How to prepare antiques for a local move in Seattle

There are some things that are getting passed from generation to generation. Even though you might not be aware of it, you probably have valuable antiques at your home that were your grandparents’ once. And most likely, they got them from their parents, and so on. Now, if you are planning to move soon, transporting these valuable items can prove challenging. Even if you are moving just a street away! Luckily, you shouldn’t worry as we are here to teach you how to prepare antiques for a local move in Seattle. Here, you can find tips on how to prepare them properly, among other things.

You should first choose what to pack for your local move to Seattle

Not everything old is antique. These things are valuable, unique, and very specific for their period of time. So you need to make a difference between old items that you have and antiques. Make a list of all those things that are definitely antiques and are not for throwing away. And once you pack them up, you can trust professionals with this task. Movers that specialize in antiques know what they are doing. And you will need their help. Don’t risk and try things on your own; you might regret it.

In order to transport the valuable items presented in the picture you must first prepare antiques for a local move in Seattle.
Before you prepare antiques for a local move in Seattle, make sure you figure out what antiques really are.

Now you need to find proper packing supplies and materials

Packing up antiques is more or less the same as packing up some other items that you have. Although, it depends from item to item. Some are more fragile, while others are not fragile at all. However, to be able to pack them, you need to get proper supplies and materials. Usually, you will need a couple of boxes, wrapping paper, and styrofoam for extra protection. Remember to have scissors, duct tape, and markers with you, too. Organize a separate area for packing them, because you will need an empty and safe room for this.

There is always an option of hiring professionals

As we already mentioned before, there are specialized movers that only relocate antiques. And you will need them. Maybe the packing itself you can do on your own if you don’t have things that are challenging and difficult to pack. But the actual transport is best left to the professionals. At least if the safety of your belongings is what matters to you. Antiques are one of the ways to add more style to your home, and you need them there in one piece.

An antique picture and some other ornaments.
Some antiques are more fragile than how they look like.

Make sure to label your boxes

After you prepare antiques for a local move in Seattle, there is one more thing to remember. And that is to always label your boxes. You need to write down on each box what is inside and for what room it is. And the most important thing is to write down if the items in the box are fragile or not. This is especially important for your movers because they will lift and carry around these items. And they need to know how to take care of every single one of them.

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