How to cozy up your new Miami office space

A meeting office

Well, moving to new offices can be a welcome change. Both you and your employees and thus the business can benefit a lot from such a change. However, creating a comfortable working environment is a must. We all spend a large portion of the day at work. So, the atmosphere at a workplace can considerably influence our overall feel, mood, performance, and improve your workers’ spirits. This means that we have to take steps to make feel homier and warmer to stimulate the staff and improve their mood. There are a lot of ways to do that. Let’s look into just how we can cozy up your new Miami office space and make it more comfortable.

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Should you remodel your apartment before selling it?

An interior of an apartment

Well, many people looking to remodel and sell their property ask themself this question. It may seem like a good idea to increase the value of an apartment. But, at the same time, it could be a pointless investment that can lead to having only expenses. It can easily prove to be the waste of time and money. So, the answer to the question of should you remodel your apartment before selling it is not as clear. The right answer is maybe, and that’s only because it depends. This decision is dependant on so many factors that we will try to explain here.

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How to remodel your Milwaukee apartment on a budget

remodel your Milwaukee apartment

Milwaukee is known for having very affordable housing, hence why a lot of people have been moving here. Especially young people. Owning a home is a big thing and a lot of young people want to do so in order to be able to start a family without having to worry about paying rent. Also, owning a home is much better than renting one. It means that you can do anything with it. One of the things you will surely want to do with your Milwaukee apartment at some point is remodeling it. Remodeling a home can be quite costly though. Even in Milwaukee where real estate is affordable. As this is so, a lot of people decide to remodel just one room at a time instead of the whole apartment in one go. This is not a good way to remodel as you will lose plenty more time than you would if you were to do it all at once. And having some work done constantly in your home is not something you want to deal with. Remodeling is quite messy which is why doing it all together is the best way to go. So we have decided to tell you just how you can remodel your Milwaukee apartment on a budget in one go.

Plan everything ahead

Waking up one day and deciding to repaint your home is a very impulsive thing to do. It is fun but not the best idea. If remodeling a home, no matter whether making slight changes or some big ones, you have to have a plan. This is because certain things should be done prior to other things. Getting this order wrong is in some cases a huge deal as it can mess up your home. For example, if you decide to do the floors first and then repaint the walls, some paint could spill on the floors and you will then have to get the floor redone. This is a huge waste of your money and time.

people planning.
Having a plan beforehand will save you a lot of money.

This is why having a plan is a better thing to do. Put down all the things in your home that need to be remodeled and then see which order is the most logical one. We can help you by telling you that big remodeling jobs should be done first. For example, if changing pipes and cables, do this first. Putting down a wall? Next on the list. Changing doors and windows is among the first few as well. Paint the walls next. Redoing your floors comes after. And so on. Your plan depends on just what and how much work will you be doing in your Milwaukee home.

Know when the perfect time for remodeling is

You also have to figure out the best time for having these remodeling jobs done. Doing them in the wintertime is a good idea if you are not doing some big remodeling jobs. We recommend painting the walls in late winter. So is redoing the flooring. If you are changing the windows and doors on your Milwaukee apartment, wait until spring when the weather is more predictable yet not too hot. Spring is the perfect time for changing the pipes and electric cables as well.

Springtime in Milwaukee is the best time for all remodeling jobs.

Choosing the perfect time to remodel your Milwaukee apartment is a good way to save some money. If you are repainting during summertime, the paint will take longer to dry as it is very hot. Your home will also be smelling like fresh paint for a few days after the paint has dried which can cause headaches. This can be dangerous if doing some other repairments in your home as you might end up getting injured because you might feel dizzy while doing so. There are so many things to think about.

Remove your belongings

In order for the remodeling to be over quick, you have to empty your apartment. You can hire skillful people to give you a hand with this task. But first, you have to find a place where you will be storing these belongings of yours such as furniture, clothing, books, and anything else you have at home. Renting a storage unit is an extra expense but a good one to make. This is where your belongings will be safe and will stay undamaged while you remodel your Milwaukee apartment.

Storage units.
Rent a storage unit where you will keep your things while your apartment is being remodeled.

Remodeling is very messy. Especially if doing some bigger remodeling jobs. Even just painting the walls can do a lot of damage to your stuff. This is why it is best to remove them from the home.

Just make sure you pack up your belongings well for storage. even though this will be for a couple of weeks, you have to do the packing right. And this is also something can assist with. They can pack up your home in no time and handle the relocation of them from your apartment to the storage unit.

