How to free up space in your home?

Maximizing space in your home has many advantages. It looks pretty, organized, and most importantly it is practical. Free up space in your home because it is easy, it won’t take you a lot of time and money, but on the other hand, it will help you. Even if you have a small apartment, just be creative and take the maximum. Nothing is better than a clean and decluttered house where you can relax and enjoy. If you want to make a change in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, go ahead and do some remodeling.

Ideas to free up space in your home

Most of us want to make the home more modern, that includes cleaning it and getting rid of unnecessary items. If you have no idea how to accomplish it, luckily we have some. Search online, ask your friends, use all the recourses. After a long day at work or school, you deserve to come to a home where you can relax. Chaos can make you will anxious and nervous, so free up space in your home by starting right now. So, here are some examples you should apply to.

Light bulbs
Ideas are everywhere, do your research and pick the best for your home

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

The first step you should take is to get rid of all the items you do not need. Make categories and separate items. Items you want to toss, keep and maybe to sell or even to donate. You will free up space in your home and maybe earn money (if you decide to sell some items). Most people keep belongings they actually do not need. So, before you make more storage inside your house, you should decide what you do not need anymore. For example, if you did not use those jeans for 6 months or more, you probably will not wear them again.

Create shelves on walls

Do not keep your walls empty. Creating walls as a cheap solution to open the middle of a room clean and free. Shelves are useful in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom. Literally in every room in the house. At the same time, it will be organized and you won’t search for a particular item whole day long. Look for available wall surface and add wooden or metal shelves. You can color them and make them look rustic, it is up to you.

Shelves on the kitchen wall
Think vertically and use your walls to store stuff. At the same time, your home will be much more organized

Use space under the stairs

Most people do not use space under the stairs. Also, you can make drawers from stairs and use them as storage. It could be decorative too. There are many companies that provide excellent solutions, and you will avoid injuries when remodeling by letting them do it.  You can store shoes, linens, bags, umbrellas, off-season clothing, etc. Be creative and think about making more storage and opening up the living room.

Unused rooms

People with bigger homes usually have at least one room that is not used. Basement, garage, attic, these are all spaces where you can store all of the items and furniture. So, give them a purpose and do not leave them empty. It is a common situation with the baby’s room. When they get a little older, their bedroom will be too small for them. Consider making a home office or storage.

Under the bed

Many beds have storage under them, something like drawers. If your bed does not have it, create it by yourself. Buy some plastic boxes and label them. You may store inside clothing, toys, albums, books, shoes, etc. Keep your house organized by using storage in the bedroom or basement too. A storage ottoman is also a great solution to store your stuff and at the same time, you can sit on it.

Use space under the bed and keep your bedroom clean

Mudroom bench

Bench in the hallway is a great space to put shoes, coats, jackets, keys, scarf, umbrellas, raincoats, etc. House will be clean and not messy. It is a “stopping” area, where you and your kids take your dirty boots and wet jackets. It will look nice and it will have a purpose. Also, make a flip-flop storage bench, shelf panels, and hooks.

Renting a long-term storage unit

What to do with all those items you cannot store in your house and you do not need them all the time? Such as Christmas tree, decoration, ski equipment, kids’ toys, old clothing, etc. Why keep all those items inside of your home? Where to put them? There is one simple solution and probably the best. Renting a storage facility. Storage unit comes in a different size, conditions, security system, price, and types. Just choose one that fits you. Find a reliable storage company and you do not need to throw all the belongings. ADCO Van & Storage is one of the companies that may give you the perfect solution.

walls inside a storage unit
If you do not want to “hide” items in your house, then rent a storage unit where you can put all the household items

Do not forget to ensure all the items you will store. A storage unit will help you free up space in your home, but you should get insurance and keep stuff safe. It does not matter if your house is big or small, in both cases, it should be decluttered and customized for you. After all that work, you will be proud of yourself and a little change will not hurt.

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