Home decoration ideas after moving to Miami

Moving house? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Relocating a few times in your life is a vital part of American culture. In fact, there are over forty million people migrating in a year across the country. And, naturally, Florida is one of the most popular spots for eager expats. More specifically, Miami is the city of choice. Just try picturing it in your mind. The beautiful beach and the wonderful, diverse neighborhoods. Also, the vivid nightlife and the busy everyday work routine. Miami is definitely on our list of top picks for a place to move to. Finding a good Miami moving company for the relocation isn’t everything. There is also something else to look out for. Be sure that you’ve checked out a few home decoration ideas before moving to Florida so that your new home will be perfect.

Take a page from the Santorini book when considering home decoration ideas for a Miami house

If you're looking for home decoration ideas after moving to Miami, this is a perfect inspiration.
The combination of blue and white never gets old for a seaside home.

If you’ve ever seen a picture of this Greek island in one of the vacation brochures, you will know exactly what we’re talking about. The wonderful combination of pure white and blue is iconic to this place. So, why not take a piece of it for your home? Consider bringing a part of the Mediterranean with you to Miami by finding the perfect, wooden shutters for your windows. Paint them blue, especially if you’ve got an oceanside home. With a few more wooden pieces inside your home with the same color, you’ll get the dreamy sea vibe, even in the rainy season. This will be the perfect weekend DIY woodwork project for your family after moving to Miami.

We’d like to suggest a seaside wallpaper as one of the house décor ideas after moving to Miami

If you’ve found yourself organizing your new Miami home to be more of a magazine page, rather than the well-known mess of a living room, this might be the best addition. A wallpaper can, as people say, either make or ruin a room completely. So, when considering different ideas regarding Florida house improvement, think carefully before purchasing one. If you’ve got plenty of empty room, choosing only simple colors, without too much stuff on display, we’d advise a seaside wallpaper. With wonderful blue, green and white tones, it makes a great background for the head of your bed, don’t you think?

Decorating a seaside home in Florida means choosing the right pictures for your walls

After you’ve gotten to Miami you’ll likely put up some family photos on your walls and around the house, right? Sure enough, they will make your home feel less empty and that much more familiar. However, consider following the theme of the nearby ocean, especially if you haven’t got anything else themed in your home. The sea, boats and various related topics have been the fascination of many artists. In Miami, you will definitely find more than a few pictures from the locals who are eager to display their work somewhere. It’s time to find some affordable storage in South Florida for your old photos. Consider bringing the sea into your home with some local art.

While we’re talking about home decoration ideas for your walls, consider shiplap

We’ve already mentioned how white would be one of the great ideas for some beach house improvements, right? Well, the problem comes when you’ve simply got too much white in your plans. Let’s take a kitchen for an example. If you’ve planned to have white countertops, white tiles on the floor and white walls with white cabinets, how does this remain cozy? Here’s a solution: shiplap paneling. It’s definitely one of the amazing home decoration ideas. After all, it’s both stylish and easy maintenance. Now you can have your ‘white everything’ Miami house, with it still having the feel of an actual home.

Of course, don’t forget to plan some color into your home: here’s a breakfast table idea

In any place, the spot where you eat your meals will be quite important. We’d suggest using the natural resources of Miami in order to make your new house become a home. Find the coziest place on the east side of your home and arrange for your table to be there. The breakfasts are sure to be a wonderful occasion in the sunlight. If you’ve got your heart set on some more affordable home improvement ideas, here’s one. Choose wooden chairs and a table and paint them in pastels, mismatching. With a nice braided rug, it’s a perfect spot for a barefoot sunny morning in Miami.

With a dash of color inside should come a splash of color outside: the perfect sitting area

If you’ve ever visited Miami before moving there, you already know about the wonderful weather. Sooner rather than later, a time will come when you will decide to create some form of ‘chairs and table’ for your porch. You want to keep to the relaxing theme of a beach home? We’ve got a decoration idea for you! Choose some comfortable chairs and give them a makeover in pastel colors. Further, add a low table for your drink or book and don’t forget to arrange some shade! If you want to be extra DIY, pick some nautical decoupage for your sitting area. Voila! You’re set for all of those hours in the sunny weather outside of your home.

Another one of great home decoration ideas is a colorful area on the porch.
Every home near the beach needs a perfect and colorful seating area for the sunny days.


The final piece of advice we’ve got is to combine the wood with your white

For those looking to decorate the perfect Miami beach house, combine white and wood.
White and wood go together perfectly to make a cozy Miami beach home.

As you’ve already figured out by now, white is usually the go-to color for any seaside home. Naturally, after moving to Miami, you’re likely to follow the pattern. But, there is one of the great home decoration ideas on how to break the monotony of this coloring. Use wood. Pick one type and stick with it as you’re decorating your house. We’d suggest adding rustic beams, shelving units, counters, etc. Even the little things, such as wooden stools or picnic baskets for storage can make the perfect balance of brown and white for your home.

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