How to organize an urgent summer move

Moving during the summer is a demanding process which needs to be very well planned in order to work. However, the peak season doesn’t stop it from being the most popular part of the year for movers. It provides many advantages over other seasons like good weather, kids are on the summer break, and it’s a great home-buying season. Knowing how to organize an urgent summer move, if you find yourself in that situation, can save you a lot of time, money, and nerves.

The right strategy to organize an urgent summer move

As if moving in summer was not hard enough by itself, moving on short notice can be a living hell. Not having enough time, always rushing, dealing with decisions without enough thinking can easily make complete chaos out of your moving process. However, with the right approach, your urgent summer move can be easier and tolerable. Don’t hesitate to invest more time in planning beforehand because it’s not only helpful, it’s necessary. Here is some advice which can help you moving estate goods with ease:

  1. Start by early planning your urgent summer move
  2. Get yourself ready for an urgent summer packing
  3. Be safe while moving in summer
  4. Carefully pack your sensitive items
  5. Watch out for fraudulent movers
the kid with the luggage in summer
She will certainly find something interesting to do while her parents are preparing an urgent summer move.

Start by early planning your urgent summer move

Plan your moving in time. Even if you are on the short notice, take some time to properly plan your move. It won’t do you any good if you just rush straight into packing and other tasks, especially if you need to move on a budget. Try to follow the next few rules:

  • Make a good moving checklist that will help you from day one.
  • Split the whole process to smaller tasks.
  • No matter what, try to stay calm.
  • Be real about your possibilities.
  • If the circumstances require, hire a professional moving company.
  • Remember it is summer, so be ready for high temperatures.
  • Be ready to get rid of items.

Get yourself ready for an urgent summer packing

Following the checklist you have already made, packing is among the first few things you should plan. In order to pack possessions yourself, if that is your choice, pay attention to the next couple of things:

  • Don’t forget that packing demands a lot of time and effort on your side. You will have to deal with sorting, labeling, or maybe a yard sale. In other words, the whole household is on your back to decide what to do with it.
  • You will have to provide enough packing materials and appropriate equipment. However, it is possible to cut the cost by looking for cheaper alternatives like free boxes.
  • You will need help so don’t hesitate to ask friends and family for it.
  • Find a good packing guide and stick with it.
  • Be reasonable, if you need to move out in a hurry when evicted, then maybe the best thing is to hire professionals.

Be safe while moving in summer

Staying long enough in the heat can cause some serious health issues. Considering it is summer, you will not be able to avoid it, but you can prepare for it. Try to schedule your move or garage sale early in the morning so you can avoid the strongest sun intensity. Bring enough water so you can stay properly hydrated while loading your items. Also, think about your helpers and movers, since they will need water too. Use the air conditioner or fans to ease the heat in-house while moving your furniture, for example. Wearing the proper clothing is also important. You will be tempted to take off some parts of your clothes, but don’t forget the safety.

Glasses with water and fruits as a refreshment during a hot summer day
Hydration is very important in summer. Do not endanger your health by not drinking enough water.

Carefully pack your sensitive items when you organize an urgent summer move

Moving in summer doesn’t mean that only people are under the influence of excessive heat. On the contrary, your possessions are in danger too. Under those circumstances, you should pay attention if the temperature inside the moving truck can damage your goods. If that is the case, check if a truck trailer has a means of controlling the temperature inside and use the appropriate packing boxes. Some of the most common sensitive items are:

  • Small electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, CD-players, even LCD TVs.
  • All sorts of disk media are sensitive to high temperatures, particularly CDs, DVDs, and BRs. Although HDDs are made to work on higher temperatures you should make backups just in case.
  • Avoid moving things like soaps and candles, since they can meltdown at high temperatures.
USB, CD, and many other sensitive computer peripherals.
Computer peripherals are particularly sensitive to summer heat.

Watch out for fraudulent movers

If you decide to organize an urgent summer move with the help of a professional moving company, you should be aware of frauds. For the most part, summer is the season of fraudulent movers. It is a peak season for moving and buying homes, so the demand for movers is rising. Together with fake and dishonest companies that are trying to scam people in various ways. You should be really careful when choosing a professional service. Luckily, there are many ways to recognize and avoid them:

  1. If you are unable to gather all the necessary information about the company you are about to contact, that is a certain warning they are not legit.
  2. They avoid to give you an on-site estimate and avoid meeting you in person.
  3. Dealing only with cash is a red flag. Scammers don’t want to deal with credit cards since you can ask for money retrieval.
  4. Their customer support is unprofessional, inefficient, and is not customer-oriented.
  5. Prices they offer are significantly lower than of competition.
  6. They demand a large upfront deposit which can end up in losing both money and belongings.
  7. No providing clear, understandable, and complete documentation about their costs and services is a huge red flag.
  8. Not providing you with the information about their license, not giving you insurance offer, or giving you unrealistic full coverage is also a sign you are dealing with scammers.

In order to learn how to organize an urgent summer move, you will have to do thorough research and plan every single aspect of your move. Even the smallest details can matter so having a good plan is of great importance. Additionally, surviving a moving like this will teach you how to deal with situations on a tight schedule, which can be applied in many other situations.

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