How much is your relocation going to cost you?

Yes, moving is a new and exciting life event, but it will cost you. How much does it cost to relocate? Before you start to do anything, sit down and calculate. Of course, it is impossible to calculate every penny because you never know what can happen. But, you can calculate how much is the average price you will spend. How much is your relocation going to cost and what are moving costs? Let’s start with planning, organizing and calculating.

What to include in your relocation costs?

Relocation costs are not just packing and moving. It is much more, unfortunately. What are the expenses you should calculate in advance? How to calculate them. If you do not have experience with moving, do not worry. It is easy to learn.

A door and a key.
A new house, new city…it has its own costs.

A moving company

Hiring a moving company will cost you, but it is worth it, for sure. If you have no experience with moving or it is a long distance moving. When you hire a moving company, they will calculate your moving based on:

  • The distance-  A local moving with a moving company is about $1,200. And if it is a long distance move, the average costs are $4,900 (for a distance of 1,000 miles).
  • Weigh and size of your items – The more stuff you have, the costs will be higher. Many people underestimate how much possessions they have.
  • Type of transportation – If you were thinking how much is your relocation going to cost you, then choose a type of your items transportation. Usually, a moving company uses a truck for the moving, but if it is overseas moving then you will need a plane or boat.
  • Packing service – If you will pack your items alone, without a moving company, then it will costs you almost nothing. But, it is safer to let to the experienced people to do it.
  • Storage services – What will you do with the items you do not need anymore but you do not want to throw them? Or until you find a new place to live? Of course, you will need a storage unit.

A new home expenses

First, you will have expenses in your old home if the owner requires a home to be in the same condition old as it was before you. So, you need to paint the walls, clean and do some reparation if you want your deposit back. After that, there is a new home. It depends are you renting or buying it. However, you will need to pay a deposit. Think about new taxes and fees. For example,  if you decide to call NY your home and you want to live there, then probably it will be a little more expensive than your old home.

New documents

Transferring your documents such as medical records, school records for the kids, changing address…will cost you. Especially if you are moving your office. Then, you will have much more work and more expenses, of course. If you need a visa for moving, it has also its own expenses. It depends where are you moving. 

How much is your relocation going to cost – the average costs

If you need numbers, then we can calculate for you the average costs of your relocation. So, if you hire a moving company, you will spend a minimum of $1,000. The average costs will be probably $2,000 for the local move at the end. But, what if it is a long distance move? The average costs for that kind of move, are $4,900. How much is your relocation going to cost you, as we mentioned before, it depends on so many other factors.

How to cut moving expenses?

Is there any way to cut moving costs and to save some money? The answer is, yes. But, how? We have some tips and tricks on how you can cut your relocation costs.

A wallet.
There are many ways to cut relocation expenses.

Move fewer items

Get rid of unnecessary items and save some money. As we mentioned before, the more items you move, the more you will pay. Organize a garage sale, or donate your clothing and furniture. If you did not use that particular item for 6 months or more, then you probably do not need it.

Pack your items by yourself

Collect free boxes and moving supplies such as newspapers and bubble foil and pack your belongings by yourself. Ask your friends and family to help you with packing and after that, order a pizza, for example, and enjoy a time together. You can pack like a pro and have fun at the same time.

Choose a cheaper apartment for the beginning

Because you do not know how much your expenses will be in the new city, it is a smart decision to choose a cheaper place. After that, when you see how much you spend on food, transportation, utilities…you will see how much more can you spend on a rent.

Find affordable moving company and negotiate

If you are lost and you do not what to do anymore, choose the right relocation specialist and talk to him/her. Finding a cheaper moving will low your costs. Or, try to negotiate to get a better price. Be open and honest.

DIY moving

If you have experience with the relocation and the moving is local, it is a perfect solution. But, watch out. If you did calculate how much is your relocation going to cost with moving company, calculate how much it will cost you without them too. You need to rent a truck or a van, to pack your items, to ensure them…This can work just if you have experience and a help form your friends and family.

loading a box to the truck.
DIY moving can save your money, but only if you have an experience.

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