Guide to renovating a Virginia historic home

Renovating a home is not easy and simple, especially not when the house is older. But, living in an old house has a charm and different vibe, so it can be worth investing money in it. Renovating a Virginia historic home has some tax benefits. Virginia has a program because historic homes are rare in the United States and the state wants to help home-owners. There is paperwork you need to do, and rules to follow, but after all, it will be worth all the time and money.

Do’s and don’ts when renovating a Virginia historic home

Owning a historic home has good and bad sides too. Investing money in it is a big step and you may deal with problems you did not expect, especially with electric installation and water. Here are some do’s and don’ts when remodeling your old home in Virginia. Some of the improvements are expensive, but there are some budget-friendly home improvements too.

  • Identify the fundamental historic elements in your home and preserve them before starting a process. For example, window and door sizes, wood species, covered porches, types of stone, etc.
  • Hire architect with a specialty in the preservation and historic home renovation because these homes are different from new and modern homes. The structure is also different.
  • Don’t be impatient because it may take more time than you expected when renovating a Virginia historic home.
  • You can modernize your home (for example, to have a modern kitchen and bathroom), and still keep the old home charm.
  • Colonial homes are usually “closed”. They have a lot of walls, so don’t be afraid to move some of the walls and to make an open concept floor.
Floor plan.
You will need professional help for renovating a Virginia historic home

Get rid of unnecessary furniture

What to do with items and furniture you don’t want anymore? Don’t collect junk, get rid of it. The easiest way to take care of it is to hire a junk removal specialist in your area. Virginia has plenty of companies that may help you, and you can find one of them at

Moving out during the home remodeling

If you are remodeling your entire home, then you should move out when renovating your house. Sometimes you don’t have other options. Especially if the renovation will take weeks. Staying with your friends of cousin for a couple of days is O.K. for a couple of weeks is too long.

An old home in Virginia.
Sometimes, renovation can take months, if it is a big home. Make a plan where will you stay during a home renovation

Renovating a Virginia historic home can take few days, but on the other hand, it may take a few weeks. Depending on what you need to renovate. Make a plan, create a budget and a timeframe. Construction workers will tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take.


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