Tips for organizing your outdoor shed

All of us have that one room in our houses where you keep the stuff that you might need someday. In most cases, it is a garage filled with tools, screws, hoses, bicycles, gardening tools, etc. The one thing that’s the same in all people’s houses, is that, usually, this room is just a hot mess. But, if you’re lucky enough, you have an out-of-sight hot mess that not many people can see, called THE SHED. But, now and then, you should at least try to clean it and pack it up a little. So as not to trip over something. Try to make some improvements. Enough said, today is your lucky day. We made a list of tips for organizing your outdoor shed.

Spring cleaning

Spring is at our doors, and you know what that means? Yup, it’s time for the well-known, notorious spring cleaning. When moms and dads argue about what to leave and what to throw away. Kids are hiding to avoid the tidying. But let’s face it – it has to be done. With the temperature rising, it is the perfect time to open your shed and start cleaning and organizing.

Tips for organizing your outdoor shed

Where to even begin? Months of piling things up finally came to an end. First, you have to work your path through the stuff to start decluttering. Secondly, put aside things that you definitely won’t use. Now, you can either give something to your friends, if it’s usable or you can throw it away. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And the trash gotta go one way or another. And lastly, here are the tips.

Assorted tools in a tool rack
Keep your tools organized

Shelves, shelves, shelves

One can never have too many shelves. It’s the easiest way to put away your things and boxes. Adjustable, floating, standing metal shelves. There are so many options. You can even reuse your old bookshelf if you have any.

Boxes for storing

Plastic or wooden, storing boxes are the perfect way to put away cables, cords, and some tools. Just make sure to label them to find things with ease.


You always have some left. And jars are excellent for storing nails and screws. Divide them by type in see-through jars, and you’ll find what you need in no time.


You can install a tool hanger for items with long handles. Or hang utility hooks on the walls. You can even use shed doors for hanging stuff. Whatever suits you best.

 A pegboard and magnetic strips

Not only does it look interesting, but a pegboard can also be used as a tool organizer. Also, you can put magnetic strips for metal tools. This way you’ll have a better insight into the tools you have.

Hammers hanging on a pegboard as a way of organizing your outdoor shed
There are so many interesting DIY ideas for organizing

Old buckets

Cracked, or without the handle, they can still be used. A perfect way is storing gardening hose in them. You don’t want to tangle yourself in one laying on the ground.

DIY wall pockets

Don’t know where to keep sanding discs and circular saw blades? Take a paper plate, cut it in half and screw it on the wall. That way you have pockets for whatever you need. Easy peasy.

You’re free to go!

You’ve made it to the end of the organizing process. Hope that it wasn’t too tiring and that our tips for organizing your outdoor shed served you well. Don’t know about you, but we fell shed over heels for them.

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