Home amenities homebuyers in Kuwait are looking for

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If you are looking for a new home for your family and yourself, you want to ensure it is the best home possible! And for this to be true, it needs to have all the amenities that you could need. However, what are some of the amenities you should prioritize during your house hunting? Well, to help you with that particular decision, we present our list of home amenities homebuyers in Kuwait are looking for.

Good house location

As always, securing a good location for your home is crucial when it comes to your future. If you have a home near a bus stop or station, you can get to work much faster. If there are good stories in the vicinity, then you can secure everyday items easily. And, of course, if you are near the beach or a park, you have quick access to an area to relax and unwind in. However, the costs of prime location homes are higher, so you might want to take on a roommate. Just keep in mind the disadvantages of sharing moving costs with your roommates if you do!

Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is an absolute treat. It is much easier to take care of. Even the sand that gets inside will not be able to make as much trouble as it usually does. A simple vacuuming or sweeping and it will all be gone! In addition, the experts from Easy Move KW say that hardwood floors make a move easier too. There is much less chance of slip-ups or tracking in dirt which will ruin your flooring. On the other hand, carpets are often sensitive and very difficult to maintain if there is any sort of work being done in a home. Including moving.

Hardwood flooring as one of the home amenitines homebuyers are looking for.
Hardwood floors look really fancy!

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a lifesaver when it comes to life in Kuwait. You might be living near a beach, but that does not mean that the temperatures during the day are any more forgiving. On the other hand, constantly running an AC unit would quickly rack up costs. While, on the other hand, the electricity cost of running a ceiling fan is nearly negligible. So, it is no surprise that ceiling fans are among the home amenities homebuyers in Kuwait are looking for in particular. They will also help you keep cool during your efforts to organize and declutter before renovation since you would typically need to have your AC removed for any larger work to be done.

Room with a ceiling fan
Ceiling fans look quite nice too!

Good quality air conditioning units

Now, we may have praised ceiling fans in our previous entry. And that still stands! But there is still nothing that beats a high-quality AC unit when it comes to keeping you cool while you pack and move in Kuwait to ensure a simple transfer of your household. Certainly, you should not have it on all the time. But it is sometimes the only way to banish the sweltering midday heat of the sun beating down on your home.

Energy-efficient lights

You want to save money where you can! So, installing energy-efficient lighting is only smart. The good thing is, even if your home does not have this option ready, it is relatively easy to install them. Of course, it is more complicated than just switching out your light bulbs if you want some of the fancier options. But it is a pretty good backyard makeover option as well! Besides, it does not typically cost too much, even if you are hiring professionals to do it for you. And as a plus, it will eventually pay for itself through the money you would be saving!

A large walk-in pantry

The pandemic has made it a necessity to stock up on more food than we would have done before it. And, unless you want to rely on climate-controlled storage units to ensure a temperature-sensitive place is available, a large pantry is a good thing to have! You would have a place to store your food items without needing to buy additional fridges or freezers. And a pantry can be easily rigged up with a cooler or something similar to keep it at a decently low temperature for the more sensitive perishables. This is why large pantries have climbed in popularity among the home amenities homebuyers in Kuwait are looking for!

A pantry
A well-organized walk-in pantry is a delight!

Appliances with an Energy Star certificate

Once again, it is only smart to save on your expenses. Besides, there is a good reason to prioritize appliances with an Energy Star certificate other than being thrifty! They often last longer and work better than their counterparts. So, really, you are saving money on two fronts. First, you are using up less electricity which is always helpful with the current power rates. And, second, you are saving money by not having to change your appliances as often as you otherwise would have. So, it is a double win for you!

Well done insulation

Insulation, while typically spoken of in the context of keeping the heat in, is just as useful when it comes to trying to keep your home cool. And it is for this reason that is among the most popular of the home amenities homebuyers in Kuwait are looking for. Now, this is one of the amenities you want your home to come with when you are buying or renting it. For the simple reason that renovating your home to have better insulation is lengthy and can be very expensive. Not to mention the chaos it would throw your everyday life into while the renovation is ongoing! Insulation affects every room and every wall in your home. Of course, you can prioritize the outside walls and rooms. But this is a somewhat subpar solution which you might end up regretting in the future.

Final Comment

Now that you know what the top home amenities homebuyers in Kuwait are looking for, you should be ready to find the home of your dreams! Just remember to take it slow, and to keep in mind you can acquire some of these amenities after you have moved as well. There are only a few on our list which would be inconvenient to have installed yourself.