Contemporary decoration for your New York family house

Are you planning to redecorate you New York family house? Do you plan to move to the home of your dreams? If you are to become your own home decorator, this article might help you do that. Moving to a new home has its own perks since it can be a big change in your lifestyle. Also, it can offer you a new living space you will enjoy decorating. Before you move to your NYC home, make sure to hire professional movers to transport your belongings. They will make sure that all of your valuable things are safe and without any damage. However, before hiring movers, make sure to get several quotes before moving to NYC. It will allow you to get the best price and choose the best movers in the city. After your relocation is over, you can relax and think of the best design for your new home. Keep reading to find out how to perfectly redesign your home in a contemporary style.

Choose the style of your New York family house

Before you decide to redesign your New York family house, make sure to know the style you want. Contemporary style doesn’t always have to be modern. It can also be mixed with the elements of traditional design. This combination is becoming more popular with interior designers these days. If you plan to move to your New York family house, you have plenty of time to think of the perfect design for your new home. Also, you can read more tips for moving to Manhattan with a family. On some online blogs that offer moving tips, you can also find useful home decoration ideas. The important thing is to make a plan of all the rooms you want to redecorate. After you do that, the creative process can start!

Learn how to use colors

If you are looking for a contemporary design for your New York family house, you should learn the basic use of colors. Some of them are more popular for the modern decoration. Others tend to remind us of the traditional one. For example, neutral colors like beige and grey, along with black and white are often used in contemporary style designs. Whether you want to use warmer or colder shades of colors – it’s up to you.

neutral colors in the room
Placing larger pieces of furniture against the walls saves space in the room

The important question is – what is the best way to mix the colors in the room? Well, if the room you’re decorating is large, you can play with details in darker colors. If you also have enough natural light in the room, dark colors will not dominate too much. You can also make the most out of darker details such as frames and borders. This will look better if the walls in the room are painted in neutral color.

Use every corner of your home wisely

Before decorating your home, you should think about the size and shape of the space you want to redecorate. Most apartments in New York City don’t have bigger rooms to work with. However, if you live in a New York family home, you are in luck.

In the beginning, start planning the biggest rooms in your home, since they will be the focal point in the house. If you want to have the freedom to design your perfect space, here are some things you should pay attention to:

  • Before redecorating, make sure to let enough daylight in the room. If you don’t have that option, choose the best lighting you possibly can. Artificial light can affect people’s mood, so consider buying some good-quality lamps. Also, avoid putting dark colors near the window. Instead, place all the dark-colored details on the opposite wall.
  • Plan the placement of the furniture pieces. The general rule is – placing larger pieces of furniture against the walls saves space in the room. However, if you have a huge and well-lit living room, you can also put your couch in the center.
  • Don’t use too many colors in one room. If you want a contemporary design of your New York family home, you should keep it simple. The main goal is to make the most out of smaller details.
  • Consider a feng shui decoration for your home. It can help you achieve a positive energy in your living space by eliminating too many details.
choose the perfect lighting
Choose the perfect lighting for every room

Furniture should be the focus of every room

You can choose colors, patterns, and textures for your home decoration. However, none of that matters if the furniture style is wrong. For starters, try to make a plan and decide what furniture pieces are essential for your home. If you want to brighten up your living space, too many pieces of furniture might overcrowd the room. However, you can always focus on the multifunctional pieces and modern-looking storage space.

modern furniture
Most of the modern-looking sofas have black and white details

Furniture should represent a bold statement in your New York family house. If you are going for a contemporary style, you should pick straight and fine lines of your furniture. For example, most of the modern-looking sofas have black and white details. Also, some opposite-color pillows can make a big change and draw more attention to your sofa bed. When it comes to storage, you should also make the most out of the wall space. If you decide to install floating shelves, you can play with the number of shelves and their colors. You can place them asymmetrically in order to achieve a contemporary look.

In the end, keep in mind that in the modern looking home – the less is more. However, you envision your ideal home, you shouldn’t overcrowd your living space. Fewer details will let you relax and feel comfortable in your New York city family house.

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