Tips for creating a minimalist home

Minimalism is one of the most popular movements in interior design

You are moving your home to another place and you are thinking about interior design and what your new home should look like? If the answer to this question is yes, then reading this article is a must. We all know that relocating home can be difficult. The entire process of setting up, designing and adapting to a new living space is an effort. The end goal of it is establishing your new home that will be a starting point of a new chapter in your life. In a wide pallet of available interior design options to choose from, one of the most popular movements is minimalism. We will give you some useful tips that you should know about creating a minimalist home.

What is a minimalist style and how to apply it in your home?

Many people think that a minimalist design style is all about the absence of colors and personality of the place. Well, they are wrong. Minimalistic style is a well-organized mixture of natural materials and simple geometric forms.” Less is more” is the motto that you should stick to when creating a minimalist home. It is a fact that a few and simple elements, properly selected and placed, can reach a maximum effect.

Few elements can reach a maximum effect
               Less is more

Choosing the right color

Neutral colors such as beige and grey, in combination with white, are usually the best option for making an open and light interior. Pastel tones and darker shades can be seen in this kind of design. A simple minimalist look is, in general, one can accomplish by using a less distracting shade in the form of a saturated color pallet. Keep the colors in the same color family. By adding a lot of colors you risk of making your space messy. Natural lighting is always preferred, so use light curtains to allow the daylight into your home.

Lines and shapes are an important part of creating a minimalist home

Simple and slick furniture with clean lines is the best start. You should avoid too many carvings, details and furniture items. All you need is just a few necessary pieces of furniture in your living room. A sofa, one coffee table, another chair and a few lamps. This way you will reach a sense of clarity. Instead of buying a lot of stuff, purchase only a few by choosing quality over the quantity.

Storage featuring

If you are asking yourself what to do with all the things that you own from your previous home, you have two options. One way of getting rid of the things that you are not using is by selling or donating. An alternative solution would be making perfect storage areas where you can hide your belongings. You can easily do that by building a closet. This way you can keep your precious stuff handy, but still out of the way.

Building a cabinet for storing your belongings is important part in creating a minimalist home
Building a cabinet for storing your belongings

Simple as that

Applying minimalist design in your home does not mean introducing monotony. It is important to place a personal touch on things by adding lines and wools in textile or clay, porcelain or glass in accessories. Give a life to your home with plants and art, but keep it simple. One needs to always remember that the goal is to create a functional home environment which suits all your needs.

Benefits of creating a minimalist home

Looking at your living space free of clutter and designed in a minimalistic way can give you a great sense of satisfaction. It can be revealing just to spend time in a space that provides you with a feeling of tranquillity. This can be way more fun than constantly feeling overwhelmed with stuff that you do not need or use. Or with a style which you already experimented with ending with a failure. Beside this, other great benefits of minimalist design are:

  1. Less stress and a healthier life– According to some studies, a great cause of depression and high level of stress is physical clutter. The studies further claim that the female population can be particularly prone to such situations. A visual distraction of the mess around us can trigger the mess inside us. Simplicity and symmetry might be the best reasons for designing your personal space by minimalist rules.
A space without clutter is a healthier environment
A space without clutter is a healthier environment
  1. Cleanliness is the great benefit of creating a minimalist home– The more things you have in your home, the more difficult is to clean it. A lot of furniture and objects around your living space are obstacles in vacuuming and tidying your house.  As less as possible things you have, the cleaner your house will be.
  2. Brighter mood– Releasing of the daylight into your home and picking the right color for your walls can have affection for your mood and make it brighter.
  3. Money saving– You are used to buying whatever your eye is attracted to? A great amount of money can be saved by not buying unnecessary things, for your home. No more knick-knackeries that you don’t even know if you have in your home.

Hiring professionals or DIY

Interior design is a discipline studied at many universities. Hence, there are many professionals in creating a perfect space for a living in the market. You can potentially engage them to assist you. On the other hand, creating a home by yourself is a unique and exciting experience, which you should not miss.  Can you imagine how nice and pleasant it can be to spend time with your family in an environment that you personally designed? Or even better, to decorate your kids room knowing what they like the most. Do not just design your home, invest your energy and give the process a touch of your own personality.

Kids room designed in minimalist style
Creating the perfect room for your kids

Hiring professionals can cost you more, but you will not need to worry about anything. Doing things by yourself is cheaper, but can cost you a lot of nerves and hours researching how-to-do websites. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. But it is still up to you to decide what is your preferred option for creating a minimalist home.

One leads to another

From all of the above, you can see that creating a minimalist home can be fun. At the same time, it will give a new dimension to your living space. A minimalistic approach to other life spheres, not just to interior design, can provide a lot of joy. Making your life minimalist is making your life simple but in a good way. Focusing just on the thing that is important to you, can free your mind. Try it, a less stressful life is a better life. Don’t forget- less is more.

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