Home features every Florida house should have

Ah, Florida. There is no one in the US who hasn’t thought about moving to the Sunshine State. We all thought about it, and some of us did it. However, when you come to Florida, you’ll notice that is a very special place, quite different from the rest of the US. There is more sunshine, people seem to be more cheerful, golf courses are almost a state symbol, everything is less of a taboo and so on. But let’s talk more about Florida’s climate and nature. What comes to your mind when you think about the Sunshine State? Chances are that you’re thinking about beaches, warm weather, alligators, and hurricanes. And if you had those kinds of associations, you’ll be spot on. Yes, nature wants to scare Florida and this is why people defend from it with their homes. How do they do it and what makes life in Florida so unique. What are the home features every Florida house should have? Let’s find out!

Home features every Florida house should have – a pool

How can you even imagine a life in Florida without the water? Water and Florida – those two words go hand in hand. And why is that? Because of warm weather, of course. It would be almost silly to be stationed in Florida and not have a place to get your toes wet. This is why people who own a house in Florida usually build pools in their backyard. City Movers can help you with that.

Home features every Florida house should have is a pool.
Home features every Florida house should have is most certainly a pool in the backyard.

Yeah, the ocean is great, but there is nothing better than having your piece of the ocean that isn’t even salty. It is no coincidence that Florida is also known as the Sunshine State. How can you expect to be living in the Sunshine State without owning a pool that is just for you and your family?

Many windows and verandas

If you buy a house in Florida, you’ll want to maximize the sunshine in your house. This is why most Florida homes have many windows and verandas. The main advantage of Florida is its sunshine, and the point of living in Florida is to be touched by it at all times. It would be strange to have a house in Florida with no windows, right?

Also, verandas are a fantastic way to get rid of all the excess heat. Heat is both a blessing and a curse, and this is why pools, verandas, and windows are necessary. By having multiple windows, the air in a house can circulate, bringing you a fresh breeze in your home with a lot of light. So, if you are building a house in Florida, try to build it with as many windows and verandas as you can. If you are buying a house, look for these features.

Impact windows

As we already said, nature is sometimes dangerous in Florida. Hurricanes are a big danger in Florida, and this is why almost all windows on houses in Florida are impact windows. What are those “impact windows”? Well, those are special kinds of windows that are much stronger than regular windows, and in Florida, they are used as protection from hurricanes. Without them, life in a house during a hurricane could be lethal. Hurricanes are strong enough to rip some houses from their foundations, let alone to break a glass. So, don’t forget to put impact windows on your house in Florida.

Home features every Florida house should have is a window.
Many windows are certainly one of the home features every Florida house should have.

Tiled roofs everywhere

Roofs in Florida are also unique. They are heavily inspired by the Mediterranean architecture of Italy and Spain and this is why a vast majority of homes in Florida have tiled roofs. They are especially prominent in Miami. Tiled roofs are not there for aesthetic purposes only, they have their fair share of practicality. Tiled roofs are very useful since they can add a bit of sturdiness and durability to ensure that they can withstand harsh weather. Also, those kinds of roofs keep the house cooler by increasing insulation from the sun’s rays. So, now you know why roofs in Florida are different from ones in other states.

Concrete blocks are a must

Continuing with a hurricane theme, there are few more ways in which Florida residents protect themselves from hurricanes and heavy storms. Most of the homes in Florida are reinforced with concrete blocks. Unlike many other American homes, homes in Florida need to be more sturdy to withstand the unrelenting forces of nature. They are cheap, and if you don’t have them, you should improve your Florida home with them before it’s too late.

A hurricane.
Concrete blocks are a must if you want to protect your home from hurricanes.

There is one more use of concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are great insulators and they are also great protection from heavy and stagnant heat. Air is, believe it or not, a great natural insulator, and concrete blocks have pockets of air that can insolate a house. So, if you are building a house in Florida, make sure that you build it with concrete blocks. Hire only the best builders and handyman for that. If you don’t do that you are going to have a bad time.

Home features every Florida house should not have – a basement

Houses in Florida are usually built without a basement in mind. And why is that you may ask? Simply, a climate that is susceptible to storms and hurricanes doesn’t allow for basements to be built. There is a constant danger of flooding, and many architects build homes in Florida without basements to help prevent damage from severe flooding and water damage. Basements are useless in Florida, and they would be more of a trouble. Cellars are also a big no-no for the same reasons. This is why Florida residents can find great storage options that do not include basements. It doesn’t matter where you live, having a storage solution is always a good thing. And when it comes to home features every Florida house should have, the basement is certainly not one.


Homes in Florida are characterized by tiled roofs, many windows, and verandas, big outdoor spaces with pools, and so on. Houses are usually in that typical Florida Mediterranean style, but you can build yours however you like it. Just remember to protect yourself from harsh weather and sun, and to throw a housewarming party after you move in!


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