How to prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer

As seasons come and go we routinely go through seasonal changes and adaptations to our homes. People all over the US are familiar with the term winterizing your home. It’s the process of preparing the home for colder weather to more efficiently warm it. However, if you are living in California you have to prepare for the warmer summer months. The trick is to prepare your home to make it cooler during summer and to keep the temperature reasonable at a reasonable cost. So, let’s see just how to prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer months.

The climate in California

Well, California has a very warm climate and a cool ocean breeze. However, as the climate changes so is the weather and temperatures around Irvine, CA. With this in mind, year after year it seems that the temperatures are rising. This sets the new challenges of dealing with these temperatures. With this in mind, it seems that our homes need more preparation to deal with the new temperature levels. This essentially means that you have to spend more time and take extra steps to prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer.

This may be new for those moving to Ca for the first time. As the pros from Affordable Reliable Moving Company suggest, if you are about to move here, make sure that before finding a company to handle your move you get to know the facts about CA. So, the goal here is to achieve comfortable living temperatures in a rational way. So think about sprucing up your home to be efficient during summer.

Make sure that your cooling system is in order

To do just that there are a number of ways you can go about it. So here are some of the most common ones:

  • Do some spring cleaning
  • Check your HVAC system
  • Do a thermostat check
  • Clean your gutters
  • Check your insulation
  • Let some air in

Spring cleaning

Homeowners usually prep their homes for the summer with a few basic steps. Performing a spring cleaning is a must and the first step. Over the winter when homes tend to be closed from the outside influence, the debris, the dirt, and dust tend to build up. So, for the next summer, it is sensible to do some cleaning. From basic to in-depth cleaning it is a good idea to tackle the dirt around your home.

Basically, you should start by vacuuming and finish by sweeping and washing. This process usually entails vacuuming curtains and blinds, and washing the windows, window trim, and sills inside and out. You should also dust off both indoors and outdoor and watch and disinfect all of the rails, hardware, and light switches. Don’t forget to clean out your dryer vents and outlets.

HVAC maintenance

HVAC maintenance is crucial when preparing for the summer season. The system should be running at its best so make sure to check it out and perform at least the basic maintenance. As summer is prime time for allergies make sure that your air filters are clean and ready for use. Make sure that filters are in good condition and that their replacement period is not expired.

At the same time make sure that any outdoor and indoor elements of the system are clear of clutter and debris. In this way, you make sure that they will function correctly as soon as you need them. At the same time use the opportunity to turn off the water to the furnace as you will not need it.

Check your thermostat

Although most people move to California for the warm weather keeping cool here is important. You want your cooling system to work as soon sn you need it. So make sure that everything is working correctly. One of the worst things you can have is finding out that not everything is quite working when the heat waves come. So make sure that your thermostat is working.

As you prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer, crank up the cooling system and observe its condition. Make sure that the temperature is correct and that the airflow is not obstructed in any way. After this, you should consider upgrading your system to accommodate new needs and trends. Installing smart systems and thermostats can make your system even more efficient.

Worker seting the insulation
Make sure that your insulation is properly installed


To avoid any buildup of moisture make sure that any rainwater is directed away from your house and foundations. As winter can be hard on the gutters make sure that they are clean and sturdy. Also, make sure that they direct all of the water away from the house foundations to avoid any leakage and flooding.

If you are moving in and doing reconstruction make sure that you find the experts to deal with this aspect. Do this before you move in. After that, you will be able to settle in. Just find the right movers and leave the heavy lifting to experts that will handle the moving process with ease.

Check your insulation

Home insulation is crucial in maintaining your internal home temperature. So, during the prep for the summer it is a good idea to check the state of insulation and sealants. Make sure to do a thorough inspection to see if the insulation is missing or damaged.

You should perform a home check-up before you decide to buy your new CA residence. Take some time to replace and fix it if needed. Also, check the state of the caulk on all of the windows and doors, and check the doors, drains, and framing for any gaps and damage. This is important to keep the moisture out and prevent the formation of mold.

A house for sale as you prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer
Make sure you get enough air when you prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer

Let some air in

Try to make a habit of naturally airing out the stuffy winter air. Make sure to occasionally open the windows to make the air change. Usually, you should do this in late spring or at the beginning of summer. At this time the temperatures are not that high so you can get some benefit from a cool breeze. Additionally, you can do this flooring in the summer on colder nights when some cooler air can be beneficial.

Ready for the summer?

It is clear that CA is warm and some prepping for the summer is always a good idea. With some of this advice, you can prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer with ease. A small effort in preparing for warmer months will certainly make your summer easier and cooling your home more efficient and simpler.

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