Moving Around the Corner – To Do Checklist

Many people think that moving around the corner is not going to be time, money and energy-consuming. However, it is surprisingly similar to a long-distance move. The strategy to leave everything to the last minute will result in having a lot of unpleasant surprises. So, do yourself a favor and start with your moving preparations on time. Even though you are just moving around the corner, you still need to acquire packing materials, pack and unpack, load and unload the moving truck, find help for all the heavy lifting and so much more. You also have to decide whether you want to hire movers or have a DIY kind of a move. Either way, here are some tips.

Acquire Packing Materials for Moving Around the Corner

First things first, you must buy and choose the best moving suppliesYou will need sturdy cardboard boxes, plastic bins, wrapping paper, tape, scissors and marker for labeling. You can buy these things at your local hardware store or stationery shop. Do not try to cut corners with packing materials. Many people who do end up paying twice as much because things get either broken or damaged when not packed properly. Invest in good quality boxes and you will see how easier packing will become.

A pile of boxes ready for moving around the corner.
Good quality packing materials can provide the best protection for your belongings when moving around the corner.

Clean and Declutter Your Home

Even when moving around the corner it is a good idea to clean and declutter your home. This will give you a chance to get rid of all unnecessary stuff and start fresh. Moreover, bear in mind that the more items you plan on relocating, the more expensive your move will be. So, start sorting out your belongings into piles:

  • Keep Pile – This is for all the things that you will definitely need in your new home.
  • Throw Away Pile – This is for the items that are damaged, broken and completely useless.
  • Donate Pile – If you have some items that are in good shape but you do not need anymore, consider giving them to somebody in need.
  • Sell Pile – This is a great idea if you want to declutter but earn some many as well. Sell your items online or organize a garage sale.

Pack Everything Properly

And now when you have acquired all the necessary packing materials and got rid of all the unnecessary stuff from your household, it is time for packing. Start with one room at the time. Make sure that everything is wrapped in packing paper before you place it in the cardboard box. Also, do not forget to wrap all the big pieces of furniture as they can easily get damaged too.

A teddy bear in a cardboard box.
If you want the packing process to go faster, involve your entire family in the relocation.

Find Help

Basically, you have two options. The first one is to hire movers and let them do the job for you. Yes, this option can be expensive. So, if your moving around the corner is on the budget, then at least call your friends and family members to help you out. This is especially important if you have to do a lot of heavy lifting and loading and unloading the truck.

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