Tips for moving electronics

In today’s world, living without electronics is almost impossible. From your home PC or laptop to your flat screen TV. Those things have become essential in our lives. But you have to be careful when packing and moving electronics. They can be very sensitive. There are a few common guidelines that you have to follow to ensure that everything arrives in a working condition. From packaging to transporting, here are a few tips for keeping your electronics safe during the move.

Use original boxes when moving electronics

Packing electronics can be a bit tricky. You need to make sure that they don’t move around too much inside the box. You also need to secure them well enough that even if you drop the box, they can survive. That’s why using the original box is the best option when moving electronics. Those boxes are made specifically for that particular item. And they are made in a way that will ensure that they survive to ship. Most of the boxes for delicate electronics come with their own styrofoam. Make sure you use that as well. That way, you can make sure that your electronics will survive the trip.

A woman holding a big box and standing in front of a yellow wall.
It is better and safer to use original boxes

Using regular moving boxes

If you don’t have the original boxes that your items can in, you can also use regular moving boxes. But there would have to be a few extra steps involved. Just make sure that you get quality boxes and enough packing materials. If you manage the find moving boxes that can fit the entire item you can transport your electronics with ease. But that is rarely the case. That’s why you need to use bubble wrap. Or something else that will secure your electronics.

The most important thing when moving electronics is to ensure that it can’t move too much inside the box. Even though it won’t be hitting anything hard, it can still cause damage. For this you can use plenty of bubble wrap, packing styrofoam or even clothes and blankets. Although, if you are transporting items with exposed circuit boards, keep clothes and blankets away. They can create static electricity that damage the board.

Packing a PC for transport

When packing a PC for transport you need to be extra careful. PC consists of many components that are connected inside. Some of them, like hard drives, are susceptible to damage due to vibrations. So if you don’t have the original box, with original styrofoam, make sure you put something soft beneath it. That will decrease the amount of vibration and make sure that your PC is ready for your home office when you unpack it. Same goes for laptops.

A complete desktop pc on a table with two screens as preparation for moving electronics
You need to be careful when moving your PC

If you are a bit tech-savvy you can also take your pc apart. And then ship all of the components separately. When doing so, make sure you wrap each component in bubble wrap. Especially the hard drive. Keep clothes and blankets away from individual components.

Getting a TV ready for transport

Most of us have LCD or LED TVs now. They are thin, lightweight and produce a stunning image. They can be the perfect centerpiece for a man cave or a living room. But they are also quite fragile. So, the first thing you have to do is unplug it. At least a couple of hours before the move. TV’s can get slightly warm when in use. And you want to avoid unnecessary temperature changes. If you have the original box it came in, use it. It provides the best protection for your TV. And on top of that, it comes with a styrofoam that fits the TV perfectly.

But, if you don’t have the original box, you need to get a little bit creative. First, you need to find a box big enough to fit the entire TV. If you can’t you can use two boxes, but try to avoid that. After you have found the box, put the TV in. Make sure you fill all the empty space inside. For this, you can use styrofoam, clothes or blankets. The most important thing is to keep it from flying around inside the box. And to protect the screen.

tv that says netflix on it
You need to pack your TV in a secure box

Relocating your electronics

Transportation is also an important part of getting your electronics safely to your destination. The best thing you can do is hire a moving company to do it. Dropping them on accident can easily lead to permanent damage. And professional movers know everything about properly moving electronics. There is a wide range of options to choose from and you can almost always find something in your budget. Boxes and proper packing is essential here. If you have followed the tips so far you will have no problems with that. When putting the boxes in a truck make sure you don’t put them over each other. Or at least try to put sturdier items on the bottom. Putting something on top of a box with a TV can damage both items. You should also try to minimize vibrations and sudden temperature changes.

Unpacking electronics

Another important thing about moving electronics is to not plug them in straight away. Sudden temperature change can cause condensation on the electronic parts and fry them. So, pull your items out of the box and let them sit unpacked for a while. The more you wait for the better. But generally, after being at room temperature for at least half an hour is enough. Before plugging anything in, make sure nothing is loose inside. Gently shake everything before plugging it in. If you hear that something is loose inside, it’s better to call a technician first. Due to vibrations, a screw can easily get loose and short-circuit the board.

Laptop on a table with coffee
You should let your electronics to sit for a while before using it

If you have electronics that you don’t currently use you will need to store them properly. First, you need to find a place where you can store your valuables. That can be your attic, in the back of the closet or a storage unit. No matter which place you choose you to need to be careful. As we already said, electronics don’t really like temperature changes. So, if you are renting a storage unit, a climate-controlled option is a good thing to get. That will ensure that your electronics will be in perfect working condition. Even years from now.

Another important thing is to protect them from water damage. They don’t have to be on in order for water to damage them. Water causes corrosion that can cause permanent damage. So wrap them in stretch foil. Or use plastic bins to store your electronics. That way you will make sure that they are safe.


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