Do what you can without professional assistance

There are certain things you have to hire professionals for. But there are lots of them that you can actually do yourself. Repainting your home for example. But some bigger projects are best handled by professionals. Also, if remodeling an old place, do not do it yourself. It can be dangerous. There are a lot of old apartments in Milwaukee which is why we have to mention this. Hiring professional assistance is an expense. A big one. But it is worth it as they will do everything the best possible way.

Disadvantages of sharing moving costs with your roommates

sharing moving costs

Moving with a roommate means having to split the moving costs. This sounds like a dream come true. You will save a lot of money this way. But there are certain disadvantages people do not think about because they are focused on the advantages of sharing moving costs. This is why we have decided to shine some light on some of the downsides of doing so. Have in mind that pros are not outnumbered by the cons which is why you surely should split the cost and it would be fair to do so. But knowing the disadvantages is important as well.

It might not be a fair share

Even though you are paying an equal amount of money, sharing moving costs might not end up being a fair share. How come? There are a couple of things to think about. First off, the moving supplies. One person might be using more packing supplies than the other. For example, if you have loads of books, you will certainly need more boxes as books shouldn’t be packed in bulk as they are heavy. And your roommate might not have books at all. They might be needing more bubble wrap than you they have more fragile stuff to pack up.

Sharing moving costs can be tricky since one person may feel like they are paying more than necessary.

But it doesn’t stop there. As you have more boxes and more books, your things might be taking more space in the moving truck. The number of boxes influences the cost of the move. And if you are sharing moving costs, your roommate will then be paying more than they should. Or it could be reversed. You might not have any furniture and your roommate does. Moving furniture is more expensive than moving boxes is. This then means you are paying more than you should.

Conflict may occur when sharing moving costs

Because of this, conflict may occur. This is why discussing these things with your roommate first is the best thing to do. You can separately get the packing supplies to avoid that being the issue. But when it comes to paying for professional moving services that you hire, splitting will be a hard thing to do.

Two people fighting over sharing moving costs.
Two people If a conflict occurs, you need to be able to overcome it.

This is why you have to also talk about this with the moving company of your choice. They have to be upfront about their pricing and just what determines the cost of the move. They can give you the pricing list and then you can calculate just how much each person has to pay for having their things relocated by professionals. Even if you do not want to get into such detail, getting the pricing list is a good thing. It is one of the common moving tips when hiring movers. You will be able to calculate whether your move was priced correctly.

But we believe that as you are roommates you have to be able to overcome conflict no matter what. Even if you do end up paying more than you should, be open with your roommate and make an agreement regarding the issue.

Tips for remodeling an old house – Seattle edition

Floor plan

You will not always find the best solution when you are looking for a perfect home. You are lucky maybe to find the perfect spot, neighborhood, loan, and the façade but it is a small possibility that indoor is perfect also. Giving a property your own touch is going to be a beautiful experience. This will have a special feeling if you are remodeling an old house. Giving a new glow to an old thing is a great thing to do. If you are planning to live in Seattle, remodeling an old house – Seattle edition could be your new project. You can find many tips to make it easier to get a satisfying outcome.

A place for a Space Needle

Seattle is a city in the Pacific Northwest. It is surrounded by great natural beauty like the water, mountains, and forests. If you are an outdoor person you will be glad to hear that Seattle has thousands of acres of parkland. It is Washington State’s biggest city, and according to that the center of the large tech industry. Moving can be a great step in your life. Before you start your journey be sure to get everything properly ready. Be sure to provide all the packing materials on time. You will need it, not just for your stuff but also for the other materials and tools. Having help will save your money and time so you can invest those resources into your project of remodeling an old house in Seattle.

Give it a new glow

Finding an old house in this modern city will not be easy. Remodeling an old house in Seattle edition will be an interesting task and the outcome must be extraordinary. Roll up your sleeves because even if the house is in a good condition, this will still be a serious job. Try to divide work into few categories and be perfectly organized. Each outburst will cost you money and extra work so you do not need to work one thing two times. Make a schedule with all the essential tasks:

You need to have a plan
  • Inspect the electric
  • Check for plumbing and renew any that seems damaged
  • Check out for wood rot in walls and floors
  • Double-check the windows
  • Paint job
  • Interior

Even in the old times, they have electricity

With electricity, you have to be extra careful. Keeping this in mind, and the thing that modern homes use much more electricity so it is suggested to change all wiring with modern cables and breaker boxes. It is the truth that modern devices use less electricity, but count down how many devices you have plugged in, and then subtract how much of those devices did not exist in an era when your home was built. That is why you need to be energy efficient. You can face some obstacles on this field like the breaker boxes and knob-and-tube wiring.

