Best places to invest in Mississippi real estate market

Investing in real estate can be a good way to increase your income. However, the real estate market can be unstable and a bit of a risk. Making informed investment decisions is important to deflate the risk and increase your chances of success. So, researching the real estate market is a must. It’s important to gather all of the information you can before you make your investment decision. If you are looking to invest in Mississippi real estate market, it is important to find out everything about it. So, what are the best places to invest in Mississippi real estate market? We can tell you.

Mississipi real estate market

As said, it is important to research the market to avoid making wrong moves. Researching can be a daunting task but the information today is readily available if you make the effort. So, if we are talking about Mississippi real estate here are some of the facts to know:

  • Many businesses and residents are moving into the state.
  • Low cost of living, taxes, and living expenses are attracting both families and professionals.
  • Currently, housing is highly affordable.
  • Unfortunately, there is a shortage of homes.
  • Great weather is a magnet to newcomers.

    A row of houses in one of the best places to invest in Mississippi real estate market.
    Thorough research is inevitable before you invest in Mississippi real estate market.

The real estate market is booming with a high demand for housing and accommodation from the people pouring in. Data shows increased moving activities trough many reputable moving companies such as Spyder Moving Services Mississippi. The state is experiencing a shortage of homes making it a developing sellers’ market. This means that the perspective is in the rising sales prices due to the increased buyers’ competition. Many buyers tend to outbid each other when competing for scarce homes that are offered on the market. The housing offer is relatively steady with the prices on the gradual rise after the sudden increase in 2018 when the market expanded

With this situation, the home building industry is working hard to accommodate the demand. Houses sell fast and average homes are very quick to sell. Larger and more luxurious homes tend to sell for longer. The state is also experiencing an increase in prices and the expectation is that prices will be on the rise in the future.

Where to invest in Mississippi real estate

With Mississippi distinguishing itself as a real estate haven it is clear that investment opportunities are great and diverse. There are however certain locations that might be more tempting for property investment than others. Some researches have determined a list of cities that may be the best option for investment.

A modern apartment building.
Mississippi real estate market has a bright future.


One of the most attractive real estate markets is in Jackson. As a developed market Jackson offers a lot of investment opportunities both in commercial and residential markets. The market is very versatile and shows steady growth and appreciation of property. It can also provide a steady cash flow trough renting activities. The market is on the seller’s side with high demand and relatively inadequate supply. This makes it ideal for investors that are looking for quick sales options. New construction activities are on the rise but they are not meeting the market’s needs and are limiting supply.


Real estate investors consider Gulfport to be one of the more promising markets. With its consistent home and housing value appreciation, it is perfect for long term investment. As a sellers’ market, it is also perfect for short term investment with a profit.


Hattiesburg real estate market is the least expensive in Mississippi on the list of the most attractive markets. It also experiences a steady rise in housing value that is going to continue in the predictable future. It’s good for long term real estate investment. While renting is not as lucrative as in other cities it can be attractive due to the less expensive property. Hattiesburg market is on the buyer’s side which makes it ideal for long term investment with expected value increase and steady cash flow through renting. Or you can plan your Hattiesburg move properly and relocate there while cashing in when the value increases.

New Albany

New Albany is also experiencing a constant rise in property value with forecasts of a further increase in the coming years. With its rent process below average, it is not ideal for long term ownership and investment. However, constantly increasing property values make it perfect for short term investments to sell with profit.


Saltillo market is not as big as some of the others but it seems attractive due to the proximity of a large metro area. The market attracts professionals working in nearby Tupelo due to easy access. The city is experiencing a steady property value rise year after year. However, property prices are average for the Mississippi market. Saltillo is interesting for long term property investment.

Street level view of a row of houses in a housing complex.
In the developing real estate market, the housing complexes are being built fast

Other then these, promising property markets are also in Aberdeen, Forest, Columbia, Louisville, and Amory. Before investing it is wise to do proper research and contact local agents that can help you make a realistic picture of investment potentials.

Final words on Mississippi real estate market

Investing in real estate might be risky but investing in Mississippi real estate has its potential. The market is booming and the economy is showing signs of recovery. Many are flocking to exploit the benefits of making the real estate market changing fast. If you are looking at investing in Mississippi real estate market it is important to find and consult a local real estate agent. Local professionals can help you identify the best markets and create a good and profitable portfolio.

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