Top tips on how to decorate your room with plants

Green…Yellow…Hanging… In a pot…On a shelf… Plants really do make our life more relaxed and colorful. We all know how different we feel when we enter the room that is full of green plants and yellow flowers. Thus, there is more than one tip on how to decorate your room with plants. In the following lines, we will provide you with the most useful solutions.

Play with your ideas

Start with the size of the plant. If you want to decorate your room in the best possible way, you should master the art of arranging the dimensions in space. Having said that, you should make sure that the size of your room is complimentary with the size of the plant. Avoid having a large pot in a room that is not meant for it. Pay attention, since the best move to decorate your room could be to centralize it with just one medium-sized plant. If that is not the solution, you can always have several small pot plants in different colors around the room.

Play around with arrangements; moving things around will help you find the inspiration for the best decorating solution for your room. You can buy pots in your favorite colors, or you could do a little DIY project and paint them yourself. Take the necessary tools, explore the techniques and be an artist. We should not be advising you on the technique, we will let you be creative and figure out one of your own techniques. Once the pots are colored, you can add the rocks of different shapes and sizes in it. Spice up the rock with a splash of color too, write some messages on them or just add a bit of sparkle. Of course, all that should be in a unique aesthetic vision where the colors and dimensions have a common story, just like Feng Shui home decoration.

2 jars.
Change the decoration in your room.

See-through bowls

The second thing you could do when looking for ways to decorate your room with plants is to use see-through bowls. Take one, add water just to cover the bottom and put in a few colorful flowers – it will add a new perspective to the whole story. Or place the stones inside the bowls as well, you can use them in different ways if you are willing to. There are no limitations on how to decorate your room with plants. Besides using see-through bowls, you can use colored ones, or just paint them. Divide them into several parts using your brush, and add different stones in different parts of the bowl. This way every part of the bowl will have its own story to tell.

If the pots and the bowls aren’t your cups of tea, then use an actual cup of tea to change the appearance of your room with plants. You can take a variety of old stuff that you have in the attic or in the basement and fill it with earth and plants. It will give your room a postmodern appearance, additionally, it will drive attention of your guests. Old mug or a jar will certainly make your room look unique. Furthermore, it will inspire you to think outside of the box or find a way to make home decorations on a tight budgetSmall details such as pictures or silly small thumbnails can make an eye-catching artistic statement.

Plants on the window.
Place the plants on a higher ground.

Place your plants higher

If you would really like to change the perspective of your room you may place the plants on a higher ground. They can hang from the wall, or you put one long plant on a shelf, so it can fall all the way down. Afterward, you can add one more next to it or on the opposite part of the room. Use a rope that can connect the plants in a jar and the plants in the pots. Even better, paint them in a zigzag order. Improve the idea by adjusting the rope to the color of your curtain. For a more structural point of the view, you can cut the curtain in a way that contributes to the new lighting for your room.

Spice it up!

Plant shelf is also one of the solutions to decorate your room with the plants. Do not forget to use plants of different colors on the shelf itself. Spice up the arrangement by adding picture frames between the pots. Try using some local plants, the chances are that a certain beautiful plant is growing in your area, use it and implement it in your new interior design style. Before deciding on which plants to purchase, you should know that every plant has a specific meaning or completely different one in another culture, so make sure to check these details. Anyhow, whichever style you are seeking should have a healthy, calming effect on you and on the people who are visiting you.

Different colors of a plant pot-tip for decoration your room.
Play with colors and shapes while decoration your room.

Decorate your room with plants and create an oasis

Expand that calming effect to the other rooms in the house, like the kitchen or even the bathroom, use the plants to create your own home oasis. Once you believe there is nothing else that could be done, you will realize that old newspapers fit perfectly into your new arrangement. Explore, do not be satisfied with just one solution to decorate your room with plants, but beware that not all of the plants have that calming effect, some of them are very poisonous, such as Deadly Nightshade or Tobacco, so heads up especially for the seven of the world’s deadliest plants.


You now have a number of ideas on how to decorate your room with plants, so the only remaining tip that you should keep in mind is how to maintain your new decorations. Whether you are using the old tires, your grandmother’s jars or even if your plants are hanging from the ceiling or a curtain – you should make sure that they are getting enough sunlight and water. Other than that, there are no limitations on how to decorate your room with plants.

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