Power in the box

Old wiring is usually not a problem unless it you have a breaker box. These breaker boxes are standard issues since they usually do not shut off when overloaded and that could make a serious problem. Overheating of the breaker boxes could lead to a possible fire. Breaker boxes are still in many old homes around the city. They are most common in houses built from 1960 to 1985, it’s possible that even an older home may have had an electrical update featuring these ones.

Wood and wire

The second issue you might face during the remodeling of an old house in Seattle is knob-and-tube wiring. It got its name because it features knobs to hold the wires in place and tubes to guide them through floor joists. This electric installation can also cause a fire hazard. This is because the rubber insulation around the wires can become dry and brittle over time, which leads to cracks and expose the wiring within.

Prevent the flood in your Seattle remodel old house

It may not seem like you have some problems currently, but originally copper, galvanized steel, and cast iron plumbing have a lifespan of 80 to 100 years. That could mean only one thing. If it isn’t leaking yet, it will soon. Depending on the state of the house, the wise decision would be to switch to modern plumbing, and while doing it take advantage of the situation. If you are changing the plumbing when remodeling an old house in Seattle, you may choose where will the pipes go to make some rearranging. Another issue with older pipes is corrosion buildup on the inside can cause lower water pressure over time. Even lead to rusty, orange water if left too long.

Be safe and secure

Quality check

Usually, it is recommending, to folk to do an annual walk around the exterior of their house and check for trouble areas. These include window frames, siding, handrails, and other wood pieces. If it happens you have a bit more money to do the entire remodeling, spend some money here. Do it properly, check and everything that is not in a good shape you should replace.

You need a clear view

Original single-pane windows can be fixed. They can work almost as well as new ones, as long as they appear to be in decent shape. In the long run, it’s more economical to repair old windows and upgrade them with weather-stripping or storm windows. Window replacement is a huge waste of money because the original windows you have, which are made of old-growth wood will last centuries with just a little maintenance. With good upgrades done, by specialized companies, old windows can match or beat current energy codes.

Paint in all the colors from your dreams

Pay special attention to the hazardous lead paint in windows, doors, and trim. If it is peeling color or in bad shape when remodeling an old house in Seattle. This is a mandatory task if you have children under six, who are most susceptible to its effects. If there is peeling, all paint needs to be sanded down, and a new proper paint job must be done. This way you will have insight into wood quality. You can do the same thing with your walls. It is a perfect moment to show everyone your favorite colors.

Paint your dreams

Find your unique style

Since you are remodeling an old house in Seattle, PortaBox Storage will help you to save your items until you decide what to do with them. You may have a tendency to reach up to the modern tech interior. You can also keep an old, rustic style. In both cases, it is important to make it commutable for you and to show all of your creativity. 

Remodeling an old house in Seattle is a great way to express your creativity and innovation. Enjoy every step of the process and be sure to make it yours. Making a home must be the most exciting quest in life you can make.

Backyard makeover tips

an image of a backyard, check out Backyard makeover tips

You have left your backyard unkempt for a long time. There are dead leaves on the ground, and your lawn is not green. But you have decided to make a change and spruce up your backyard. To make your neighbors jealous, we have some simple decor ideas that will make your backyard appealing to the eye. To achieve outdoor design greatness, follow our backyard makeover tips.

​Before we get into our backyard makeover tips you should clean it

Before you can redesign your backyard, you have to clean it. Cleaning your yard will make it easier to do additional work on it. So get your rake and start scrapping the lawn. Make sure to get all the debris out of the way. The gist of it is to get rid of everything that does not belong in your backyard. When everything is complete, you can get into ways to design a backyard.

​Keep the grass looking fresh

The one thing that makes a backyard look terrible is long and brown grass. To avoid these two mistakes, you better get to work. If you do not have them, you should invest in a mower or a string trimmer. Out of the two, the trimmer is the cheaper option. However, a grass machine will do a better job because it can cut the grass more evenly. When your grass is trimmed, how do you keep it green, especially during the hot summer months? Invest into some sprinkles. They will spray the grass with water on a timer. It will make your job easier, and it will keep your grass “evergreen”.

green grass, read about backyard makeover tips
Sprinkles will keep the grass green this is one of our backyard makeover tips

​Second, on our list of backyard makeover tips is to bring nature close to you

Having a garden in your backyard will not only make it look beautiful, but it might produce some fruits and vegetables. To prevent the garden, from looking out of place, you should plan everything so that it fits in with your backyard’s design. A more environmentally friendly option would be to have a small orchard. Because they do not need as much water as gardens. It is also easier to make trees work in your backyard. Make sure to protect your garden during the winter season.


