Decluttering your home

Every home constantly needs cleaning and improving. Over the years, you collect many items and some of them start overflowing. It’s very likely you have forgotten about some of the things that you have in your home. Old possessions, gifts, and things kept for nostalgic reasons pile up without you even noticing. As no one wants to live in a house dominated by things, spring is the perfect time for decluttering your home. And if you want to make your home more minimalistic, you know decluttering is the first step. Here are some useful tips on cleaning your house.

Go room by room

Decluttering your house can be an overwhelming process. If you are struggling with starting, try to start by cleaning one room. Once you have finished that room, move on to the second one, and so on. When you do things step by step, little by little, you are way less stressed. Cleaning rooms one by one will seem much easier than trying to do everything at once. Also, remember that you don’t have to do everything now. You can take your sweet time and thoroughly go through your possessions without any pressure. There’s no need to rush. Keep in mind that the start is always the most difficult – things will go smoother once you get going.

Be decisive when decluttering your home

We all have lots of things we don’t need in our homes and no one knows why. We don’t want to get rid of a gift we don’t even like or we hold on to stuff for sentimental reasons. We’re only human. But, when our home gets filled with unnecessary clutter, it’s time to clean.

  1. Throw away all the empty shampoo bottles, expired cosmetics and old toothbrushes from your bathroom. Anything that can’t be used anymore, shouldn’t have a place in your home.
  2. Get rid of the shoes that are falling apart and ones that are unbearably uncomfortable. You can throw them away or give them away to someone who’ll appreciate them.
  3. Say goodbye to the clothes you haven’t worn in years and don’t see yourself wearing ever again. You also don’t need the clothes that you don’t feel good in and don’t like wearing. Someone else might get some use out of them, though.
  4. You probably don’t need all those magazines, will you ever read them again?
  5. Throw those cracked mugs away too.

I believe you get the gist, throw everything that’s not useful into the trash and don’t look back.

Get storage space

Shelves can be useful when decluttering your home.
Shelves are a great place to store your things and display decorations.

Storage is the most important part of organizing your home. You should have different types of boxes, drawers or cabinets where you can store all of your things. When you have a lot of things lying around the house, it can make your home look a little messy. However, if everything has its place and it’s not in anyone’s way, your house will look much tidier. You can get a little more creative with your storage solutions. You don’t have to only use boring clear boxes. Try finding some cute baskets or colorful boxes that match the style of your house.


Baskets you can use when organizing your home
You can use cute baskets for storage instead of boring clear boxes. Get creative with it!

If you have furniture that doesn’t exactly fit into your place, but you will need it in the future, there’s a solution to your problem. You can look into different storage units in your local area. Getting a warehouse is a way to keep your furniture and keep your home clean at the same time. Consult the Internet when looking for warehouse solutions, and then enjoy your clutter-free home!

Ask for help

Friends bumping fists after a successful team job
Your friends can help you when you’re decluttering your home.

Organizing your home can be done more efficiently if you ask your friends for help. Especially if you can’t seem to say goodbye to your possessions. You probably know some people who are decisive and strict. Well, you need them right now. All their unsolicited advice that annoyed you before will come in handy when you’re cleaning your home. They will make sure to tell you that something needs to go even if you don’t necessarily want to admit it. Friends can also help you decide what to do with some items that aren’t exactly junk. You don’t have to throw everything away. Some things in your home can be donated, sold or given away. Actually, clearing your home can even be profitable. You can get on some websites where you can sell your clothes or furniture or you could organize a garage sale.

Decluttering your home should be regular

Whenever you put off doing something, it becomes more and more difficult to start. A simple solution is to not put things off. Decluttering your home should be a regular thing. That way it will be less tedious and stressful. Try to go through your things once every couple of months. That will ensure that your house stays tidy, clean and organized. And we all know that a clean house means a clear mind and less anxiety. A mess can stress you out and it can make you hate your own home. Don’t let that happen. Be consistent and organize your home whenever you notice things piling up. The good thing about being regular is that it will take much less time than one big declutter once a year.

So, if you’ve noticed that you should start decluttering your home, but can’t get yourself to do it, these tips should be helpful. Look at it as a great way to improve your home, make your living space more enjoyable and maybe even earn a few bucks. There really are no cons to decluttering your house, and there’s nothing to dread. Think about the end result and it will be much easier to get through it. Take advantage of spring cleaning season and make it the start of your journey to a clutter-free home. Grab some boxes, trash bags, gather a few friends and get to organizing!

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