DIY decoration ideas for your rental

When you’re starting to live on your own, it will most likely be in a rented apartment or a house. Because of this, your hands are usually tied when it comes to decorating. However, just because you can’t use nails or paint, doesn’t mean you can’t give your current living space a personal touch. Since not all of us have a natural talent and ideas for DIY projects, we reveal many exciting and creative tricks for decorating the house. And without having to reach too far into the wallet. So here are some of our favorite DIY decoration ideas for your new home!

Assorted wall decoration
A little bit goes a long way

DIY decoration ideas for your new home

Decorating the house is one of the most important things you can do to make your rental space feel homey. It’s the little things in life that bring us joy, right? So why not have fun decorating? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • floating shelves
  • update entryway
  • removable wallpaper

Floating shelves

To save space and avoid marks on the wall, use floating shelves. These can be made of different materials and hung from the ceiling or put on the wall near the door. Not only do they look stylish, but they also provide extra storage space for all your knick-knacks. They can be easily removed if you want to change the look of the room. And fill the empty corners of your place. So if you’re looking for a creative and inexpensive way to decorate your home, floating shelves are a great solution.

Brown wooden door near the white wall
Make your entryway more appealing

Update entryway

An entryway is the first impression that your guests will have of your home. So why not make it more appealing? Update the entry with a new coat of paint, some new pieces of furniture, and new flooring. Choose a unit that has a shelf on top for storing things you grab as you leave like your keys and sunglasses. A mirror on the wall will also make a great addition and give the space some depth. If you’re not allowed to screw into the walls of your rental, adhesive-back hooks are a good solution.

Removable wallpaper

Temporary wallpapers are no longer just a part of children’s rooms. Today they have been rebranded several times and placed in the domain of flexible home decor. And this is simply ideal for creating design features with very little effort and minimal cost. With a “press and stick” installation method, additional options to fit into the overall theme, and the option to remove, or throw away at the end of the ballad, these wallpapers are a favorite for anyone who rents out their living space.

A person using a laptop and looking at some DIY decoration ideas
Look online for more ideas!

Ready for some decorating?

After reading through these DIY decoration ideas, you should be able to find the perfect way to personalize your rental without breaking the bank. Whether you want to update the entryway or add some colorful wallpapers, there are many creative and affordable ways to spruce up your space. So if you’re ready to move into your new home and get creative, start with these ideas!

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