A gazebo can tie your backyard together. Gazebos are easy to build and are very cheap. If you do a little bit of planning, you can probably install it yourself. However, if you have some particular demands, you should hire professionals to handle your gazebo installation. When everything is done, you can do a lot of activities:

  • Why installing a gazebo is one of our backyard makeover tips is because you can play board games outside with your friends.
  • You can drink cold lemonade on a hot summer night under your gazebo.
a gazebo
A gazebo can bring your friends together


We hope that our backyard makeover tips help you make your yard stand out in your neighborhood. You should also maintain your whole rental property.

Ways to Organize and Declutter Before Renovation

Blue paper ball on a drawn light bulb

Are you planning to make some changes at your home? We are not only talking about using popular budget-friendly home improvements. You should also know how to organize and declutter before renovation. Not only that you will keep your home organized and clean, but you will also finish the entire process really fast, and you will be able to start the renovation process on time. To achieve it, you should know what are the useful tips and tricks for this process. So, let us present to you how to organize the entire process in the simplest and easiest way.

How to organize and declutter your home?

Like when you have the moving tips you should know for the relocation process, there are tips for organizing and decluttering your home. So, let us present to you a list of them:

  • Separate the rooms by day.
  • Find materials for securing your goods.
  • Think about transporting the belongings to another place when you need to organize and declutter.
  • Define the costs for this process.

Be sure that these tips will lead you to organize your home in an appropriate way and that you will prepare it for renovation. Now, in order to do all these tasks properly, let us present each of these tips to you.

Separate the rooms by day

We can say that one of the secrets of how to keep your house organized is to take your time and that there is no need to hurry with it! Especially, when you are organizing and decluttering your home before renovation. If you take things slowly and you do not hurry with it, you can be sure that you will have a smooth and stress-free process. Since you are planning to make changes in your home, you should go to every room and see which of the belongings you are keeping and which of them you are leaving behind. In other words, separating the rooms by day is a good idea. A good option is to create a checklist for all your rooms, so you can have a clear image of the belongings and so you can organize your home in a better way.

A checklist to separate the rooms, so you can organize and declutter.
Separate the rooms by day, so you can organize everything properly.

Find materials for securing your goods

Once you have made a selection of the belongings, the following thing that you should do when you are planning to organize and declutter is securing your goods. When you are preparing your goods for moving out of your home, it is important to find appropriate packing materials. By having these materials, you will keep your belongings safe and you will not have to worry about them. Be sure that you have enough packing supplies, so you can secure all your belongings in the same way. In the case that you have some of the leftover packing supplies, remember that you can reuse them. To say it in simple words, they might come in handy for your next relocation process, you can use them for a storage unit, etc.

Think about transporting the belongings to another place when you need to organize and declutter

In order to keep your goods safe while you are organizing and decluttering, you should think about where to keep all your belongings during that period. We can say that renting a storage unit is definitely an option that you should consider. Be sure that inside a storage unit, you will not have to worry about the safety of your belongings and you can feel relaxed and stress-free. Now, when we talk about transporting your goods to a safe place, remember that you can use help with lifting. If you have some heavy belongings, hiring professional assistance is an important thing. In this way, all your belongings will be loaded in the transportation vehicle and moved in the safest way.

A moving truck.
Make sure that your goods are loaded and transported to a storage unit.

If you have some specialty items, find moving experts who can handle it

Since we have mentioned moving large and heavy belongings from your home when you need to organize and declutter, remember that you should have moving experts who will know how to move all your goods in the safest way. For instance, if you are moving a piano, it is important to have professionals who are experienced and who can provide you with these services. So, when looking for piano movers, you just have to contact Family Affair Moving and you can be sure that your instrument will be transported in the safest way! Just give them a call on time and tell them what is the size of your piano.

Define the costs for this process

As you can see, even if you are just organizing and decluttering your home, there are still a lot of things to manage and do. To keep the process smooth and stress-free, you have to define the costs. Simply, there are costs most people don’t count on when planning a home renovation. By setting the costs, you will be able to organize the entire process with ease and you will know how much money you will need. The costs include hiring professionals for moving out your belongings and putting them back, gathering packing supplies, cleaning, materials for renovation, etc. If you set the costs on time, you will have a clear image of them and you will be able to see if there is a chance to cut some of the costs.

A pile of coins squeezed together.
See what are the costs.

When you have found ways to organize and declutter, it is renovation time!

Now, when you have discovered what are the ways to organize and declutter, finish it, so you can start the renovation process! As you can see, it is not a complicated thing to do this process. You just have to create a good strategy that you will follow and to have professional assistance for moving out all your belongings. When you finish renovating, create a new schedule for your goods and put them back in your new home!