Pinterest moving tips for easy relocation

What induces so much stress about relocation is that you don’t know what’s ahead of you. But what if you do know? Then moving won’t be nearly as stressful. It is not only WHAT to do that matters but WHEN and HOW, too. This is why you will greatly appreciate Pinterest moving tips. You may not know much about moving yet, but there’s certainly someone who does and presents it as easy-following infographics.

Pinterest moving tips

If you don’t have time to make your moving schedule, don’t worry, some people have already done it, tested it and are sharing it on Pinterest. Look through several infographics and pick the one that suits you the best. Most of them show that you should start planning your moving activities from eight to six weeks before the moving day. Furthermore, they include checklists that would remind you of activities you may have forgotten in the process.

Take care of your precious

You will know what is best for your kids when the time comes. Whether they stay with you or with a sitter while you pack, bear in mind that they also feel the anxiety that comes with the move. Helpful people of Pinterest offer a list of books that will help ease your kids’ anxieties about relocation. If you’re moving with pets, however, they would be most comfortable in a pet-hotel during the moving rush.

A distressed-looking kid.
Kids and pets are especially sensitive during relocation.

Wrapping up your belongings comes next

Use your old sheets to cover small pieces of furniture or towels and dishcloths to wrap glass and china. Pinterest moving tips show that trash bags are good for pillows and blankets, and Tupperware for eating utensils. Before you start wrapping, don’t forget to take a photo of how your electronics are connected. It will save you time and effort when you need to plug them again. If you opt for a professional moving service, you can ask for reusable moving containers.

Packing time!

The best thing about Pinterest moving tips is that they are all already organized in subcategories. That means that you can easily find tips for packing your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room. The last but not the least important Pinterest’s advice is to pack a first-day-in-new-home box along with the first aid kit and easily preserved food and drinks. If you forget to check the working hours of grocery stores and pharmacies in your new neighborhood this could be a lifesaver.

A packed bag.
If you use our packing tips, everything should go smoothly.

Social media is full of resources

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving within the same city or go to another country or continent. Tips from the Pinterest community cover all topics and gather helpful advice. You will even find checklists of things you should do after the move, like spraying for bugs, taking photos of pre-existing damages and photos of utility meters.

All work and no fun would make every job dull, especially an extensive one like relocation so remember to celebrate when you move in and invite your neighbors.


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