Brooklyn home decoration tips

Being a part of the world`s greatest city (New York), Brooklyn is a fantastic place to live in. It is such an iconic place, recognized all around the world. I mean, anyone who has ever seen a picture of a brownstone knows what I am talking about. Having that in mind, you should consider yourself lucky if you got to live in Brooklyn. Which I am sure you are. But everyone gets those moments when they wish to change something in their lives. So what happens when you feel like you are in a rut and have the need to shake things up a little bit? Well, then you turn to remodeling! Below are some of the best Brooklyn home decoration tips you will be able to find!

Brownstone houses in Brooklyn.
There are so many Brooklyn home decoration tips to choose from!

Adding some mirrors – one of the best Brooklyn home decoration tips around

Okay, so let`s face it. You can never go wrong when adding some mirrors to your house. Mirrors have that power to connect the whole room into an organized whole. They also have another superpower. Mirrors can make even the smallest of rooms look spacious. It`s not a myth! So you are still not convinced that adding a mirror is one of the best home decoration tips for your Brooklyn home? Well, pay attention to this.

Depending on your taste, there are so many different ways to utilize a simple piece such as a mirror. First of all, there are all those different shapes and sizes that mirrors come in. Secondly, the position and placing of the mirror is everything. If your home has a more sophisticated vibe, you can put it over the fireplace. In case you have a more casual or even artistic vibe, you can have a standing mirror instead of a hanging one. On this type of mirror, you can hang different bits and pieces, such as a hat, to make it artsier. Or you can put different stickers on it. Hey, you can even write motivational quotes with your lipstick. It is all up to you. As you can see, the options are limitless.

And if you happen to move in the future, a mirror is a portable piece. You just need to find a great company such as U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn that will transport it safely and without breaking, along with your other precious possessions.

A woman looking at the mirror.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the coolest room of them all?

Add some chairs for a personal statement

There is hardly anything better than chairs if you want to add a dash of color to your room. Any room, for that matter. There is no chance that an accent chair will go unnoticed by anyone walking into your room. And as it goes with almost everything else, there are so many different ways to incorporate accent chairs into your interior design. First, let`s mention some different types of chairs you can use:

    • Armchair
    • Ball chair
    • Bean bag chair
    • Chesterfield chair
    • Easy chair
    • A stool – a necessity for any Brooklyn home decoration.
A bar stool
Pick some stools for Brooklyn home decorations

Why exactly is a stool a necessity when you are having your Brooklyn home redecorated? Because of its simplicity. They are extremely easy to personalize, just add a different pattern to fit into your room`s vibe. And if that vibe happens to be more sophisticated, you can opt for something more midcentury or modern. As you can see, the sky is the limit.

Embellish your floors and ceilings

The floor, or the ceiling, may not be the first thing you pay attention to when you walk into a room. However, a little can go a long way when it comes to incorporating these two into your decoration plan. And the best part is that it is so easy to freshen the look of the entire room by focusing on these two points. Here`s how you can do it!

Embellish the floors

Rugs have that special ability to bring any room to life. Well, actually, you do it by choosing the appropriate one for your brownstone room. There are three things you need to focus on – texture, pattern, and color. Don`t be shy and go straight for the bold option. You will be surprised how much energy and life a bright colored carpet can bring to your dwelling. This is why buying new rugs should be on your to-do list when redecorating your Brooklyn home!

White rug.
Pattern, color, and texture – keep these three words in mind when searching for a new rug for your Brooklyn brownstone.

Embellish the ceilings

We all know the importance of good lighting. It`s impossible to lead a quality life without it. So when choosing a good chandelier while redecorating pay attention to both quality and looks. That classic brownstone look is best achieved with big, luxurious crystal chandeliers. However, that`s not what everyone is looking for. For a more modern look, you can add some contemporary fixtures. In the end, no matter what you choose, the change will not go unnoticed. This is because any change in a good direction will bring massive improvements to your brownstone humble abode.

A crystal chandelier as part of Brooklyn home decoration
Opt for a big crystal chandelier if you are looking to achieve that classic brownstone vibe.

In conclusion, you don`t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on your brownstone. Brooklyn home decoration can be very easy if done in the right way! Mirrors, chairs, rugs, and chandeliers. That is all the stuff you need if you want to shake things up a little bit in your home. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised just how big of a change these four simple items can make. And the best part is that they are so easy to transport if you decide to move someday. All you have to do is do some searching for local moving companies in Brooklyn and all of your problems will be taken care of. So what are you waiting for? Go hit the stores!

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