Space-saving tips for small NYC apartments

As we’ve already learned, NYC does not offer the widest of living arrangement. And that is perfectly fine, because there are plenty ways to use the space you have. It’s just a matter of creativity and knowledge of making your space much bigger than it actually is. Some might call it magic, but we would simply refer to it as efficient home improvement. So here are some efficient space-saving tips for small NYC apartments that can easily be applied.

Space-saving solutions for small NYC apartments can be found everywhere.
Small NYC apartments can be quite spacious, if you know how to save space.

Space-saving solutions for small NYC apartments

There are several ways to improve the overall look of your home while at the same time saving space and making the best of it. Some of the main focuses would be on:

  1. Using good old home-ingenuity to expand and optimize your small NYC apartments
  2. Reduce clutter piles and minimize the need for extra space
  3. Think beyond the borders of your small NYC apartments

Plan out the expansion of your small NYC apartments with professional help

The following space-saving tips are applicable to existing small NYC apartments. However, it’s always easier to do all this before even moving into your new space. So consider this while searching for local movers in NYC, perhaps they have handyman services or recommendations for you.

Because at the end of the day, consider this – nobody had the chance to explore living arrangements in NYC like professional and experienced movers in Brooklyn. And you can use any advice you can get because you never know what idea might be hiding beneath the surface.

Simple DIY space-saving methods that will enlarge your NYC apartment

There are ideas and tools that professionals can provide to you and then there are those that you can do on your own. It’s just a matter of ingenuity and a little hard work. But in the end, you will end up more than pleased with the results.

Use visual dividers to create extra “rooms”

Well-positioned dividers are a fantastic solution for creating fake space that acts as an extra room. And it works especially well when you share the apartment with a significant other. The dividers themselves can range in regards to material and positioning. When it comes to material, you can consider any of the following:

  • Curtains
  • Shelves
  • Wooden crates

One example would be placing your bed in the middle of the room and positioning the dividers behind the bed, making a wide closet space. If you use the shelves or crates, you can store shoes or wardrobe inside the openings. And if you use curtains, you can positions shelves next to the wall.

Another example would be splitting your living room into separate compartments such as dining room, work space, mini-bar etc. If closets are limited, consider using room partitions or hanging curtains around a garment rack or wardrobe to create a makeshift walk-in closet.

Use wall hooks as space-saving tools

If your closet space is getting too small, consider the option to add hooks to:

  • The interior of closet doors
  • On the sides of dressers where you can fit them
  • Walls in hallways

    Small NYC apartments can be improved in terms of design and space with the implementation of hanging shelves and hooks.
    By installing hanging shelves on walls, you can save a lot of space while adding to the overall interior design of your apartment.

Create extra space under the bed or in the headboard

The very bed you sleep on can be used as a fantastic space-saver. Fortunately, you can now buy or even build elevated beds with storage spaces beneath. We of course always value personal ingenuity over the purchase, but whatever fits your schedule and budget. IKEA also sells this great headboard with adjustable, built-in shelves for just $130. This has proved awesome if you want to maximize storage further.

Consider above-head space-saving for small NYC apartments

If you have high ceilings in your apartment, space-above cabinets can easily be used for storage. You could use it to stow books, pots, pans or anything you don’t use on a regular basis. The space above the bathroom door is also one among popular NYC alternative spaces. The most basic purpose installed to discretely store cleaning supplies, toilet paper, towels and the like.

Use larger baskets for your small NYC apartments

If you are looking for an affordable and simple way to store things around your home, baskets work great. They vary in sizes so you can store items of all sizes. And if you tend to go overboard with the mess, you should just switch to baskets with lids.

Create a shelf above your radiator with a little ingenuity

No matter the season of the year, spaces above your radiators can be used as shelves. The best possible scenario would be the bathroom, which is always limited when it comes to space. All you need do is measure the length of the radiator and have a customized piece wood made to fit over it. When it comes to choice of wood, go for the thickest to avoid warping. Or get your hands on some heat protective layers to help prevent any damage.

Learn to live with the minimum of what you have

The thing is that we easily get carried away with the amount of stuff we acquire over the years. The simple matter of fact is that we don’t need half of those things. But somehow we always tend to keep them for various reasons. So what you need to do is minimize. Bring down the amount of your property to the stuff you actually use or are very fond of – otherwise you risk having too little space for too many things.

De-clutter your NYC home once or twice a year

If you tend to hoard stuff, you need to learn how to let go. And what better place to start de-hoarding than from then your closet. A majority of people only wear a fraction of the clothes they own but are too lazy to get rid of those clothes. And that is when clutter occurs. So do yourself a favor and donate, sell or throw away some of those many things. If you have issues deciding which things fit the de-clutter category, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:

Small NYC apartments need to be rid of clutter to save space.
One of the best ways to save space is to de-clutter of unnecessary things.
  1. Does this fit me?
  2. Have I worn this in the last year?
  3. How likely is it that I will ever wear this again?
  4. Does this currently fit my clothing style?
  5. Will I actually make the effort to get this repaired in case of any existing damage (e.g., piling, rips, stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, fading, etc.)?
  6. Would I buy this if I went shopping today?
  7. Does this make me feel comfortable?

If the answer to any of these was “NO”, you should get rid of that item.

And you can apply this type of questionnaire to beauty products, tools, magazines… and all those hobbies that never got around to. If you don’t see yourself using something, you owe it to yourself to rid yourself of it. Any redundant or duplicate items owned by you and your partner should also be donated or sold.

Think beyond the walls of your apartment

As long as you’re moving, why not search for an apartment building with common space. Or seek out a neighborhood that’s well served by cafes or other spots that can be used year-round. Bad weather and extra clutter can make a small apartment feel even more strained and claustrophobic. And this is something you should definitely look to avoid.

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