How to find a reliable moving company?

Finding a reliable moving company seems to be a harder and harder task. Many ‘moving companies’ claim to be valid moving companies, when in reality they are not. So, the natural question arises – How to find a reliable moving company. Thankfully we have answers. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Price of a reliable moving company

People usually get in touch with moving companies through the power of the internet. And many unreliable moving companies have their own websites too. This is why you need to be careful. Almost all moving companies, whether they are fake or not, offer free quotes to their potential customers. This is why you should compare quotes from different moving companies. Fake moving companies will offer lesser prices than reliable ones. Also, don’t be afraid to call the moving company and ask about the prices. Ask them if they have some special services, and if they do, ask them for the prices of those services.

Hidden costs of unreliable moving companies

Unreliable and fake moving companies (moving scams) will not tell you about the real price of your moving endeavor. On a moving day, there is a high chance that ‘movers’ will tell you that you have to pay more for their special services. Those ‘special services’ may include – carrying items up or down the stairs, having to carry heavy items, and so on. This is a major red flag since the price shouldn’t be higher than the price you have previously agreed to. Fell free to call law enforcement in that case.

Also, those ‘moving companies’ will tell you that the weight of your stuff is higher than you originally thought. So, be aware. If you don’t agree to pay more, there is a high chance that they will not deliver your stuff unless you agree to pay more. This is a crime, and again, feel free to call the police.

Reliable moving company phone.
Feel free to talk to the moving company’s representative in person or over the phone.

But don’t think that there are no honest and reliable moving companies like around

Unreliable moving companies vehicles

If the company you are hiring has a logo of their company on their trucks, you can be almost certain that your company is a reliable and valid moving company. Unreliable moving companies usually don’t have the logo of their company on their vehicles. So, if you don’t see the logo, it is time to be alarmed. It can be dangerous, especially if it is about long-distance relocation.

Moving trucks.
Reliable moving company’s trucks have a logo of their company.

So, how to find a reliable moving company?

Naturally, the question arises – How to find a reliable moving company? Well, you should do your homework. Research the moving company in question. Talk to their agents, and if you have time, go to their offices in person. If something seems fishy about the moving company, feel free to walk away. Also, don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions. Read the reviews of the moving company in question on the internet. For almost every moving company there is a review on the internet. If the moving company doesn’t have any reviews, don’t hire them.

Good luck with your relocation!

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