Home features every millennial home buyer wants – Northern Virginia edition

A home office is one of the home features every millennial home buyer wants

Since most millennials like flexibility, the first one is a no-brainer. Millennials love working remotely, from the comfort of their own home. However, they’re also smart enough to know that working from your couch or dining room table isn’t good for you. This is where a home office comes in. 

A home office doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate. A desk with a chair in a well-lit room is enough for most millennials. Add a plant or two and some kind of wall decor and you’re set. However, to keep things extra organized, some may also invest in cabinets and organizers.

Small home office
Millennials love working from their home office rather than wasting time commuting every day.

Low maintenance

These young professionals on a tight budget don’t want to spend money on maintenance or repairs for their homes. And forget about working all weekend on housework. According to millennials, work and family are their main priority, therefore doing chores like cleaning the carpet, waxing the floors, and trimming the grass must wait. They are looking for materials and finishes that require little upkeep, such as:

  • engineered wood flooring
  • black stainless steel appliances
  • stone countertops

Energy efficiency

The good news is that products that conserve energy are becoming more accessible and well-liked. Purchase an energy-efficient washer, dryer, or dishwasher as a starting point. Modernized appliances really do assist market a house. To appeal to millennials, don’t forget to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs for all of your fixtures. Moreover, if you’re selling a house, installing solar panels might be a major selling factor.

Light bulb
Sustainability is one of the home features every millennial home buyer wants.

Smart homes

Since we live in a technological age, smart home features have had a big influence on the real estate market and are essential when marketing to millennial house buyers. Millennial buyers find smart home amenities to be quite appealing, and they are frequently prepared to pay more for these homes.

Automated or voice-activated gadgets that manage appliances, lights, heating, and garage doors, like Amazon’s “Alexa” or Google Home, are now among the most sought-after smart house amenities among millennial home buyers. Millennials like these gadgets because they can operate them when they’re away from home using their phones. Moreover, these gadgets can also be installed in any home, no matter if it’s a huge house with a backyard or a small studio apartment.

Outdoor space

Nowadays, many millennials reside in suburban rather than metropolitan settings, which is especially apparent in Northern Virginia. The availability of green places may be one of the causes. According to an intriguing poll, many millennials base their home decisions not on a spouse or children, but rather on their dog. Almost half of the millennials who have never owned a house think that their dog would influence their decision. There is no doubt that having a pet in the family makes a house with a nice outside space more welcoming.

White dog
Most millennials are crazy about their dogs, and would even pay extra to have enough space for their dogs to run around.

Great location

Some factors, like the significance of choosing a decent location, are consistent regardless of the age of the house purchasers. According to polls, the majority of millennials desire to live near their place of employment. However, they still want their home to be close enough to parks and other areas where they may engage in leisure activities. As a result, this is frequently a crucial determining factor for them when it comes to picking a home. In some Northern Virginia cities like Alexandria, the majority of millennial house buyers like to be around commercial districts and items they use on a daily basis. When discussing location, being close to coffee shops, restaurants, and gyms is highly significant.

Accessibility is important

That’s not all. Most millennials don’t take care of the relocation process all by themselves, and this, too, plays a part in the location and home they choose. According to experts at Zippy Shell Northern Virginia, most millennials choose homes that are easily accessible on a moving day. This means they’re less likely to settle living on a higher floor of an apartment building without an elevator than the generations before them.

Opportunity for customization

This generation won’t accept a one-size-fits-all approach. While we might talk a lot about home features every millennial home buyer wants, there is no one right answer. Millennials desire homes that reflect their personal style. That is primarily the cause of this generation’s growing interest in bespoke houses. Custom homes provide many floor layouts and adjustable features to fit individual preferences and special needs, even though they are typically more expensive than production or existing homes.

However, because of the high expenses of custom homes, many millennials turn to renovation and remodeling as a means to customize their home. It allows them to express their creativity, challenges them, and can also help some of them with recovery.

Final thoughts

While it’s important not to stereotype a generation, it’s also crucial to understand how millennials think and what some of the home features every millennial home buyer wants, if you’re in the real estate or renovation business. The real estate market will continue to be significantly influenced by millennial house purchasers. It’s important that everyone comprehends the aforementioned factors because they account for a substantial share of potential property purchasers. Understanding these factors and knowing how to emphasize them considerably increases a homeowner’s and real estate agent’s chances of a successful and rapid house sale.

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