Remodeling on a budget – myth or not?

People believe that remodeling on a budget is not possible at all. They maybe have reasons to believe that. After bad experiences, people always expect that it could happen the same in the future. They also listen to people who have remodeled recently and take their stores as the only truth about remodeling. However, with good preparation and our advice, remodeling on a budget is quite possible.

Major ways towards savings

It is possible to save time and money in the final cost. Those savings could be significant in comparison with the other’s people remodeling. If you are thinking about the remodeling on a budget, keep in mind that there is the space for serious savings.

Sometimes it’s better to start from scratch

Let us imagine this situation. You have moved recently. You have chosen one of the best cities for families with kids. Everything goes well. However, you must remodel the home you bought. If the house that was not in your possession before, you may consider starting from scratch. It means completely changing of the room’s usage and size. Changing the sinks and the kitchen. Maybe changing of the garage and the yard, if that is possible. It could be cheaper than living in the non-functional rooms.

House mid-build process
Remodeling sometimes means starting from scratch

Resolve big impact

This should actually be the first investment when improving your home. It includes resolving the things that include major spends. Remodeling on a budget can include buying of the most quality furniture, but also cheaper paint or wallpaper. Make sure that you have prepared yourself for money loss. However, try to avoid it. The best way is to plan it carefully.

Clean up your home first

Whatever you have recently moved in or you are living in the house, remodeling should start from the cleaning. It sounds weird, but sometimes that is only you will need. There are many things that look like a trash or lack of space. Remodeling on a budget sometimes includes a different arrangement of the furniture and nothing more.

Small savings lead to remodeling on a budget, too

Those who are money savers know that true savings are in small things. Even though we think that we cannot make major savings with pennies in the bottles, think again. Remodeling on a budget literally depends on those small things you consider. Of course, research this topic thoroughly. Sometimes it means much money lost in the future.

Add small decorations

Small things make a home warm and attractive. Do not spare money on expensive and modern things. You can choose things from donating companies and include in your home. On that way remodeling on a budget have sense. Plus, you will help somebody, too.

Keep in mind a protective layer

Remodeling on a budget means that you have protected the house for the future, too. A good paint or mold protection is also important. So, do not save money on those things. Paradoxically, you will save money on long-term.

Save on tiles and countertops

When moving company provide you moving estimate, you should consider savings whenever you can. Those things are actually small investments but together could take a lot of money without much effort. You do not need expensive tiles for your bathroom and especially not for the kitchen. Choose the cheaper instead, or put a quality paint on the walls. The same things are with the kitchen countertops. Most of them are expensive because of the expensive materials and nothing more.

Kitchen remodeling on a budget can seem hard, but all it takes is a bit more research.
Expensive kitchen parts could spoil your remodeling on a budget.

Remodeling on a budget means planning for the future

This means that you do not save money only during the remodeling. You can also save money in advance. If you take low-flow sink and bath you will save water for a long time. That money you can invest in a bank and have a good saving with excellent interest rates.

Some practical advice

Of course, there are situations where your renovation is different from the others. Even that remodeling on a budget is possible. Consider these things or research similar possibilities.

  • You should write down everything that you are planning to do before the renovation start;
  • In order to plan every cost plan in advance;
  • Remodeling on a budget starts from the good research (even for long-term savings);
  • Choose the best timing for remodeling;
  • Learn to negotiate with the contractors;
  • Choose a good insurance company and ensure yourself from loss and damage.

Consider recycling and finding furniture donation centers

Before any remodeling, you should visit one of those donating or recycling centers. Master Moving Guide advises this as the simplest way to save money. That saving comes in both ways. First of all, you will buy cheap but functional furniture. If you donate your furniture, you will save money for waste disposal. Knowing that you will help somebody in this way is a big plus.

You can do many things on your own

Professionals recommend doing whatever you can in your house on your own. It means that you can include a contractor, but help him in every step. That will decrease your final cost, and include you in the renovation. However, do not save money when choosing a good moving company. You should take a company that will provide you with whatever you need for a successful moving.

A contractor on break - looking at his phone.
Remodeling on a budget is possible when working with a contractor

Choose the part of the year when remodeling is cheaper

The most expensive period of the year for remodeling is from September to January. After the Christmas, renovation on a budget is possible. People usually hurry to renovate before holidays. Be smarter and do it after the season.

Do not change too much in your home

Even though you may feel your living room small and bathroom too big, do not change them too much. Especially do not change the place of the water sink and kitchen. It will surely not be a remodeling on a budget and you may end with the disappointing. Change the arrangement and the usage of the rooms instead.

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