Smart ways to decorate empty corners in your home

Maybe you are not doing anything about it, but it certainly crosses your mind every time when you walk by it. What should you do about that strange corner in your home? It looks empty, sad, and it seems like it is the ugliest part of your room. Luckily, there are more than a few smart ways to decorate empty corners in your home. People are having a lot of creative ideas to make them more functional, or at least more eye appealing. You don’t need to be an interior designer to do something about it. In fact, you just need to be willing and ready to take some time and you can do wonders. To make your complete home cozy and comfortable, here are some of the ideas you can implement in your home.

Maximize the use of lamps when you want to decorate empty corners in your home

Make your barren and sad corner of the living room come alive with the use of lamps. At least when it comes to lighting you will have plenty of choices about what to do. Pendant lights, floor lamps, different kinds of wall lamps, with or without lampshades, any of those can make an attractive decoration for the corner. Even combining a couple of different lamps is an option.

Decorate empty corners with instruments

Dragging your old guitar around when you are not playing it? Perfect, place it on a decorative box in the corner, lean it at the wall and it will always be at your hands reach. Not to mention it will look good and stylistic over there. Having a nice piano at your grandma’s house collecting dust? Why not use Queens specialists in instrument relocation or similar service and get it to your home so you can set-up an old-style music corner? Who knows, maybe you will learn to play it one day.

An old piano in the corner of the room.
Why not making the use of your old piano?

Making your corner alive with plants

Plants and flowers are maybe the easiest way to fill out the empty space in your home. Great collection of indoor plants is available for you to purchase and it’s just a matter of taste. Choose between flowerless green plants for more “jungle-style” deco, or use flowers if you prefer colorful display. Soon enough you will have bits of nature inside the room and natural air filter at your disposal.

Another interesting way to decorate empty corners in your home is to hang flowerpot from the ceiling. You can use a single large flowerpot, or a couple of smaller flowerpots and make them hang close to each other.

Universal organizer

Your corner can be a place of planning and organizing things, of course, if the position is appropriate and offers enough space. That will certainly be an interesting idea for your kids. Use the corner as a spot for hanging notes, place a board where you can write schedules, and add a calendar on the wall. Even a small table with brackets can be used for various papers and pens.

Shoe shelves can help you decorate empty corners in your home

Any type of open shelves can be useful for this idea. Mount it from the top to bottom and pay attention there is enough space to place shoes in each individual bracket. Easy accessible and space-efficient solution. Also, if you come across the “v” shaped shelves, they are even better. Or, you can even make them yourself if you are at least a little skillful with tools.

Turn it into your reading corner

This is a simple solution, take your comfortable chair and place it in the corner. Make sure you have a proper source of light so you don’t harm your eyes during reading, and add a little table for your cup of tea. Furthermore, you can install a couple of bookshelves on the wall to you can easily reach for books.

Comfortable chair and shelves in the corner.
It’s all about the coziness when you spend a lot of time sitting and reading.

Bookshelves in the corner

Speaking of bookshelves, you can place it in the corner and fill it with all your favorite books. Any kind of open shelves big enough for books can be good. Some of the most popular, besides classic shelves, are those in the shape of stairs, something like cascading shelves.

Make retro ladder shelves

It is time to bring out your old ladders from your storage unit, or similar, and do something interesting and useful with them. Remind yourself of your carpenter’s skills, or learn some, get proper tools and make your own shelves. Not only it is practical but it will certainly be an interesting topic for your visitors. If you are not that skillful, you can always find some interesting ladder shelves on the market. They are excellent for items like picture frames, books, small decorative figures, and even plants.

Use walls in the corner as a gallery

If you have a lot of photographs or paintings, you can hang them on both walls in the corner. Fill the empty space with your family photos and make it a personalized gallery for you and your family members. Hang them all the way from top to bottom and it will give you the illusion of more space. However, be sure to hit the right combination of frame and wall colors.

Personalized coffee corner

Usually, people use the corner of the kitchen for this one, however, any empty corner of your home can be a perfect coffee spot. You can place a little table or install a small kitchen element, add a set of cups, bring a chair and enjoy your morning coffee in peace.

Music box corner

This is not about the instruments but about the old gramophone. If you want the music to fill the apartment and at the same time add some style to your room, the corner is the best spot for it. It will spread sound perfectly.

An old gramophone on the table in the corner.
Nothing beats the sound of vinyl records.

How about using spice racks to decorate empty corners in the kitchen?

Spice racks are perfect for the rustic display of various spices in your kitchen corner. Not only that you will efficiently fill the empty space but they will always be at your disposal so you don’t have to search for spices throughout kitchen elements all the time.

Install the fake fireplace

To add more warmth to your room you can install fake fireplace in the corner. Be sure not to clutter the surroundings because it will definitely be the visual attraction for everyone. If you have small kids, they will enjoy hanging around the cozy fireplace in the evening.

Hanging chair

Another impressive thing for your children and a perfect way to design empty corners in your home is the hanging chair. It’s a perfect decoration for your corner and it doesn’t take much space. Different types can be found on the market and your kids will definitely love it. Don’t place any expensive floral vase near is, just in case.

Place a mirror

Human size mirror is a fantastic way of making an empty corner in your home alive. Not only it is practical but it makes the room looks bigger.

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