Moving tips you should know

Because of the nature of their jobs, some people have to move almost every year, or perhaps more often. Some see it as an opportunity or convenience because they often change the environment, and meet new people, new cities, which is a kind of blessing. But some people do not like it and regard it as an effort and anguish and any comparison with blessing is unacceptable. Moving is not easy at all. It’s stressful, it’s difficult, it makes people nervous, it makes people tired (not just from work) … all in all, a very nasty job. It is a time when many mistakes are made and many wrong moves are made. Maybe some of the moving tips you should know could help you not get into this moving apathy or depression. When you don’t know where to start, try it from the beginning!

Moving tips you should know – First, make a plan

First things first! Make a plan! The plan is necessary and unavoidable. In the plan, you must include:

  • Everything about the moving budget – You need to answer some basic questions. First, decide whether you are going to hire a moving company or move completely by yourself. Do you need to packing supplies or is it a better idea to leave the job to professional packers?
  • The time of your move – As you probably assume, the price of your move will highly depend on the moving date. You will need a considerably bigger moving budget if you move during the peak season.
  • Decluttering
  • Start early, packing and purging in a last-minute is stressful because you don’t have so much time to decide what you need, and then you pack everything

    A woman getting ready to write down a plan, one of the moving tips you should know is that a proper plan is of key importance.
    The plan is a first and the most important step when you move

Start early, start on time

An inventory list, which you will create much earlier or edit the previous one if you move frequently. Create five tables, at least:
– maybe;
– donate; you can donate to charity (with this you can make someone little bit happier then he was before)
– sell; You can organize a garage sale or advertise it online
throw away.

  • Checklist, which you will follow as if it is a sacred rule! The entire relocation plan is concentrated on the checklist. Make sure you have done everything you planned through the checklist

More moving tips you should know

  • Get packing material. You don’t have to buy it all. You will get it for free at stores around you because these are the boxes that every store wants to get rid of. Adhesive tapes, stickers for labeling boxes and their contents, various ropes or similar for tying, plastic bags and the like can be found in the Dollar store at very low prices.
  • Mark each package and write a small list of contents. This will help you a lot when you unpack and arrange your new residence.
  • If you decide to DIY, think about furniture! Who will bring it out, who will load it, who will unload it at the new location and who will bring it into the new residence? If you are someone who moves often, there is an option to rent furniture. Then you are free from this difficult physical work. When you rent furniture, they bring it to you, assemble it, set it up, and when you leave, everything will be done by the rental company.

    Man carrying boxes
    Get your packing material on time and for free

If you are hiring a moving company

If you hire a moving company, you need to make sure the company is reputable and reliable. You need to check that they are insured and, more importantly, that your belongings are secured by the move. Try negotiating the price. Specify what you need to do and what is part of it. Put everything in the contract because parts outside the contract can cost a lot more than when it is covered by the contract. Arrange the exact date and time of the move. Take pictures of everything you think is important to you, maybe literally everything. Send all the pictures you made to the moving company to let them know you did. Because in some dispute over some possible harm you will have proof and they will know it so there will be milder reactions and attempts to deny it.

Moving tips you should know about possible scams

Check the company to protect yourself from fraud. Some things that indicate possible fraud. They do not want to come to your home to make a quick assessment and make an offer. Do not have any website. They don’t even have a local address. They ask for cash or a large deposit. Their vehicles are unmarked.

If you would rather take a moving pod

It is a relatively new way of moving, though something similar has been done in overseas migration a long time ago. Now, this is a bit tailored to the locale and the usual relocation. What exactly is it? In practice, it looks like this. They bring you a container and drop it on your property, you pack your stuff in it, they take it to the place you want and there you unload it and it’s all up to you. Packaging, loading into a container, unloading from a container and transfer to a new home. And it’s cheaper than a full service moving company but probably more expensive than doing it on your own.

Machine is loading a container on the truck
You can move this way. It may be cheaper than hiring a moving company full service

Without wisdom, purposes are defeated, but by many wise men they are established

There are many more moving tips you should know, for sure, but these, mentioned in this article are the only direction in which you have to think when you are moving. This world is already full of insecurity and embarrassment. Likely, frequent relocations are also the result of some job needs rather than goodwill. Most people don’t like to move often. Moving is inherently unpleasant and difficult. That is why we need to make the best preparations in our heads and at the scene. To alleviate these inconveniences and avoid some new ones we never hoped for, leave nothing to chance. Those chances are not on our side, as a rule.

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