All the lovers of outdoors activity can enjoy biking, hiking or exercising in one of the several parks that are within the borders of this neighborhood.

    Another great thing about Williamsburg is that you can have an amazing time even if you don’t spend a dime. Outdoor festivals, free wine tastings, poetry readings, and visiting art galleries are just some of the entertainment options that you can explore here for free. Exploring the free amenities first is a great tip for saving money when relocating.

  • Having fun at a festival
    Williamsburg provides many free entertainment options.


    You have heard that a lot of millennials are moving to this Brooklyn neighboorhood? Well, maybe you should move to Bensonhurst as well.
    You may recognize the neighborhood of Bensonhurst by its famous nickname  – Brooklyn’s Little Italy. Historically, this was the preferred place for Jewish and Italian immigrants. Nowadays, it’s a multi-cultural hub of southwest Brooklyn.

    The Italian roots are still visible in the many restaurants and pizza places along the three main streets. Still, by the arrival of the Chinese, Russian, Mexican and Middle Eastern immigrants, this neighborhood has become one of the most diverse NYC neighborhoods.
    You can feel the mix of the culture on many venues along 18th and New Utrecht avenues, in its restaurants and its cultural scene.

    The crime rate in this neighborhood is really low, and the whole area has the family-friendly atmosphere.
    Great access to transportation is also one of its features. It’s true that you won’t find nightclubs in this area, but that doesn’t mean that is lacking with entertainment options. Every year, many millennials and young professionals are relocating to Bensonhurst, so the nightlife scene is growing in interesting options.
    There are many bars that you can unwind, but it is still one of the more peaceful parts of New York.

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