Luxury interior design ideas inspired by the Middle East

Change the interior of your home is a challenging task. Things become more difficult if you are incorporating the Middle East with modern design. The Middle East style has its uniqueness and style that will stand out in today’s western homes. But we are here to help with luxury interior design ideas inspired by the Middle East. 

The first on our list of luxury interior design ideas inspired by the Middle East is the color palate

The first step in making your home look more Middle Eastern is the color of your home. You do not have to rack your brain. Go for rich colors. By rich colors, we mean red, yellow, brown, orange. The combination of colors is your personal choice, but if you go for rich tones, your hose will quickly get a Middle Eastern vibe. And when you are redesigning your home, try and make it more energy-efficient.

multi colored wall
With bright warm colors, your home will feel Middle Eastern.

The floors

The flooring in your home is the second aspect that will make your home have a Middle Eastern vibe. Before we get into the floors of your home, you must know that in the Middle East, they do not wear shoes inside. Because they do not wear shoes inside, people cover their floors with carpets. The most popular type of carpets is Persian carpets. To get the best Persian rugs, you have to look at the Middle East. And if you were to order a carpet from Saudi Arabia and want your items delivered in no time, air cargo is your best option. They will provide you with security, and you will only have to relax and wait. 

an image of a Persian rug
One of the luxury interior design ideas inspired by the Middle East is a Persian carpet.

The third on our list of luxury interior design ideas inspired by the Middle East are arches 

Incorporating arches in your doorways are crucial in redesigning your home in the Middle East style. We must point out that this will be a significant change, and you will need to hire professionals. Look on the internet for contractors that have experience in installing Middle Eastern arches. Finding an expert will take you some time, and getting the arches built will also take some time. Getting the bends in your doorways will be the most expensive part of redesign your home. 

an image of a yellow room with blue tiles
Arches are a must for your Middle East redesign.

Middle Eastern furniture 

The final part of getting your home to look Middle Eastern is the furniture. You have two options when it comes to furnishing your home. The first option is to go the traditional route. The traditional furniture will be hard to incorporate. However, it will be cheaper. The second is the modern route. The contemporary way will be easier to incorporate but more expensive. Whatever you choose, professionals at Four Winds KSA recommend getting a reliable company that provides logistic services to transport your furniture to you. They know that with logistic services your furniture will suffer minimal damage during transportation. 

The end 

These are our luxury interior design ideas inspired by the Middle East. If you follow them, your home will get the Middle Eastern vibe. When you are done, with your home, learn ways to protect your garden during the winter season

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