How to make your Queens apartment stand out

You have lived in your Queens apartment for years now, and the look of it is getting kind of old to you. You are thinking about doing something about it, to make it more appealing. But you do not know what to do about your Queens apartment. We at Price Home Improvements are here to help. We will teach you how to make your Queens apartment stand out. Let’s begin! 

How to make your Queens apartment stand out – make the entrance inviting 

The first thing that everyone sees when they come to your apartment is the door, so let’s see how to improve it. 

Before we move on to the door, let’s talk about your doormat. Doormats are a great way to express yourself and set the mode of your household. You can make a custom doormat and put a joke on it to lighten the mood for anybody coming to your home. Try and avoid crude jokes. This is a stylish yet simple décor idea that can make your apartment unique. 

an orange doormat that says home
A custom doormat is how to make your Queens apartment stand out!

Most doors are usually brown. You can make your door stand out by painting it a different color. But do not go for bright colors. Choose neutral shades of gray or blue. Of course, you can go for bright colors if they match the interior of your apartment. In addition, you can add light on the top corners of your door to make it more visible. 

Change the entryway

To set the mood of your apartment, update your entryway by adding a mirror. Your guest will get a chance to look at themselves and adjust their appearance. Install hooks on the walls where your guest can hang their clothes. And while you are doing the renovations, keep items safe during the process. With Queens Storage, your items will be safe. And you can take them out as soon you complete the renovations. 

mounted brown shelves
Open shelves are a great storage solution.

The wall is free space

One downside of most New York City apartments is that they are small. But you can always add more storage and add a new life to your place. However, you have to pick good shelving. Most people would choose shelves with doors. But a better choice is going with open shelving. They are more convenient because you can see them inside them. Furthermore, because they are don’t have doors, it will not make your apartment feel cramped. On the contrary, it will make your apartment feel bigger. With this modern design, your apartment will be cut above the rest. 

How to make your Queens apartment stand out – add art 

The fourth way you can make your apartment prettier is to add art. If you add art to your walls, you will not only add a new flair to your apartment but add a bit of yourself into it. Make sure to pick art that represents you and your style. But pay attention that it does not stick out in your apartment. Because if the art does not match the interior of your place, it will ruin the whole look of the apartment. Instead of making your apartment look better, you will be making it look worse. So be careful when choosing art for your apartment. And when you start hanging it, put some stuff away in Put your items away in a protected and safe place until you hang up all the art. 

Put in new furniture inside your Queens apartment

The fifth way to add new life into your old apartment is with new furniture. When it comes to furniture, you have two options.  

  • You can make your Queens apartment stand out by adding little pieces of furniture. This method will not cost you a lot of money, but if done correctly, it can change the vibe of your whole place. 
  • The second option is to go big with your furniture purchases for your Queens apartment. For example, you can change your whole living room. Get a new sofa a new coffee table and surprise your guest when they come over for a visit. 

Make sure to pick furniture that matches your whole house. Because if you choose furniture that does not match your apartment, it can make that area of your apartment stand out. 

How to make your Queens apartment stand out – say goodbye to carpets 

The sixth way to amaze your guest when they visit you is to put the carpets away. Carpets limit the room and put you in a box when choosing furniture because you need to match the rugs. But if you have beautiful wooden floors, they can go with any furniture. So if your place has carpets, tear them off. Now you might find a mess beneath them and need professional help to redo the floors. 

Redoing the floors is a significant commitment and can take a long time. 

  • You first need to get permission from your landlord to add new floors, and you might not be able to do it depending on your contract. 
  • Then you need to move on to the second task, which is finding a professional to assist you. Finding a contractor will take a good portion of your time because you need a trustworthy contractor. 
  • Finally, you will need to put your items away until the experts complete their job. Be careful with your fragile belongings. A reliable way to handle breakables is to take inventory of your items. Then pack them securely with wrapping materials before putting them into storage. 
brown wooden floors
Wooden floors will make your Queens apartment feel homelier.


These are our tips on how to make your Queens apartment stand out. There are many more ways to make your apartment stand out. You can go with a low-budget option or a significant renovation. But also, sometimes it is enough to paint your apartment a different color and add a new look to it. 

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