Guide to downsizing your Silver Spring MD home

Is it time to downsize? What does it mean and how to do it properly? If you are working on downsizing your Silver Spring MD home, what to pay attention to? What does downsizing mean? Simply said, downsizing is moving to a small home than you currently have. Usually, after kids move out, people don’t need a big home anymore, or some people want a simpler life and spend more time outdoor.

Pros and cons of downsizing your Silver Spring MD home

Why should you consider moving to a smaller home in the first place? On the other hand, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Know all the facts before making the final call.

A big family home.
If you don’t want to live in a big home anymore, consider moving to a smaller one

The pros

  • Spending less money on monthly bills and maintaining your home. Money is a big factor when making this decision or downsizing in Silver Spring.
  • Fewer rooms and fewer spaces take less time to clean and you will have more time for your hobbies, family, and friends. Enjoy life and spend time outside trying new things – don’t spend time cleaning.
  • When you know that you don’t have a big home, you won’t buy unnecessary items. This will reduce consumption.
  • Study shows that people with smaller homes have less stress. This is because you will have more time for yourself and increased cash flow.

The cons

  • Moving to a smaller home means that you cannot keep all your items. Having fewer belongings is a problem for some people.
  • If you often have guests (kids, grandkids, family, close friends), hosting large dinner parties is not possible because there will be no room for guests. If they are not from Silver Spring, they need to book a hotel.
  • Family members cannot have privacy.
  • Space restrictions may be a problem when organizing and decorating small apartments. If you are used to having more decorations and more space to maneuver, downsizing your Silver Spring MD home may be a problem (until you adjust).

Take into consideration all the facts – good and bad. Write down all the pluses and minuses before you make a decision. Downsizing is not for everyone.

How to downsize your home?

If you currently are a homeowner, the first step is to sell or rent your home. Have home features Maryland buyers want and you will find someone quickly. Stage your home and hire a good real estate agency.

A couple packing for downsizing your Silver Spring MD home
Know what to pack and move when downsizing a home

What are the other steps when downsizing your Silver Spring MD home? If you are doing this for the first time, having a guide may make this process a little bit easier.

  1. Start as soon as possible because it may take up to 3 months to prepare for a relocation. Packing, looking for a new home, searching for movers, and finishing all the paperwork – it all takes time.
  2. When packing, focus on one room at a time. Declutter and categorize. What to pack, toss, donate, or sell. Keep in mind that you are moving to a smaller home and you won’t have enough space for all your items.
  3. Measure your new home. Doors, windows, hallways, ceiling height, rooms and see if your old furniture can fit in or not.
  4. Consider your new lifestyle because it won’t be the same after moving to a smaller home. Know what your reasons are for downsizing, what opportunities it will bring, and are there new activities you would like to explore.
  5. Set decluttering rules are stick to them. Getting rid of most of your items may be very emotional. Choose what to keep, donate/sell, store in a storage unit, recycle, and throw away.
  6. If you are moving as a senior, get help and don’t do everything by yourself.

Renting a storage unit in Silver Spring, MD

Moving to a smaller home means that you won’t be able to place all your furniture, clothing, appliances, and home decorations there. If you don’t want to throw away all the items, where to store them? Just, don’t part with everything by renting a storage unit in Silver Spring. In a self-storage facility, you can store off-season clothing, shoes, things you don’t currently use, or old items with an emotional value.

Storage units come in different sizes and you can also choose climate-controlled storage. They are safe and affordable. Downsizing your Silver Spring MD home is one of the reasons for renting a storage unit and most people do it.

Moving items to a new, smaller home in Silver Spring, MD

After finding a new house or apartment in Silver Spring, it is time to pack and move. Of course, you will move fewer items, but still, all those items need to be transported safely.

What is the safest and fastest way to move all your household belongings to a new location? One of the options is to hire a reliable and reputable mover such as Zippy Shell Moving and Storage NV and you don’t have to worry about the relocation process.

Creating a moving checklist.
Have a guide for relocation as well.

Book a moving company in advance and prepare for the upcoming relocation. Compare different movers – their services and bids. If you need a storage unit, find a company that offers storage services as well.

In conclusion

When downsizing your Silver Spring MD home, you will save money and you won’t spend too much time maintaining the house. It is not the same to remodel a Maryland house and buy a new home. Save your time and energy on other fun things. Silver Spring, MD is not a small town. It has a lot of different housing options to offer. Also, it is a great city for families and young professionals as well. The median home price is around $520k, but you can pay less if you live in a smaller place.

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