Home staging a Manhattan apartment 101

Apartment - To prepare it for selling, learn how to get ready for home staging a Manhattan apartment.

If you want to sell your apartment in Manhattan, you have to do your best to prepare it for potential buyers. This mission is something you have to take seriously, so, it would be wise to be properly informed about it before you begin the process. However, to take care of this accurately, you should be aware of some things. You need to learn what buyers want when it comes to this part of New York City. Apart from that, you also must introduce yourself to the real estate market in Manhattan. Only when you collect that information, you will have everything you need to get ready for this mission. Anyway, keep reading this article to discover what this home staging a Manhattan apartment 101 guide will tell you about this subject!

Well, just like anything else, this project also requires a strategy. If it is necessary, apart from decorating, you have to prepare yourself for repairing, remodeling, and improving. Repaint, learn how to increase the perception of space, and do your best to add more natural light to the rooms. Along with those, there are many other stuff buyers in Manhattan will look for. So, if you are wondering how to prepare a Manhattan apartment for sale, you have to think about lots of things! 

A man is thinking about home staging a Manhattan apartment.
Once you prepare for this mission, it is time to collect the pieces so you can organize the staging process!

Have a plan for home staging a Manhattan apartment 101

The staging project is serious, and it requires lots of things to prepare for. And as soon as you determine what changes you are willing to make, you should be able to create a schedule. It would be wise to take your time and think about everything. This entire mission will cost you it will be daunting, and stressful. And if you want to attract a buyer, you need to know what you offer to them!

Also, in your plan for staging, you should include relocating professionals. You see, if you have some special items to transport, it is recommendable to have some experts at your disposal. In that case, you can hire a company such as Heart Moving Manhattan, NYC. These people will do their best when it comes to this business. So, whatever item you might want to bring in when staging, or if you need their assistance to help you move out of that apartment, you can have them in your team.

What is important to know about before you can start staging?

As mentioned earlier, the most significant task for you to do at the beginning of staging will be homework. If you do this right, everything else this process requires will be a lot easier. Anyway, some of those preparations should include these things:

  • Introducing to the market! Learn what people who are buying an apartment in Manhattan are looking for in a property! Use those tips to create a space that might fit those needs.
  • Learn more about functional furniture and how to install it. They will be handy regardless of the size of the apartment.
  • And finally, if you are not on the budget, you should find out how minimalist interior design can save you money while staging. This is important to know because staging doesn’t have to be expensive it only needs creativity.
Manhattan, street.
In a hearth on New York City, you must do your best when home staging a Manhattan apartment!

Make sure everything is ready for staging a property in Manhattan?

After you take care of homework, you should be able to come up with a plan that will guide you through this staging process. And the first task can be decluttering. So, start getting rid of everything unnecessary in the apartment! This will give you enough room to organize the space and get it ready for further staging. As for the inventory in the apartment, make sure to keep it minimalistic. The same tactic you should use when decorating, adding details, and placing furniture.

Of course, decluttering won’t be easy. And because of that, you will need the best solution for that. If you can, donate, sell, or toss something. Apart from that, you can also put away all extra stuff in a storage unit. This is perhaps a great alternative to get rid of everything that doesn’t have a place in the apartment. And when it comes to Manhattan, here, you can easily find the right storage space for your items, so you won’t have anything to worry about.

Staging ideas that people who want to buy an apartment in Manhattan will love

So, when preparing your condo for selling, here are some things that will increase the value of the property:

  • Replace the lighting bulbs.
  • Add new sheets, pillows, and covers.
  • Hang some pictures, and add mirrors.
  • Replace the rag.
  • Add plants and flowers.

In case you are on a budget, you also won’t have anything to worry about. Make sure to give a deep clean to your apartment, rearrange the furniture, add a special piece of art, etc. And also, make sure to check out some easy staging tricks for your Manhattan condo that will wow potential buyers

Frames, pictures hanged on the wall.
While staging, make sure to focus on bringing up the details!

And finally, ask for the help of professionals for staging

Well, if you want everything to be perfect, maybe you should think about having an expert on your team. So, to prepare your apartment accurately for potential buyers, you can consider hiring a stager to help you out with staging.

This specialist knows exactly what your residence needs to be sold for the best price. They can provide you with an objective and honest review, so you can determine what condition your property is in it and how much work it needs. Apart from that, these people will share with you lots of other information that can tell you what buyers are looking for in today’s market. In other words, just to be sure everything is ready for selling, yes, you can use their services when home staging a Manhattan apartment. Thanks to them, you will be able to get the best price for your real estate in this part of NYC.

Coolest Neighborhoods in NYC

Brooklyn Bridge

The list of the coolest neighborhoods in NYC is pretty long. It includes neighborhoods like Harlem, Flushing, SoHo, and Hell’s Kitchen. New York City is split into five boroughs. These are Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Inside these boroughs, you can find a lot of amazing neighborhoods so let’s take a look at some of them.

Coolest neighborhoods in NYC – East Village

The East Village in New York is part of the Manhattan borough. It’s mostly known for its nightlife. It’s also considered one of the best neighborhoods in NYC to live in. This area has a dance urban feel. Housing prices are really high so most of the residents are renting their homes. It’s also an amazing place to raise a family because the public schools here are above the average. Fun fact – East Village is home to superstars such as Britney Spears and Cher.

east Village, one of the coolest neighborhoods in NYc.
East Village is a part of Manhattan and one of the best places to live.

