Useful ideas for your walls

You’ve changed the furniture, the carpets, the drapery, but it still doesn’t feel quite there yet? Well, we might have a trick or two regarding some new ideas for your walls. So, if you want to give your home a breath of fresh air and make it feel just right, do continue with the read.

Choosing the right color

This seems to be the most obvious step, but it’s not as simple as it may sound. Choosing the right color for your walls is essential since it affects the overall experience immensely. When it’s selected properly, the color can:

  • Illuminate or darken rooms and areas
  • Alter perceived temperature – make the place feel cooler or warmer
  • Transform perceived space – make it seem larger, or feel more cozy and intimate

One of the main things to keep in mind is that it has to be to your liking. Generalized rules tend to apply when certain hues are used. Sure, red is energizing, green relaxing and blue soothing, but if you imagine a sharp, bright, electric blue, it’s not soothing anymore, is it?

Color swatch palette
True colors shining through

Before making a decision, ask yourself these questions

1. Where is the room? Where is it facing?

North-facing rooms can be tricky because the light is cold and blue, so you should opt for yellows and creamy neutrals if you’re going for that lighter, cheerier feel. Colors with a grey or green base create the opposite effect, so they could be a good option for bedrooms.

Most colors work with sunny, south-facing rooms, just keep in mind that the natural light can be very bright on a sunny day. East-facing rooms go well with blues and greens. When it comes to rooms that face west, almost every color will do good, especially white.

2. Who will use the room and what for?

If it’s planned for the kids, bare in mind that children’s moods are largely influenced by their environment, and that includes the colors in their rooms. Bright colors can increase focus, enhance creativity as well as communication. Just be sure not to go overboard, since you can overstimulate the child, making your efforts futile.

A room meant for sleeping should have calm undertones, maybe just one dark wall, to give it a twist, but still, keep the mood. Some ideas for your walls can include a blue palette. Navy blue will make your space feel cozy and dusky blue will help you set off those creamy tones.

3. How do you want it to feel?

For a subtle and minimalist look, you can use a monochromatic approach. Choose a color of your liking and overlap the shades.

An elegant look is best achieved with neutral colors. You can add splashes of color throughout the room with some accessories like pillows, paintings and vases.

Vibrant colors for a vibrant look. There are two ways to make it so: select two colors next to each other on the color wheel and they will go together nicely. Matching two from the opposite sides, the so-called complementary colors, will get you a beautiful visual contrast, as one will stand out from the other.

Room with electric blue walls, bookshelves, a plant, a lamp, a dresser and a painting
Set the mood – break the rule

Now that you’ve made your choice

You ought to try it out first. Surely you’d want to know how it looks before painting the whole room. Printed color cards, computer screens, and wet paint can be misleading. Painted color cards are more reliable, but we suggest painting a patch. It’s good to know in advance what a particular color will look like in a particular room. So, paint a little on the wall, and let it dry. Keep in mind though that even this is not a foolproof plan since a whole room can look different than a small patch of the same color.

Ideas for your walls that don’t include painting

Maybe you’re not allowed to paint your walls. Perhaps it’s too much of a hassle. Possibly you just want something else. Have no fear! There are temporary ways to add color to your walls without lifting as much as a paintbrush.

Let’s start with peel and stick wallpaper. These can be found at some online shops, as well as Target and HomeGoods. With an abundance of options available, it’s easy to find something that suits your style. These can be costly when installing in an entire room, so consider using them for a feature wall instead.

We also have the traditional wallpaper. These are the less expensive version of the previous ones. Use liquid starch to hang them and be sure to test a patch so that you know it removes cleanly.

One of the cheapest ideas for your walls would be wrapping paper. Since the rolls are usually wide, an entire room can be done in less than $10, depending on its size. Thumbtacks, double-stick tape and staples will do the trick when it comes to hanging them. A thing to have in mind is that this is the thinnest and most delicate paper option for your walls. Also, it won’t cling tightly to your walls as wallpapers do.

Scrapbook Paper is one of those ”outside the box” ideas. It is a fun and creative way to enrich your space with a jolt of color. Make interesting patterns or even collages using sheets of cardstock and a masking tape.

Finally, the fabric is also a fun idea to play with. If you’re okay with holes on the walls, a staple gun is the quickest and easiest method of hanging it. Liquid starch is also a way to go, as it will provide that wallpaper-like finish.

Office-kind of room with a colorful wallpaper
Fun ideas for your walls

Some last tips

Paint is either oil or latex based. Latex paint is easy to clean up and is very durable, making it the most commonly used one. It also breathes better than oil and tends to be more fade-resistant. It’s probably the better choice for your walls and household uses. Oil-based has its advantages, being that it’s great for priming real wood moldings.

Toss aside the old notion of one shade and one texture. Mix and match and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the effects it can give.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to explore and play with the ideas for your walls. Break some rules and make it to your liking.

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