Kitchen design trends that never go out of style

When it comes to kitchen design trends, there are some styles that are simply timeless. Of course, new trends come and go. You can practically see one appearing every couple of months, and the story is always the same – people are initially enchanted by this new trend, and then, after a short while, they realize that there is something wrong. Maybe the colors are off, or the placement of kitchen elements is wrong. Whatever the case, the same people find themselves in want of something better. And that’s when they remember the good old kitchen design trends that never go out of style.

#01 Hardwood flooring

The first of the evergreen great kitchen design trends that we’ll discuss today has to do with hardwood flooring. The practical benefit of such flooring? For starters, wood is easy to walk on (even when you’re barefoot), and it will help your home to stay warm. While hardwood flooring can be expensive, it is also very durable (just take off your shoes before entering the kitchen).

If you are moving to a new home, and redecorating it, choosing hardwood flooring can be a difficult decision to make. Relocation can be expensive, and it can strain your budget so much that you won’t be able to afford hardwood. There are two solutions to this problem: a) hire a high-quality, yet affordable moving company, such as Heart Moving Manhattan NYC, and b) use porcelain tiles that were specifically made to emulate hardwood.

If you want to move home temporarily with a team of local professionals, know that it is definitely possible to find reliable professionals, who also aren’t expensive. You just have to look hard and not settle for the first company you hear of. If you are moving, saving money that way seems like a much better option. On the other hand, if you are not moving but you are simply redecorating your home, these porcelain tiles are your next best choice. While the effect they produce is not identical to hardwood, it is still pretty close.

A kitchen with hardwood flooring, one of the timeless kitchen design trends.
Isn’t this nice and cozy?

#02 Kitchens were and always will be predominantly white

Another among the great kitchen design trends has to do with – color. Namely, if you want your kitchen to be designed in a tried-and-tested manner, go with white! Apart from one practical reason – namely, white allows for easier change later on, if you’re so inclined – it’s hard to tell why white is such a popular color for kitchens. Sure, we can all see that it fits perfectly, but why is that so?

There are some good arguments on what makes white such a fine color. For instance, white is a very universal color. It matches with almost everything, as various designs very often mix other colors with white. There’s a green and white soda can, a blue and white cereal box (with a smidgen of yellow), a red and white… okay, you get the point. If your kitchen is white, the majority of (even random) things you place inside will be a good fit in terms of design. But, white is also a very universal color even in philosophical or, if you will, psychological terms. White is symbolic for goodness in general. White is light, holy, pure, and divine. And everyone needs a bit of light in their lives.

Still, none of this really answers our question, as white is not the predominant color when it comes to other rooms (expect bathroom). When you’re choosing paint colors for your home, there are usually other colors that are prevalent. So, why is white such a popular choice for kitchens, especially when mixed with differently-colored accessories? It seems that there’s no good answer to this question, except that – we like it.

A predominantly white kitchen.
This seems like a very happy kitchen; no wonder, they’ve followed one of the best kitchen design trends and have gone with plenty of white.

#03 Get the largest (stylish) sink you can

Next, we have one of the kitchen design trends pertaining to the sink. Namely, one common mistake that people make is that they choose the best looking sink, while at the same disregarding its size. When it comes to sinks, size does matter. So, don’t fall into the “style over substance” trap. Why not get both? Your sink can look good, while being very functional at the same time.

Why is the size of the sink so important? First of all, the things you’ll need to wash come in different sizes. Some are small, and some are big. And it is important to be able to wash these large objects without hassle. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble while washing and you’ll have to come up with various ways to deal with this problem. Don’t be like my next-door neighbor, who keeps bringing me her large pots to wash in my kitchen (she also cleans my kitchen while doing so, but that’s another story).

Then, there’s also the fact that larger sinks eliminate water from splashing all over the floor. This is the same water that you’ll have to wipe off, unless you want your hardwood floor to get damaged, or, for some reason, you want your floor to be slippery. Of course, slippery floor is a recipe for disaster (especially if you’re living with seniors and you’re looking for senior-friendly home features – a slippery floor is definitely not among them).

A medium-sized sink.
If you think this sink is big enough – you’re wrong.

#04 Pendant lights are becoming increasingly popular

Finally, we’ll conclude with pendant lights. This design choice has been in vogue for a long time now, but it has becoming even more popular in recent years. It seems that millennials are very much into pendant lights. If you are a millennial, you know what to do if you want to have a hip kitchen. And if you are selling a home, installing such lights is a good way to attract millennial home buyers.

Sufficient lightning is, of course, very important for any kitchen. You are, after all, working with sharp objects. Pendant lights are both stylish, and they usually provide adequate lightning. Unfortunately, some of them disregard the quality of lightning in favor of style. Make sure to look around and choose pendant lights that will both help you stay safe from accidents, and look good.



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