How to make your Colorado home feel more spacious this summer

As more individuals want to simplify their lives by living with less and in smaller quarters, micro-homesĀ and downsizing have now become popular fads. There are several advantages to living in a smaller house. There’s the low cost of entry, lower operating costs, and less cleaning. Smaller areas need fewer pieces of furniture and ornamental accents, yet they may also seem more welcoming. Overall, tiny homes may be a lovely and practical alternative to living in a McMansion. So, let’s see what our experts from Price Home Improvements have to say on how to make your Colorado home feel more spacious this summer!

Making your Colorado home feel more spacious

There are many different ways to do this, and by following some general principles you will be able to do it. Making a Colorado home more spacious without adding physical space is easily achievable if you:

  • Use lighter paint
  • Use continuous flooring
  • Remove doors
  • Strategically place mirrors
  • Think about your decorations

Using lighter paint

Lighter paint colors reflect natural light, making the space appear larger. Darker colors, on the other hand, provide a cozier and more intimate atmosphere. A light and neutral color palette will be more successful if you want to create a more expansive impression. Pale greys, creams, and whites should come to mind. While painting your apartment, you should consider moving your furniture to temporary storage. Many moving companies like Homegrown Moving Company Denver, CO will happily help you out with this task, and help your Colorado home feel even more spacious while you paint it!

White paint
By using lighter paint colors you will make your Colorado home feel more spacious!

Sticking to one color rather than establishing feature walls can also help to balance your space’s proportions. If you want to add some color variety to the space, paint the skirting, window, and door trims a shade lighter than the remainder of the room. Consider the other materials in your space, especially your flooring, when choosing your paint colors. You’ll want to be certain they’re both parts of the same color scheme. Rather than emphasizing the variations in surfaces, this will provide aesthetic cohesiveness and balance.

Use continuous flooring

It will make a tremendous difference in the sensation of space if you choose the same flooring type across your home. Floorboards are an excellent choice since they can be utilized in a variety of rooms, including living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Know that if you invest in a good floor, it is considered to be one of the best ROI home improvements!

Rugs are a great way to bring warmth to a room without visually diminishing it. When buying a rug, avoid anything too ornate and instead opt for a more plain design. For example, a horizontal stripe rug will provide variety without being overly hectic. Additionally, placing the stripes along the largest length of the area can make the area appear larger.

Remove doors

Taking interior doors off may be an alternative if smashing through walls to make wider openings isn’t an option. It may take up valuable floor space and disrupt the flow of your house if your doors open into a room. You may either remove the door entirely or replace it with a sliding door. If you want to make your Colorado home feel more spacious, every inch matters in a limited place. This easy modification might also work in areas with hinged cabinets, such as bedroom closets or bathroom cabinetry.

Green door
Remove your interior doors to create an illusion of a bigger space!

Strategically place mirrors

Use mirrors if you’re on a low budget or need a fast way to make your rooms feel bigger. Mirrors provide the appearance of space by reflecting sunlight and enabling it to bounce around the room.

If wall-to-wall mirrors are too much for you, leaning a few enormous full-length mirrors against a wall or hanging many mirrors on a wall can be just as effective and less permanent. Artfully place the mirrors so that they reflect a window and the scene outside to steal additional light or to enhance your perspective.

Think about your decorations

When it comes to decorating small apartments, many individuals make the mistake of cluttering them with small furniture items. Sure, a giant deep foldable sofa may not be ideal, but believe it or not, outfitting your house with a few larger items may make a room appear more spacious.

If you need to move your old furniture to storage, you should know that pros can lend a helping hand! When selecting furnishings for a little space, be thoughtful. Instead of several items, choose a few standout pieces in basic materials. Invest in multi-purpose furniture, such as an ottoman that can also be used as a side table or a desk with storage.

Minimalist furniture that will make your Colorado home feel more spacious
By thinking about your decorations and furniture, you will be able to make your Colorado home seem more spacious!

It’s also important to think about how you’ll arrange your furnishings. Arrange your furnishings in a way that allows the room to breathe. Remove the furniture from the wall by a few inches. Rather than forcing your bed into a corner, angle it in the room. Instead of a huge coffee table that may obstruct the flow of the space, use side tables to flank a sofa.

Look for a couch that is lifted off the ground when shopping for a sofa for your tiny living room. Choose dining chairs with an open frame while looking for the correct ones. Replace your rectangle dining table with a circular one. These are just a few of the furniture tactics that may be used to create the appearance of extra space. Alongside other simple home improvements, you will be able to make your Colorado home feel like a castle.

In conclusion

There are many different approaches on how to make your Colorado home feel more spacious this summer, but if done properly it will work like a charm. Choose what are the easiest tips you can implement and check out if it does the job for you!

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