Best South Florida locations for retirees

Have you ever considered that you will eventually retire? What are your plans and do you have them? If you haven’t thought about it here is a little help. So, the sunshine state may just be the right place for you also. Let us help you with your golden days by finding the best South Florida locations for retirees to consider.

Florida – the sunshine state

Florida is great for retirees and you should consider the place. Spending your retirement sunbathing on a beach with a perfect view of the ocean may just be the best retirement. This is what many people already realized. The perfect weather, warm climate, and affordability are what draws retirees to Florida.

Palm tree forest in Florida
Clean nature, beaches, sun and affordability are the main factors making it perfect for retirees

Also, Florida has many beautiful cities to move to but some are better for retirees than others. Being a popular destination for senior citizens it can offer a lot of places that are suitable for them. So, to help you settle here, we offer you some great moving tips for seniors along with a list of some of the places that are a great choice to retire to:

  • Naples
  • Fort Myers
  • Venice
  • Boynton Beach
  • Sarasota


One of the attractive South Florida locations for retirees is Naples. Naples is built for social interaction and activities which is why half of the population are seniors. Also, due to popular demand, moving experts from are keeping busy assisting in senior relocation.

The interest for Naples makes it very expensive so buying a home may not be affordable but renting is. Besides that, there are many bars, restaurants, golf courses and parks to enjoy. The healthcare here is top-notch so this is one of the reasons for Naples’s popularity.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers is one of the more affordable towns suitable for seniors. Affordability leaves a lot of the income to be spent on more important expenses like some special senior-friendly home features. The place is perfect if you want to rest on the beach all day.

Fort Mayrs beach is one of the South Florida locations for retirees.
Enjoying the sunset over the ocean is a perfect ending to a day in Florida

Perhaps this is the reason why it has a sense of well-being at the top of the cities in the US.


One of the most beautiful towns in Florida and one of the most vibrant South Florida locations for retirees. The city is affordable and very safe. It is known for beautiful beaches, great healthcare, a lot of retirement communities, parks, and restaurants. All of these amenities are drawing the elderly in making the largest population in town as 60% of them are seniors.

Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach is one of the most affordable South Florida locations for retirees. With no income tax, it is perfect for spending more on other priorities. The beaches are perfect and the weather is great all year round.

A beach and buildings in FL
Although it is perfect for seniors South Florida also draws in young professional’s with families

With over 55 retirement communities the place is in high demand. With this in mind, local movers are very busy. If you decide to move here you can rest assured that local movers and their teams nearby can help you settle in quickly and stress-free.


Sarasota is the city for young professionals and retirees. seniors make 30% of the population. The city is not that affordable especially if you need to spruce up your home but the high taxes create a healthcare system that is the best in the US. There are plenty of activities to enjoy like opera and ballet. Tampa is also close by so you can visit often.

So if you are nearing your retirement you really should consider Florida. Some of the best South Florida locations for retirees are listed here but you are free to do more research to find the best location for you.

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