How to use mirrors in small apartments

Living in a small home is nowadays popular, but it is not easy to learn how to manage it. Most people want to make their home look bigger and to open up space. One of the best ways to do it, is to use mirrors in your home. Should you use mirrors in small apartments, why you should use them, and how?

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors do not take a lot of space because you can put them on your walls – it is a big advantage. So, even if you live in a tiny home, mirrors are decorations that will suit you the best. Find a reasonably priced apartment in a big city within your budget and decorate it to look more beautiful and visually bigger.

Mirrors are practical (you always need to look at yourself before going out), they will make your home pretty, and of course, bigger. So, why do not you try some of the ideas and use mirrors in your home? The process of organizing and decorating small apartments can be fun, you just need to be creative and look for some ideas. The internet can give you endless options.

How to use mirrors in small apartments

Here are some tips you can try in your home. What is most important, this home project is not too expensive and does not take a lot of time.

A mirror in a living room as one way to use mirrors in small apartments.
Decorate your home with mirrors and make your small apartment look bigger and brighter

Pay attention to natural light

Placing them across from windows will make your small apartment brighter and you will have more light. If you are claustrophobic, this is an excellent idea for you.

Go big!

Don’t be afraid to add big mirrors in your small apartment – go big or go home! Especially if you are decorating your place with mirrors, this can be very attractive and interesting. It is one of the small apartment design ideas that won’t take you space.


Pay attention to where you are adding your mirrors because of the reflection. For example, the toilet from your living room when your bathroom door is open is not a good place for mirrors.

Mirrors in a bathroom
Mirrors doesn’t have to be only in your bathroom, but when you are adding them there, add mirrors across the entire wall

Gallery wall

Instead of photos and artwork, you can hand different-sized mirrors on your wall in a living room or in your hallway. This will look very stylish. Just add a lot of smaller mirrors in a gallery style along one wall and you will have some visual whimsy to your room.

Mirrored furniture

Mirrors don’t have to be boring and there are many different uses and types of mirrors. If you want to spend more money, explore mirrored furniture. They are coming back into style and if you are looking for a funkier design, it is an idea for you. You can use mirrors in small apartments, but also, try some other ways to include mirrors into your design.

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