Reasons for moving to Allen, TX

People from all over the state are flocking to the Lone Star State. No wonder, as Texas boasts a staggering rise in job opportunities and good-value housing. It’s the perfect affordable solution for many young professionals nowadays, with most of them flocking to Dallas. But, among many neighborhoods in this city, Allen stands out as a special jewel. Read on and find out why moving to Allen should be your next step.

A stable real estate market

Assuming you want to purchase a property here, you can rest assured it’s going to be worth it. Although it’s worth noting that Allen is on the pricey side compared to the rest of Texas, the return on investment will be huge. Keep in mind that this is an up-and-coming area, as people are drawn by the growing number of jobs. Plus, real estate trends for Texas in 2020 are currently a hot topic in the world of investment. The median home price is around $400,000, but if you compare it to California, it’s quite an affordable price. Overall, moving to Allan and buying property here is truly a good strategic decision if you plan on riding out the wave of optimism that’s awaiting Texas in the next decade.

a real estate agent and buyer shaking hands
Now is a great chance to purchase a property in Allen, as both the economy and the real estate market are stable

Plenty of job opportunities

Speaking of optimism, along with the steady real estate market there’s plenty of work opportunities here as well. The population in Allen has doubled in the last twenty years, all thanks to job and residential growth. The vibe of the city has changed as well, though it still manages to give off the vibe of suburban newness. Of all developments altering the face of Allen, Watter Creeks shopping center is probably the biggest one. This destination and the area surrounding it contain public art, retail options, water views, and restaurants, to name but a few amenities. Additionally, two office sites are being built, which open 4,000 new job opportunities. All you need to do is to scroll some job listings and find a suitable job for yourself. And when it comes to relocation, let a local moving company like transfer your belongings safely.

A great town for families

If you’re moving with children, finding a family home in Allen is really simple, as this is a family-oriented town. Plus, it’s a tight-knit community, not to mention one of the safest parts of Texas when it comes to crime rates. However, most importantly, the public school system is highly regarded. The extracurricular opportunities are endless, especially when it comes to Allen High School. Your child can choose a theater or a nursing program and the athletics department is also successful. All things considered, Allen represents a great environment for personal growth for teens and young adults. There are also numerous entry-level jobs available as well as different activities you can read about below.

a family moving to Allen
Moving to Allen with a family means your children will grow up in a friendly and safe environment

Plenty of amenities

Living here means having all the amenities within reach. Here’s a sneak peek into a myriad of entertainment options you’ll enjoy in your free time after moving to Allen:

  • Allen Event Center – here you’ll find everything from sports like hockey and football to concerts and other events

  • Watters Creek mall, golf course, and an indoor water park

  • 700 acres of park and 40 miles of hiking trails

  • Eagle Stadium, considered one of the best venues in the state


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