Charming small towns of New Hampshire you’ll love

Are you looking for small towns of New Hampshire to visit or do you want to relocate there? How to choose, from where to start? Luckily for you, NH has plenty of small towns to offer. A charming and unique town that will make you move there for good.

Especially if you have young kids or you want to start a family. Small towns are perfect for families as well as for retirees. You can also explore New Hampshire places for seniors and move there after retirement.

Small and charming towns of New Hampshire

NH was one of the colonies that founded the United States and because of that, it has a long history. The town is charming and every street has a story to tell. That is what makes this state special and unique.

Street in NH.
Small towns in New Hampshire are charming and beautiful

If you are looking for a place in New Hampshire to move to or a place to visit soon, this is the list of some of the towns that are small and beautiful.


Hanover is home to Dartmouth College. It is located on the Connecticut River which is beautiful. This small town offers many different entertainment options such as skiing, hiking, shopping, etc. Also, it has many museums to visit. My Brooks Moving NH can help you relocate here or any other of the small towns of New Hampshire with ease.


If you are looking for a place in New Hampshire to raise kids, Milford is one of the towns to consider. To move here with ease, reach out to experts nearby, because they already know this area. Milford movers will help you pack and move hassle-free. Besides families, many young professionals tend to move here as well.


If you have a penchant for U.S. history – this is the place to visit. A lot of buildings were built during the colonial era. American Independence Museum is also located here.

A house in one of the small towns of New Hampshire.
You can live surrounded by amazing nature and welcoming and friendly people

If you want to lie in a small and charming town, but still to be near a big city, Boston is only 1 hour away from Portsmouth. Summers here are warm, so you can enjoy the beach and relax.

Sugar Hill

Nature in Sugar Hill is breathtaking. Get away from the loud and crowded city and enjoy the small-town vibe. Many people choose to stay here after visiting Sugar Hill. Research the New Hampshire real estate market and find your new home. Here you can see plenty of waterfalls. Also, try seasonal outdoor activities and have fun.


If you love lakes, go to Meredith. Here you will see the lakes and mountains of the White Mountains. People in small towns of New Hampshire are polite and welcoming, that is also a thing that attracts many people to come here. Art and craft festivals during the summer bring tourists and the town gets a new dimension.

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