Decor tips for your California beach house

You just got your first house on the beach in California but do not know how to decor it? We will give you a few ideas and what to look out for so the new house on the beach is the best as it can be. You are excited so of course, you can easily overdo it that is why you are here. You can also look at charming California cities to get house design inspiration from if you don’t have an idea of what design you want. That will give you at least an idea of what you like in your California beach house.

Subtlety is your friend when comes to the beach house in California

There is a lot of people that just go insane when decorating their California beach house. Don’t go overboard with fish and mermaids that can be a little kitsch but rather do a beach-inspired style that you will love. According to experienced movers Good Neighbors Moving Company, subtle touches give a more put-together and high-end feel. You can do this with some accent rope and seashell pillows. So it would be good to plan on what you need and where you plan to put it.

California beach house view
When you are decoring your beach house in California it is very important not to overdo it. Subtle is the way to go so it will look more put together

This will prevent you from overbuying things and making a mess in the house because of a lot of unnecessary items. Home remodeling during the summer: pros and cons that you need to know. So you will know what you are getting yourself into. Especially if you are decoring your beach house in the summer.

You will need help

There will be a lot of things to do while being in the process of decoring. So you will need to find help for transporting valuables from your house to the new location. You need to be very careful with your valuable items especially while moving them. That is why you need help. Professionals will not only move it for you from one location to the other in no time and damage but will also pack it for you.

So the valuables are safe and sound while being transported to the new location in your California beach house. This will help you out a lot rather than doing it by yourself and stressing even more about the valuables you are trying to relocate to the new address.

golden chandelier hanging of the ceiling
 You will need some help when moving valuable items from one location to the other. So everything goes without a problem

Keep the house functional

Fucunalaty in the beach house varies from person to person. One needs something different from the other. Your job will be to think about how long you plan on staying in the house and what you will need for that time. Not to mention that you need to pick out furniture for your California beach house that will be gentle to your skin after you were outside for the whole day and got burnt.

Also, the flooring will withstand the salty water that you will get inside. And any other necessities you might think of. The important thing is to keep the house functional rather than just a beautiful place to look at. You can do both. Have a beautiful but functional house on the beach which many people forget. Keeping your kitchen organized – tips and tricks that will help you out.

Inside of a house
You need to keep your beach house functional. Keep in mind what you need from it and use that to your advantage when decorating so you will not only have a beautiful house but a functional

Storage will be your friend

Storage will be your best friend if you need it. You can get some extra space for unnecessary items that you will like to keep rather than donate or sell them. This will help you out with storing items and therefore not over cluttering your beach house. These professionals will keep your belongings safe like their own.

So you will not need to be scared of storing your items here. You can ask them about the price or any other question you may have for them. They will be more than happy to serve you and clean up any confusion you have about storage.

Avoid distracting the eye from the view

When you are at your beach house the stunning view should be the star of the show. But sometimes the decor destroys that because it distracts the eye from the beautiful view. To avoid this you need to use a neutral color palette with some touches of color that will only enhance rather than distract from the view.

California beach house needs to be clean so don't clutter it with items but rather store them
Storing your items will help you out not to overcrowd the beach house and at the same time not getting rid of belongings you want to keep.

You can use blue, green, yellow to complement the colors of the outside. In fact, the more minimal the better because it will not get the spotlight. Of course, if you don’t want people to enjoy the view then you can just skip this part and decor it without this in mind.

California beach house needs an annual checkup

The downside of beach houses is that they wear and tear frequently. That is why you need to inspect the house every year and upgrade-fix the damage that may occur in the past year. Sometimes a fresh paint ower will be more than good enough. But on the other hand, when something major happens then you need to fix it.

For that, it is best to call a professional that will inspect your house. And another professional that will do the work if there is a need for any. Of course, if the house is good when done inspecting you can paint the rooms and decorate the California beach house just to give it a fresh start to the year. Also, there are easy ways to protect your garden during the winter season because some plants are very sensitive to the slightest change in their environment.

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