Benefits of relocating to Johannesburg

If you’re thinking of moving somewhere – choose your location well. Indeed, this kind of change is no easy decision – and these days, it isn’t cheap either. In this day and age, people are mostly relocating from smaller towns or villages into bigger cities. The trend of urbanization is especially visible in Africa, but it’s happening all over the world. So, if you’re thinking of relocating to Johannesburg, you’re probably making the right choice! Still, with moving being as big of a decision as it is – you should think about the options the city offers.

An abundance of renting options

When you’re planning on moving to Johannesburg, you’re obviously working with a limited budget. Of course, if you can’t afford homeownership just yet – that doesn’t mean that life in Joburg is out of your reach. Especially if you’re a young professional who isn’t moving with their family, you’ll find some extremely agreeable renting options. Areas like Parktown or smaller suburbs to the north, like Albertville, have many very affordable rentals to offer. Don’t worry, most of them have amenities in a close proximity. If you don’t need too much space, you’ll be able to find some great properties here.

Prepare for rising rents

Of course, in the short term, renting can be a better option than purchasing a home, especially if you don’t want to tie yourself down with a mortgage. But on the other hand – as a tenant, you have other things to think about. For example – estimates show that some suburbs have gone through lower rental demand in the past year. And sure – that may be good news for you, as landlords have been lowering rent to attract tenants. But as the market recovers, be prepared for possible rental uptakes by the end of the year.

A blue suburban house with three stories.
If you’re in need of affordable housing, you’ll find plenty in Joburg!

Relocating to Johannesburg means plenty of career opportunities

Wherever you’re moving, one thing is certain – you’ll be undergoing a period of adjustment. Obviously, fitting your career into your new surroundings is a must – which is why you’ll need to find a job. Luckily, that won’t be hard – according to official data, Joburg makes up almost 16% of the entire national economy. Especially when it comes to the service sector – you won’t find it difficult to land a job here. But naturally, you’ll also want to find housing that leaves you with a minimal commute.

Residential development in commercial districts

In the past few decades, rising oil prices have made commutes pricier, which is another reason why you want the trip to your workplace to be as short as possible. And the real estate market has responded to this need with increasing demand for residential development near commercial hubs. Which is why you’ll find booming residential property markets in places such as Rosebanks. And it’s no wonder, with the commercial development in the area also experiencing growth. That’s just one of the many benefits of relocating to Johannesburg – abundant career opportunities that come with an increasing amount of convenient housing.

Joburg is home to some excellent schools

Of course, not everyone who thinks of relocating for Johannesburg is looking for career advancement. Apart from young professionals, this city is also a hub for students and people with families alike. And for both groups – when relocating to a distant place to start a new life, having educational opportunities is important. Luckily, this is another thing Joburg excels at. There are many excellent schools in the area, like St. John’s College, King Edward VII, or Helpmekaar.

Housing options near good schools

Naturally, when families choose a new home – the local school district plays a big role. Which is why it’s good that Johannesburg’s real estate market can provide good housing near top schools. In fact, you’ll find some great homes at agreeable prices in the northern suburbs of Joburg. Areas like Houghton Estate or Upper Houghton are attractive to families precisely because of their locations. Easy access to the aforementioned schools has made these areas some of the best choices for families with school-age children.

Nature-lovers can find a great home here

There are many people who don’t just think of the practicality in their search of a nice neighborhood. For example – proximity to nice outdoor areas is extremely important for many. And when you’re thinking of relocating to Johannesburg, that’s probably a priority as well. In that case – looking at suburbs like Emmarentia might be a good idea. For nature-lovers, its tree-lined streets will be more than a welcome sight. And with the Botanical Gardens there, you’ll truly be living in a place ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Of course, Emmarentia isn’t your only option. If you’re into leafy streets that are also lined with many interesting shops and restaurants – check out Greenside as well.

Plenty of things to see

If you’re a history buff, we don’t really have to tell you what kind of a treat relocating to Johannesburg will be! There are plenty of memorials and museums here which showcase the city’s varied and interesting history, as well as the history of South Africa in general. After you visit the Mandela house in Soweto, or the famous Apartheid Museum, you’ll certainly have your fill of culture and history.

People sitting at Nelson Mandela Square.
History fans will have plenty of things to visit and see!

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