How to prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer

A row of houses

As seasons come and go we routinely go through seasonal changes and adaptations to our homes. People all over the US are familiar with the term winterizing your home. It’s the process of preparing the home for colder weather to more efficiently warm it. However, if you are living in California you have to prepare for the warmer summer months. The trick is to prepare your home to make it cooler during summer and to keep the temperature reasonable at a reasonable cost. So, let’s see just how to prepare your Irvine CA home for the summer months.

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Should you renovate or move if you are on a tight budget

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If you are torn about whether to renovate or move to another place we are here to help you. We won’t make a decision for you, though. You are the one who will know what is best. But, when you are on a tight budget you need to think ahead and plan everything. That’s why pros and cons lists are the best. They will be your best ally so take out a paper, find a pen, and let’s start.

Working on a tight budget

Look around the house. What feels best for you – to renovate or to move? The answer that pops up first is most likely the right one. Now, let’s talk about the budget. If you are buying a new place you need to pay it right away or get a loan from the bank. If you are renovating there are two options. To renovate everything and get that modern design you want at once and be done with it or to do renovations room by room. The second option can be much easier on you financially. Put that on your list and see which one works best for you.

A person paying to renovate or move using a visa card
There are a few options when it comes to financing.

Do you want to move?

If you are sick and tired of your old place and neighborhood, then it can be smart to move. You can get a much more affordable place if you move to some up-and-coming neighborhood or to a more rural area. In that case, relocation can be cheaper – check out the prices on Zillow. But if you like your home and don’t like the state it is in, there are ways to renovate it cheaply.

Relocations are costly

There are things you need to know about buying a new place. Even if you get it for a good price you will still have taxes, and fees, and of course relocation can add up to be quite a lot so that is something you also need to consider and put on your list.

Blue piggy bank
Penny saved is a penny earned.

Renovating your home

As we already mentioned when you have a tight budget it might be best to do it buy room. Put everything you want to be done on a list like to make the home more energy efficient for example and see which is urgent and what can wait a few months until you are able to save up some money. Also, see what you can do on your own. That can save you a lot of money and things like painting walls and such are so easy almost anyone can do that. Maybe you can ask your friends and family members to help you out.

To renovate or move – the last thing you need to consider

Consider the neighborhood you are in. Are the prices in the neighborhood growing? Maybe it will be worth your while to renovate and sell later when prices are much higher? This is something to think about and to put on your pros and cons list.

Most popular modern Asian house designs

woman in Asia enjoying the pool

We will be showing you some modern Asian house designs in case you plan to move there and wish to buy an aesthetically pleasing home for you and your family. If you are wondering which place has the most modern homes to offer in Asia, we believe it’s Hong Kong. This is also a very popular city for ex-pats so we will also mention relocations there – just in case you need it one day. Maybe in the near future. So, read on to find out more.

Asian modern house designs

People often wonder what exactly is Asian modern house design and yet when they see it, it’s so obvious. It is a balance of Asian features and clean lines. Its mostly influenced by Malaysian, Filipino, and Japanese architecture. Asian modern style offers a timeless design that will always be popular and look amazing. Because of the modernity (and simplicity) of the design itself, it minimizes the construction costs. Fewer details equal less work and less material.

A touch of nature

Every modern house in Asia will have one thing in common – a touch of nature. Unlike the ones you can see in LA where you cant see nature even if you use the microscope. Asians like to stay in touch with nature and their architects display it wonderfully. Even when there are no trees and bushes around the house you can still see nature and its elements everywhere. Exposed wood is often used and there are so many creative ways that you can implement nature even in the most modern homes nowadays.

House in Asia
Nature is often the best inspiration.

Hiring a realtor

This will be a smart choice especially if you are buying a home in Asia from another country/continent like the USA for example. You will need someone to go house hunting for you and show you everything online. Make sure to find a reliable realtor and explain to them exactly what you want your house to look like inside and outside. That way they will be able to help you much better and they are very good at finding houses even if they are not listed for sale online. When it comes to buying houses you call realtors when it comes to moving to those same houses – you call reliable movers like are.

Hiring a realtor to help you find a house in one of Asian house designs that suits you best
A Realtor will help you with your future house hunt.

Inside and out

When you go to the UK and pay attention to details you will see that Brits often match their interior and exterior. In Asia, you will often find that interior and exterior don’t really match. The exterior can be very dramatic and have a wow factor of some sort especially in those big modern houses in Hong Kong you can see even on Pinterest. But, when you go inside those houses you will find a minimalistic design that looks very calming and like they have been decluttering at least once a week. If this sounds great to you as it does to us you can always work with experts in this field to help you move to one of those amazing houses in Hong Kong we just mentioned.

Popular house styles in Asia

Most of the Asian architecture was influenced by ancient religions, they have been drawing influences from Hinduism and Buddhism and that is very obvious – you can even see it in modern houses. That fact makes those houses even more special. Here is a list of the most popular house styles in Asia and you should definitely research each and everyone in order to find one that works best for you :

  • New Indies
  • French Colonial
  • Neoclassical, Baroque, and Art Deco
  • Brutalist
  • Vernacular
  • Modernist
  • Neo-Tropical
  • Buddhist
  • Cambodian Khmer

Some of those styles were not for houses per se but many modern houses were inspired by those styles so that’s why we have them on our list for your further research. A fun fact – in Asia often modern houses that don’t look much on the outside are very modern inside and most commonly very energy efficient.

Moving to your modern Asian house

Choosing between all those amazing Asian house designs surely won’t be easy since there are so many amazing ones. But at least your relocation can be. You can reach your new place easily with a little bit of help from professionals. Hiring professional movers can make any relocation (even cross-continent one) look easy and stress-free. After all, this is the only way to relocate hassle-free. Well, at least for you. You will be enjoying your journey to your new house without any drama over logistics and most importantly without any heavy lifting.

A professional mover with moving boxes showing thumb up
Hiring professionals will make your relocation easy and stress-free.

Honorable mentions

Even though we are talking about modern Asian house styles we should mention some that are very popular but not as modern as you might want them to be. But, with a little bit of help from a contractor, you can make them as modern as you wish to be. Sonoma Pole houses are so amazing to look at! Those are astonishing houses that stand on poles – talk about the wow factor! The Azumi houses have the best roof design if that is something you care about.

Choose your own modern house

If you simply can’t find anything you like you are in luck. Asia is full of the most amazing architects and designers and surely you will easily find one that can make a house exactly how you want it to be. This can be an excellent approach if you have a certain taste that the houses available currently are not satisfying. That’s ok too. As long as you are happy with the end result. Good luck with your house hunt and we hope that you will be able to find some Asian house designs that you like and want to live in.