Family move from Ontario to British Columbia – 5 things to consider

Living in Ontario is great but there are plenty of people moving to other parts of the country for various reasons. Some are moving because of the bigger income, some because of the more affordable prices, and some simply want a change in their surrounding. No matter what the reason for moving is, British Columbia in Canada surely is a place to consider moving to. It is located on the completely opposite side of the country from where Ontario is located but surely this doesn’t mean relocating here is not possible. Having a family move from Ontario to British Columbia is not an easy task but we are here to give you a couple of tips in order to try and make it a bit easier. Below is where you will read just what are five things to consider doing when having a move from Ontario to British Columbia with your family. So, stick around and read these tips in order to make relocation as easy to handle as that is possible.

Consider moving during spring or summer

As you will be cross-country moving, it is very important to think about the time you will be moving in. If you decide to move during winter or fall, you might run into some issues along the way. Here are a few examples of the things that could happen.

Truck road.
Moving during nice weather is much safer and faster.

If you decide to move during winter you will have a much harder time packing up your belongings for the move. You will have to make sure that all the boxes are covered with either tape or plastic foil. This is sole because Canada has very wet falls and winters with a lot of rain and snow. Water can wet the cardboard boxes that you are using to pack up your home for the move which can, of course, result in having some of your belongings damaged. Books and wooden furniture and the things that usually get damaged when winter moving in Canada.

Your move will also be much easier to conduct if moving when the weather is more predictable and nicer. You won’t have to worry whether the moving truck will make it on time and in one piece. But if hiring reliable movers such as, this will not make a lot of difference whether you are moving in good or bad weather.

Ship your car

Having a family move from Ontario to British Columbia by car is simply impossible. Especially if there is more than just three of you. This is a very long distance move to have and you cannot travel from one place to another by car. You can but you will surely be very tired and you won’t have as much energy. And energy is surely something you will need as moving into a new home requires unpacking.

You also want this move of yours to symbolize a fresh start. Relocation planning and the whole process will tire you out so make sure to keep as much energy as possible for after the move. Secure transport to your new home for your car and travel to British Columbia by plane from Ontario.

Car driving.
Driving from Ontario to British Columbia is possible but not something we would recommend doing.

Hire a reliable moving company as assistance

The third thing we believe you must consider doing if having a family move from Ontario to British Columbia is hiring reliable moving assistance. Moving without moving assistance is possible but it is the hardest thing you can do. If moving more than just your clothing, it is almost impossible to relocate from one state to another. No matter how close or far apart they are. You will not have where to put all of your belongings. You can rent a truck but how are you going to return it?

Renting a truck works when having a local move. And a move from Ontario to British Columbia surely isn’t local. It is moving from one part of the country to another. This is a task you need professional assistance with. Especially if moving with a toddler.

Searhing online.
Search for a reliable moving company to hire for your cross-country move.

Make your move smaller

Have in mind that hiring professional movers is an expense you will have to cover and it will surely make moving expensive. But also have in mind that moving without their assistance could be two times more expensive. So hiring movers is actually a way to save money. But there are more ways you can do so. Making your move smaller is one of the ways. How can you do that?

Moving fewer things means paying less money for the move. So make sure you get rid of all the unnecessary items that you have in your home. You will also need fewer packing supplies by doing that. This means you will be saving even more money than you planned to. Decluttering is a process that takes time but surely one worth going through before a cross-country relocation. Read some decluttering tips to make the process easier.

Donate some of your belongings

If you decide to declutter your home, you will surely be left with a lot of things you don’t really want to throw away. If that is the case, you can consider donating the things that can be donated. Clothing, toys, books, and similar things will easily find a new home. There are plenty of people in need and helping out is never a bad idea. You can even sell some of your old furniture or any other things that you have in order to earn some money as well.

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