Guide to shipping pieces of furniture overseas

Moving overseas? Hong Kong, Kuwait, UA distant destinations for your relocation endeavor. It might seem too complicated and taxing to do but it doesn’t have to be. Good organization and preparation can make the process simple. Of course, if you are traveling light it can be simpler and easier as well as cheaper to do. However, if you are shipping your furniture things tend to get more complicated. So, you really should consult a guide to shipping pieces of furniture overseas. Any guide will prove to be an invaluable source of quality information and advice.

Shipping furniture overseas – what to know.

Well, this process may seem daunting but there is a lot of info to help you. To help you through it here are a few things that you need to know. This info will help you complete this whole process in a few simple steps. The whole process of shipping furniture could be laid down in a simple list of steps you will have to go through:

  • shipper,
  • export haulage,
  • origin warehouse,
  • cargo origin handling,
  • origin port,
  • ocean freight,
  • destination port,
  • cargo destination handling,
  • destination warehouse,
  • import haulage,
  • consignee.

First step

After your furniture has been packed it has to be transported to the origin port. The whole process encompasses transporting pieces of furniture from the shipper’s address to the forwarder through a process called export haulage. In this process, the forwarder hires agents to handle the cargo. With the assistance found on, you can handle this job as it is an important step in the process.

Cargo ship that is shipping pieces of furniture
Using cargo ships for furniture transport overseas is the cheapest options

At this stage, the forwarder prepares all of the documentation the authorities need to perform customs clearance. Customs process must be completed before the cargo leaves the country.

Next step – cargo origin handling

Origin handling is simply put the process of physical handling of your furniture. It takes place within the origin warehouse prior to it being loaded on a ship. In this phase agents and handlers inspect the cargo and schedule its loading. One inspected the cargo, your furniture is consolidated with other cargo and then loaded into a container for loading. In some cases, the schedule might create the need to store your furniture.

It may be because you may not be ready to ship it immediately. This is when the handler provides a storage unit to safeguard your belongings before shipping. Once they prepare the shipment it must be loaded to a ship for safe transport from the origin port. To protect your belongings during this process it is highly advisable to get insurance to be on the safe side.

Ocean freight

Any guide to shipping pieces of furniture will be more or less the same. You have two main options but the process does not change much. One option is air freight which is an expensive but very fast option for transporting any cargo. However, as furniture is bulky air transport may prove to be too expensive. A far better, safer, and cheaper option is ocean freight. It is advisable to choose a more affordable way of transporting your furniture by cargo ships.

It may take longer to deliver but it is the safest option. The forwarder will however have to decide on the line of transport to meet your deadline. You must also know that even here you might have some hidden o unexpected cost. Any bunker adjustment or urgent shipping will bring on additional fees.

Import clearance – cargo arrival

Once your cargo reaches the destination port, the import clearance process starts. The full customs procedure has to be completed before the cargo leaves the customs area. To ensure that everything is on time and schedule you should hire professional movers to keep track of the process of furniture moving. If you team up with professionals they will make sure that the freight forwarder is on schedule. Thus you will have your furniture shipped from the US overseas to wherever you need and just in time you need it.

A loaded yellow forklift assisting in shipping pieces of furniture
There are many steps to go trough and many people and companies involved in this process

The final steps take place in the destination warehouse. In this step, handlers unpack your furniture and prepare it for pickup from the consignee. Any destination handling cost must be covered before the pickup. So, it is important for all concerned parties to make sure that it is clear how all of the shipping and handling costs will be covered.

Final steps – import haulage

Once everything is completed the furniture can leave the warehouse. It is important to find adequate help on the other side to make sure the process goes smoothly. So, do your research and find quality local movers to assist you.

Some additional advice

Moving your life and furniture overseas permanently is a big step that has to be planned and organized well. One of the more important things is the packing process. You should make sure to pack your furniture well. After all, it has to endure the shipping process halfway across the world. So, although you can do it yourself it is highly advisable to hire professional packers for this job.

They can provide ample protection of your furniture but they can additionally save you money by utilizing space and making your packages as small as possible. In addition, to complete this guide to shipping pieces of furniture you should also make sure to:

  • Use professional shippers to ensure the safety of your belongings
  • Take pictures of your belongings for reference
  • Make sure you have adequate shipping insurance
  • Check that the shipping inventory is complete and correct
  • Check the condition of your items after delivery
  • Save money by not shipping low-value but large items that you might not need.
Two people packing a sofa
Make sure you pack your furniture well to avoid damage during transport

So, even though this furniture shipping process may seem complex it really doesn’t have to be. Any good guide to shipping pieces of furniture overseas will make the process clearer and more manageable. Just make sure to take your time and research to get to know the process. After that, it will be easy to go through the steps with some expert help and services.

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