Coolest neighborhoods in NYC – Tribeca

If you want to learn more about the culture and heritage of New York City, then the Tribeca neighborhood is a perfect choice. This is also a very hip area and Millenials love it because of the old industrial buildings. Nowadays, these buildings are actually residential loft spaces! This place is ideal for young professionals and raising a family later on. In case you choose Tribeca as your future home, it might be best to trust professionals with this task. They are offering high-quality moving services for residents and will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Coolest neighborhoods in NYC – Chinatown

Founded in the mid 19th century, Manhattan’s Chinatown is one of the oldest Chinese ethnic neighborhoods in NYC. This neighborhood attracts foodies who are fans of Asian cuisine. First, it was only Chinese but nowadays you can find people of different ethnicities living here. However, Chinatown still remains a strong cultural force for the Chinese diaspora. This neighborhood in NYC is also home to the Museum of Chinese in America. This area is both residential and commercial. If you see yourself living here then you should know that expert teams can jump in and help you out with everything you need.

A street in Chinatown, one of the coolest neighborhoods in NYC
Chinatown is another cool neighborhood in NYC that has a lot of things to offer.

Coolest neighborhoods in NYC – Astoria

Astoria is a multicultural neighborhood in NYC. People also call it the traditional Greek neighborhood. The area is very popular due to thriving small businesses and affordable housing. This neighborhood is also home to so many amazing places such as the Museum of Moving Image, Astoria Park, Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, and Athens Square Park just to name a few. From amazing places to visit and shop to exquisite restaurants, Astoria has a lot of things to offer. And this is why it’s one of the coolest neighborhoods in NYC.

Astoria Bridge
The traditional Greek neighborhood is home to many amazing places.

Moving to one of the neighborhoods in NYC

Planning is very important. Make sure to plan every stage of the move in order to make it less burdening. Relocation will be overwhelming and tiring but in order to avoid mistakes, we suggest hiring professional movers to help you out. Besides transportation, they offer other services like packing and unpacking. They will make this whole experience so much easier for you. Do a lot of research and find reliable professional movers like Heart Moving, NYC as this decision will make your relocation a stress-free experience.


Packing and decluttering is the worst but also the most important part of the entire relocation process. You have to make sure to pack the right way so your belongings stay safe during the move. But, before packing first, you have to do some cleaning or how we call it, decluttering. Decluttering is very important and moving is a perfect opportunity to do it! Make sure to get rid of all of the things you own but don’t really need or use. You can sell these items or donate them. This will make both the packing and unpacking process less burden.

Unpacking and decoration

Assuming you’ve packed properly and labeled all the boxes, then you won’t have any problems unpacking.  This part might not be fun, but after you unpack, you can start decorating your new place and make it your own to your liking. Decorating is fun – it’s an opportunity to express yourself and give your home a personal touch. You can even invite your friends or family and have this bonding experience together.

Adapting to your new home

You will probably feel a bit weird in your new place at first. But don’t worry, adaptation takes time. Like anything else in life, everything that’s new to us might cause some type of anxiety. However, there are a lot of things you can do to feel at ease. Getting to know your neighbors and the neighborhood can make you feel better and safer for sure. If you feel lonely you can always ask some of your friends or family members to visit and stay over. They can even help you unpack and decorate your new place!

When moving day arrives

Let us tell you right away, moving day will be so chaotic because there are still a lot of things to take care of. This is why it’s important that you have everything planned out so you are ready when the day arrives. You should be ready to react if something unexpected happens because, well, that’s a possibility. Our best advice still remains to hire professionals to help you out. Those are people with experience who also know how to do their job the right way. They are also probably familiar with the area you are moving to so you might even get some useful tips regarding the neighborhood you are moving to. Stay safe and good luck! 

Expert organizing tips for an easy move

Woman carrying moving boxes.

Although just the thought of being in your new precious home after the relocation is very exciting, knowing that we have to prepare a big move to get there puts the smile out of our faces. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve talked to our professionals that are indeed in the moving industry and got some expert organizing tips for an easy move.

So, these will guide you through the moving process from the beginning to its end and if you follow them as you should, you won’t have any problems along the way. 

Start preparing early

One of the most important things you need to do if you want to have an easy relocation experience is to start early. If you leave relatively big jobs like decluttering and packing are for just a few days prior to the moving day, you’ll make it much harder than it is. Separate the preparation in phases. Start your purging process at least two weeks prior to packing so you have enough time to sort out what you need and what you can donate or throw away. For the latter task you’ll need at least as much time, but probably even more. Especially if you’re moving your expensive antiques with you, as they need special care when packing.

Man looking at the watch.
The biggest of all expert organizing tips for an easy move is to start as early as possible.

Organize your current home

The next tip of our expert organizing tips for an easy move may seem like a strange one. It was odd to us too. However, professionals from Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia explained to us what this is all about. It all comes down to speeding up packing and unpacking processes. Let’s say that you put all of the items that are under a kitchen sink into one bin. You can move them that way, and when you’re at your new home you just need to take the bin and put it in its place. This way you don’t have to deal with free-floating items and that’s what will buy you lots of precious minutes.

Pack room by room

It’s easy to get lost in all the boxes and items if you pack in free-roam style. It’s very important for the organization of a relocation that you have a system that you follow when it comes to packing. And the best among those is room by room. Start with the spaces you use the least and work your way up. It’s okay to mix and match here and there with items but generally try to avoid it. Do this as well as possible and you’ll just need someone to help carrying your belongings during the move, as everything will be perfectly safely packed.

Family packing and talking about expert organizing tips for an easy move.
Packing, as well as unpacking, should be done room by room.

Stay on top of your game

It’s important for you to stay on top of everything. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to suffer. Moving can be exhausting both emotionally and physically, so be sure to take regular breaks and good night’s sleep. Enjoy every little milestone during the process and don’t rush into thinking about home improvements in your new home if you still haven’t gotten there.

And that would be all expert organizing tips for an easy move that we have for you today. Start early, stay focused, and plan ahead. Fulfill those three objectives and you’ll have a breeze of a relocation.