Keep your house organized – here is how!

Moving is a hectic activity you might find overwhelming. To keep your house organized while moving is a daunting task. Planning ahead can help immensely. In like manner, it would be prudent to divide the moving process into several steps. Firstly, make a moving inventory. Then, sort your possessions. Next, create a moving budget accordingly. Once you do that, get packing supplies. Using a color system might come in handy as well. Finally, when your items are ready to move, contact affordable moving companies. The following step is to negotiate with them about costs, additional services, transport, and storage. Be aware of many details regarding storage facility location, safety, size, type, price etc.

Start by making a moving inventory

A moving inventory is essential when it comes to moving a plethora of household items so as to keep your house organized. It should contain fairly detailed information on your possessions’ exact measurements. This is especially important for storage purposes given you pay for space your items occupy. After all, there are different mobile storage options at your disposal today. You need to write down your possessions’ serial numbers so as to be able to fill in the insurance policy in case anything gets broken, damaged or ruined.

Be sure to make an inventory list.
How to make a moving inventory list so as to keep your house organized

Additionally, you should be aware of at least the approximate value of your goods in order to claim it should anything get lost. A moving inventory is incomplete without items’ pictures. It is solid proof for an insurance house which gives you a piece of mind. No one can dismiss the case if you have compelling evidence such as neat photo documentation.

Keep your house organized by sorting your possessions

You will find sorting your possessions quite helpful to keep your house organized when moving. If winter is over, you should store winter clothes in appropriate boxes. Since winter garment takes a lot of place, you should get a myriad of boxes. Similarly, if summer is over, you need to store summer sports and beach equipment. You need to come up with the idea of where to put a sunbrella. Likewise, packing electronics can be challenging in terms of items’ protection.

Sorted belongings in home.
Sorting helps with organization.

House appliances are very delicate and need to be stored someplace dark and dry so as to remain intact. Plus, you have to put closer attention to fragile possessions such as silverware and china that can easily get damaged while moving. Also, it would be best to put all the valuable belongings together since you don’t want them to vanish into thin air.

Set a moving budget beforehand

Deciding how to distribute expenses when moving is of paramount importance. In the first place, hiring a moving company is costly. If you plan on getting professionals to help you relocate, you need to be wary of the price. There are professional movers such as AAA Insta-Move Orlando that can offer precise moving estimates. Next, it’s up to you to pay for the personnel’s labor. If you expect them to provide you with special services such as packing, unpacking, furniture disassembling and reassembling, it doesn’t come cheap. In addition to this, you should buy insurance which is far from inexpensive.

Creating a moving budget in advance will give you time to opt for an affordable storage unit that will come in handy when downsizing. That being said, decluttering is an excellent way to keep your house organized. Besides, keep the transport charges in mind as well.

Keep your house organized by getting packing supplies

Packing supplies help keey your house organized.
Getting packing supplies to keep your house organized

In order to keep your house organized, you should get down to getting packing supplies such as

  • boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • newsprint
  • packing tape
  • markers
  • mattress covers
  • labels

Prior to bulk-buying them, you should ask your family and friends if they have any left. Small local businesses and moving companies should have those items stashed somewhere. It would contribute to tightening your belt when moving. Simplify the packing process by borrowing big and comfortable garbage bags. Then again, as tricky as it may seem, packing jewelry can be a piece of cake. Just remember to use egg cartons. That way, you will prevent necklaces and bracelets from tangling. You can pack screws and bolts in plastic sandwich bags. Clothes make a very good protective pad. Wrap a towel or a shirt around plates. You might use socks for glasses and stemware.

Try using a color-coded packing method

Sticky notes in different colors.
Use color-coded packing to keep your house organized

In a nutshell, moving is a tedious job. However, it doesn’ t necessarily have to be like that. Color coding might help you make packing less boring. To begin with, you may use colorful packing tape to seal bags and boxes. You can use a regular, transparent packing tape in combination with colored paper. Pack one room at the time. Let each of them has its color. As a result, you will know what belongings are inside of a box by looking at the color. Consequently, kitchen items won’t mix with the bathroom ones. The only catch is you have to remember which color you attributed to which room. On the other hand, maybe not. If you put into a little bit more effort and label the boxes, you are free from memorizing. Hence color code every box there is.

Moving can be a nerve-racking experience. To avoid this, you should take things slowly. Start planning in advance. Do not wait for the last minute to carry out a relocation because it’s rather stressful. You’d better begin collecting money a bit earlier so that you can plan your expenses. Furthermore, produce a fairly detailed catalog of your house belongings fraught with all the relevant information. Stick to the moving inventory list. Also, do not skip sorting your possessions. In addition, start obtaining packing supplies. Your family and friends might help you with this task. Once you get all you need, make moving fun by using the color coding method. You can benefit from knowing what’s in a box by merely glancing at it every now and then. It will help you keep your house organized.

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