Fastest-growing towns in Texas you should consider when house-hunting

We are about to show you the fastest-growing towns in Texas in case you are looking to buy a house there. It’s always smart to buy a home in an up-and-coming town or neighborhood, as by doing so, you know that you will be able to double your investment soon enough. Also, you can get a better deal on the house if the place is still not such a hot destination yet.

Signs that will tell you that town or a neighborhood is improving

If you are not sure always look for the clues. If you see that there are buildings coming up every now and then (complexes too) that means that this place is growing and the demand is getting higher. You will also notice other signs like crime rates dropping, new (and fancy) businesses coming to town, and such. All that tells you that this is going to be a pretty popular place soon enough. That means – start your house hunt before the prices start growing and they match up to the ones in Austin. Sure Austin is great and has many desirable neighborhoods but Texas is so much more than that.

The list of fastest-growing towns in Texas you need to check out

  • Leander
  • Frisco
  • Schertz
  • Kyle
  • Conroe
  • Round Rock
  • New Braunfels

Here you can see the fastest-growing towns in Texas for 2022 and make sure to research all of them. Maybe your new home can be there. Now let’s single the best options out and then we can talk about real estate trends and who can help you.

The best one for families

Schertz is a city in Guadalupe and it’s one of the best cities in Texas for families. Nerdwallet ranked it in the top 10 family-friendly cities in Texas too! What you can expect here is a friendly and calm atmosphere. There are a lot of young families and more and more job opportunities are coming up each day. The schools are rated above average and all that makes it a great place to settle down. So if you have a family and are on the lookout for a home in Texas, this can be a perfect place for you. The prices are still pretty reasonable so go for it! When you do find that perfect house – make sure to ask skilled neighbors for help when it comes to moving and settling in. Skilled neighbors a.k.a local Schertz professional movers.

a couple with a baby
Can one of these fastest-growing towns in Texas, perhaps, Schertz, be a perfect place to find a home and raise a family?

The best one for young professionals

Leander is known for its award-winning school districts which are good since many young professionals also have kids and naturally they want to be near good schools. When we checked US Census Bureau, Leander popped up as the fastest-growing large city in the country from 2018 to 2021 and this place has the best job opportunities out of all (from our list). That is the reason why we believe that it can be a perfect spot for young professionals. New Downtown district is a place you want to go house hunting as a young professional. That can be the perfect spot for you. The median home cost in Leander is $450,000 and there are plenty of energy-efficient homes to be found in this town.

The best one for seniors

Kyle is the one we chose as the best one for seniors. The population of this city grew from 28,016 back in 2010 to an astonishing 45,697 in 2020. That makes Kyle one of the fastest-growing cities in this state but the reason why we chose it for seniors is that even though it’s growing fast, it’s very peaceful and nice. There is a lot of nature and the residents are very friendly. If you love homemade pies, this is a perfect place for you. No one has better pies than this town! This is a very nice area but it’s not so great for the younger crew since there is not so much entertainment and nightlife. That is something seniors really care about. If you choose this place to be your new home local Kyle pros can help you settle in, but first you need to go on a house hunt.

A senior couple overlooking nature in one of the fastest-growing towns in Texas that is perfect for seniors
This can be a perfect destination for seniors.

The help you might need while house hunting in Texas

First of all, you need to download the Zillow app. That way you can virtually go on a house hunt whenever you have spare time. Just pick a place and you can see what’s available and you will also be able to see the current prices. That will save a lot of your time. Then, you need to hire a realtor. A realtor can help you to find that perfect place you have been dreaming about.

Furthermore, If you are not so sure about the house you like you can always hire a home inspector to come with you and check the place out. They can easily spot all the red flags, even if they are well hidden. Lastly, when you choose the place, suggests you give moving professionals a call.

In case you didn’t like any of our recommendations

We carefully chose those cities, but if you research them and didn’t find anything you like, here is another list of growing cities that you should at least check out. They haven’t scored as well as the ones we mentioned earlier but they have a lot of potential, so here they are:

  • Knollwood
  • Hackberry
  • Fulshear
  • Melissa
  • Northlake
  • Prosper

Knollwood has had the biggest change in population over the last decade and that is not a coincidence, so make sure to check this place first.

Texas flag on the wind
As you can see Texas has a lot to offer.

Parting words

We hope that we have shown you or, to be more precise, pointed you in the right direction… a direction that will help you narrow down your choices to a single one. Perhaps soon, one of these fastest-growing towns in Texas will be your future home. We showed you who can help you out (and how) when you finally make a decision and find your new home so make sure to use all the help you can. There is really no need to do everything on your own. Good luck!

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