Downsizing : tips on decorating small apartments

Moving to a big city or downtown area has many upsides, especially if you want to be where the action is. It is all about the “location, location, location” for most of the people. Saving time in commuting adds the value to your housing, big time! But if you are coming from a smaller town or the suburbs it usually means that you will have to downsize. The solution is decorating small apartments by maximizing your space while saving money!

Moving to a smaller apartment? Maximize your space
Downsizing with style!

Nesting time!

As soon as you unpack your boxes, it is “nesting” time! While adding a personal touch to your small apartment you will need to be creative, but before grabbing a painting brush or spending tons of money on home decoration, you need a plan and few ideas to focus on :

  • Maximize your space: small apartment decor should be all about functionality. Think vertically!

    Tip: Floating shelves are both stylish and functional.

  • Improvise: smaller apartments and studios usually don’t have multiple rooms. Divide your space!

    Tip: Use curtains, bookshelves, or portable screens to add color and style while dividing the space.

  • Reuse: there must be a lot of stuff you can reuse, repaint or remodel. Make all of your home improvements affordable. Get Crafty!

    Tip: Repainted and decorated old trunks can make great coffee tables.

  • Invest in multifunctional furniture: maybe this wasn’t an investment you had in mind but multi-purpose furniture will pay off in the long run.

    Tip: folding chairs and sofas, wall beds, and extendable tables could be more than useful when living in a small apartment

  • DIY: when decorating a small apartment, you could get overwhelmed by deciding whether to do it yourself or just make it simple and buy the stuff you need. The truth is that there are many DIY techniques that are easy to learn and if you want to get creative, it’s a money saver. How knows, maybe you’ll get yourself a new hobby!

    Tip: research, and find inexpensive decorating techniques and ideas or sign up for a workshop and learn from the pros.

  • KISS: Keep It Simple and Stylish! When decorating small apartments this should be a general rule. Too many colors, furniture or accessories could take out the coziness of your home and give it a cluttered look.

                 Remember: Less IS more!

DIY IDEAS TO TRY when decorating small apartments

decorating small apatments
Decorate on your own!

The whole idea behind using the DIY techniques for decorating your home, besides saving money, is for you to have fun and create unique art pieces and decoration for your personal space.

You can use inexpensive DIY techniques like Decoupage and Shabby Chic to make decorations as well as to restyle your old furniture or storage boxes.

Decoupage a.k.a. Mod Podge

For this, pretty simple, DIY technique you only need:

  • Colored paper, napkins or printables

Tips: there are many free printables you can find online; visit your local arts & crafts store and explore different types of decoupage technique

  • Decoupage glue or Mod Podge
  • Paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paint and a cup of water

Tip: If you are a beginner, use lighter colors.

Do a dresser makeover, or upcycle an old crate or a box and decorate your small apartment by creating great storage solutions!

Shabby Chic- low budget idea for decorating small apartments

Vintage is the new black! Try upcycling your old furniture with this simple DIY technique that requires only some paint, sandpaper and varnish.

Pastel color tones are a great idea when decorating small apartments because not only that they give a cleaner and cozier look to any space, they also match perfectly with more intense colors which you should use to create a colorful home design.

Lighten up!

Apartment lightning– it is not unusual not to get natural light when living in a small apartment, which can create dark corners all over your home. Make sure you choose the place for your lamps and wall lights.

Decorating small apartments: Avoid dark corners by adding more wall lights and floor lamps!

Wall color pick out the right colors for your walls and avoid the darker tones, as they will make the apartment appear smaller.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…” – Using mirrors for decorating small apartments, can be both useful and stylish. Mirrors will make your apartment look bigger and add some depth to space.

Wall art – Art doesn’t have to take up much space, and adding art pieces to your walls will lighten up the atmosphere of a small room. If you don’t feel like spending much money or time on finding the right painting, DIY one yourself! Use a stencil and acrylic spray paint on a canvas for creating your own masterpiece. However, if you do feel crafty, try adding some graffiti art to your walls!

Storage space – wing it! Think inside the box

Get creative with your storage space

For the lucky ones, with big living space, storage usually doesn’t have anything to do with interior design but when decorating small apartments, that’s not the case. With limited closet and storage place, you need to get creative. Luckily, you can find various decorative storage boxes to buy or reuse and recycle old trunks, crates, and baskets.

As there are many options to choose from, be careful not to get too colorful and consider matching the storage boxes with the overall theme of your interior design. Floating shelves make a great storage and display solution.

Don’t get carried away while decorating small apartments!

Creativity is unpredictable, and it is easy to get carried away in the process.

decorating small apartments and DIY improvements

If you decide to make more serious changes while decorating, and proceed to make some improvements to your apartment, make sure that you have all the skills and tools to finish it or hire a home improvement company. Another thing to have in mind is to check if you need any permits for your home improvement.

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