6 tips for preparing your Kuwait home for a quick sale

Every seller wants to sell their house fast and for a sizable profit, but achieving those goals requires more than just good fortune. To get buyers to open their wallets, it takes meticulous preparation and knowledge of how to properly arrange your house. That is why we asked our experts from Price Home Improvements to tell us what are their favorite tips for preparing your Kuwait home for a quick sale!

What does preparing your Kuwait home for a quick sale look like?

There are many things that you could do to speed up the process of selling your house. But, we handpicked these 6 tips that should be the most helpful:

  1. Depersonalize
  2. Declutter
  3. Repair
  4. Clean
  5. Curb appeal
  6. Organize


Put away any personal mementos, valuables from your family, and other items that can annoy purchasers and hinder your chances of making a deal. You want to provide potential buyers a cold, tidy setting so they can see their own pictures, furnishings, and art pieces perhaps decorating the house. Depersonalizing your property while preparing your Kuwait home for sale makes it simpler for prospective buyers to see the space furnished with their own belongings.

Painting the walls a neutral color is the first step of preparing your Kuwait home for a quick sale.
Repaint all the bold-colored walls with a more natural hue to depersonalize the space.

Experts at Easy Move KW suggest that only subdued furnishings that won’t draw attention to themselves or provide the wrong impression should be left. For instance, a buyer could find it challenging to see their own antique furniture replacing the zebra sofa, bright yellow armchair, and animal rug that are already present.

Declutter before of preparing your Kuwait home for a quick sale

Over time, people have a remarkable tendency to accumulate a large number of goods. Items are kept for a variety of reasons, such as emotional attachment, future plans to repair or reuse them, or the desire to give them to others. But for many things, you definitely don’t need them when you’re not using them for well over a year.

That’s where home decluttering comes in. Donate stuff to organizations like Goodwill to dispose of them in a constructive way. These things will not only assist people in need, but some of them are also tax deductible. Call your town to find out whether goods that are rejected can be picked up. This service is scheduled once or twice a month in several locations.

Clean up your kitchen surfaces and remove books and other trinkets from bookcases. When not in use, you may tuck away everyday necessities in compact boxes that you can store in a closet. Take into account this procedure as an effective way to begin packing.


You can sell a house in a livable condition in some markets with little to no resistance. Repairs, however, may greatly affect a sale in a normal or a buyer’s market. That’s why you need to repair any holes in the walls and replace any broken floor or counter tiles. Moreover, repair broken doors, leaky faucets, squeaky kitchen drawers, and leaky faucets. If your walls are now bright pink or purple, think about painting them a neutral hue.

Person making repairs and improvements on their house.
In order to sell your Kuwait home faster, you need to make sure you’ve repaired all visible problems.

Replace dead lightbulbs and think about replacing long-serving lights as well. Avoid switching on the lights during a concert in order to avoid the possibility of a bulb blowing out. It’s a little occurrence that, with a little awareness, may be easily avoided. The buyer’s experience should be as good as it can be.

Clean well when preparing your Kuwait home for a quick sale

The help of a specialized cleaning company may be necessary to have your house ready for prospective purchasers to see. Cleaning tasks might involve washing the windows both inside and out, hiring a pressure washer, washing the outside and walkways, re-caulking sinks, tubs, and showers, and polishing chrome fixtures and mirrors. Ensure that all of the dirt is taken out from behind the furniture, from the cupboards and closets, and from any other possible hiding places.

By regular cleaning, buffing flooring, dusting chairs, and keeping the kitchen and bathrooms pristine, strive to maintain this level of cleanliness. When not in use, keep the bathroom door locked and hang new guest towels.

Person wearing white pants and white socks standing beside broom.
When preparing your Kuwait home for a sale, make sure it’s spotlessly clean.

Curb appeal

If a potential buyer won’t even get out of the agent’s car because they are put off by the exterior of your property, a possible deal is immediately gone. By repainting your main door and maybe adding a wreath made of dried wildflowers or putting one or two potted plants on your front porch, you can improve the exterior’s appearance and make it seem more inviting. To tidy up your yard and add some shrubs or floral plants, hire a landscaper. If your front walkway or stairs have any cracks, think about hiring a professional to fix them. Make sure your home number is visible to guests.


The storage capacity will interest buyers, who will want to inspect the closets and cupboards. It’s crucial to make sure these are orderly since messy storage rooms with things spilling out convey a bad impression. A buyer will assume that you took good care of the house if they see everything neatly organized down to the last detail.

Sort spice jars by alphabet, arrange dishes in a nice stack, and flip coffee cup handles to face the same direction in the kitchen cabinets. Shirts should be buttoned, hung together, and properly arranged in closets, along with shoes. However, if you don’t have the time and energy to take care of all of this and pack for your upcoming move at the same time, let experts handle it. By hiring professional packers, you’ll have one less thing to worry and stress about when it comes to the moving day.

In conclusion

We hope you found our list of tips for preparing your Kuwait home for a quick sale helpful. Hopefully, once you make home improvements on this list, you’ll be able to sell your home in no time! However, in case the sale doesn’t come through as fast as you hoped, it’s always important not to lose faith. The real estate market isn’t predictable and you can’t always count on it to work in your favor. So, stay patient and, after some time, something will come your way.

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