How to add Japanese style to your home

The Japanese style of home decor has been popular for many years. It hasn’t changed much since it became popular because this interior design style is timeless and it’s always modern because it is so simple and sophisticated. People from all over the world incorporate this design into their homes because it is appealing. If you want to learn how you can add Japanese style to your home easily and make it look nice and not tacky, then you came to the right place. We have been studying this style for a long time and we’re finally ready to share our ideas and tips with you.

Elements of nature are a big part of Japanese style home design

Natural elements have a big role when it comes to this kind of home decor. Japanese people love incorporating plants, water, and rocks into their homes. This is because Japanese culture has plenty of respect for nature. Bamboo and bonsai are two plants that they love keeping in their homes because they look very nice. They don’t usually go for plants that have plenty of colors. They keep it simple and green which is what you should do too for the same effect.

Japanese home.
Japanese homes are very open.

Another way to bring nature into your home is by having large windows and fewer walls. If you live in a house, this is a great way to add natural lighting to it. The only downside would be the fact that all those windows need to be cleaned and if you live somewhere where it gets cold during the winter, you’ll have to spend much more money on heating. If you lived in Japan, this is probably not something you had to deal with. And if you’re thinking about relocating from Japan to the States, remember that your relocation from Japan can be easy with a good moving company.

Sliding doors and screens

We’ve all seen those sliding doors that Japanese people have in their homes. You can try and do this too. Maybe not every room in your home should have sliding doors but the living room, for example, might be the best option. These doors save a lot of space because they’re slim and you don’t need a lot of space for them to start with. This is also going to help you design a Fengshui living room.

Sliding doors.
Sliding doors are a must-have.

Japanese style furniture

Japanese furniture is very simple and sort of futuristic. Every furniture item is as close to the ground as possible. Sometimes they don’t even have furniture but they use cushions.A low-plank table is also a must. Make sure that all the furniture pieces are wooden as that is another way of incorporating nature into your home. Japan Relocation Services is a moving company that moves people from and to Japan and they say that they’ve moved plenty of Japanese style furniture because it’s hard to find it in the US. So if you want to add Japanese style to your home, you might have to import some furniture from Japan.

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